Platformers, action game classics

Platformers, a sub-genre of action games where the player is in the center of the action, falling, jumping and running across platforms. It is with this genre and began our acquaintance with video games. The classics of platformers are games Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Crach Bandicoot, and we spent all my free time in my childhood, playing "Dandy" and "SEGA". Time passed, game developers experimented with genres, coming up with new, better games. But platformers have not disappeared and are still popular. However, this genre is well worked out, included the innovations, breathed new life into it. Here are some of the platformers that we remembered and stayed in our hearts lately.

Super Meat Boy

The platformer game is created in a retro style, the storyline is based on the story of a certain Meat Guy, who is trying to save his friend Band-Aid Girl from an evil and nasty doctor. The basis of the game is three hundred levels, which are quite difficult to pass. The player's nerves and reflexes must be in good order. Dark corridors, towers, scaffolding and other obstacles that make the game challenging and interesting are waiting for you. Even the main levels of the game are difficult enough to pass, but there are still "dark" levels and hidden characters to be discovered.
The game contains non-trivial humor that will help lift the gamer's spirits and put him in a positive mood. The player is punished for tactical errors, but is rewarded in full after overcoming a difficult obstacle. After conquering the level, you'll get a brief statistic of all the defeats, and victory is twice as pleasant, after you've suffered several defeats and now you've reached your desired goal.


A mysterious and frightening game with only two colors in its palette, white and black. The storyline is about a little boy who must save his sister, for which he goes to Limbo. And here the complete illusion is created that the boy gets into one of the circles of hell. Moving forward, or walking in circles in a dark, dark world, the protagonist will have to fight monsters, solve problems of varying levels of difficulty, and overcome obstacles. Still, Limbo's plot and ending lack transparency and are not entirely clear. The game does not provide any answers to questions, and players can fantasize about it endlessly, but that is what makes it most intriguing. The gameplay, thanks to its mystery and complexity, is quickly addictive, making it one of the best in the genre.

Super Mario Odyssey

The legendary hero of the platformer Mario, immediately causes increased interest in the game, and it automatically becomes a domain, an event and a phenomenon. The game is very inventive and original, thanks to which it has won the hearts of many millions of fans. Players hold their breath, follow the adventures of the mustachioed plumber, as well as his friends and enemies. Each of them we know in detail since childhood, and carefully studied their habits and character. Chart-topper, Super Mario Odyssey, contains in itself an amalgamation of high professionalism of game developers and children's all-consuming craving for everything colorful and bright. That's how colorful the game is.

Dead Cells

Another platformer game that is considered one of the best in the genre. The protagonist, is a grim, strange creature that has the ability to live forever. The player will have to constantly die and learn from their deaths. Phantasmagoria game brought to the point of absurdity, you will be offered to throw the embrasures of the enemy corpses, and to move on to the next level you can, only after his death. In this project, the trick is the following, it is necessary to die on time, to move into the dead body, only this will give a chance to get new opportunities in the game. After the creature dies, there is an exchange of bodies and the protagonist returns to the start.
The location of the game, as obscure and strange as the protagonist. It is a gloomy, mysterious island, which used to be a thriving city, but now is nothing but ruins. Spooky creatures lurk in the ruins and mysterious incidents take place. Disease is to blame for the city's destruction and plight, and the local doctors are trying to fight it, but to no avail.
The protagonist must pass countless difficult levels and fight dangerous enemies, it will help him escape from the grasp of the dark island. The levels of the game, a little copy each other, but there is no monotony and addiction. In addition, the developers promise to expand and update this project constantly.


This beautiful hardcore platformer will give you the opportunity to practice your wits, player tactics and tell a fascinating and beautiful story with funny and cute characters.
The game is based on the following plot, a girl named Madeline is actively fighting her own dark sides and at the same time trying to take the top of Mount Celeste. Madeline has some modest unique abilities. She's great at climbing walls, jumping, and doing flips in the air. All the locations in the game are combined in one level, the girl explores them and finds new routes and a variety of geocaches, which makes the game interesting and draws the player in.
The level of difficulty gradually increases, but this only causes increased interest and desire to know the ending. How will it all end, what awaits at the end? This platformer game will never get bored, it is interesting to go through several times. Exploring, past locations, you can open up new secrets and mysteries not previously seen. It is sure to captivate all fans of the genre, because the story is the story that you want to know until the end.


Charming platformer game composed of incredible beauty of views and imbued with a magical atmosphere of fairy tale and the expectation of a miracle. A certain distant unnamed kingdom prospered and lived its own quiet and beautiful life. Trouble came with the death of the king, who left no successor, this gave rise to a fratricidal struggle for the throne. Lovers of power succeeded each other at the speed of light. Killing each other and destroying and plundering the kingdom, which awakened and enraged certain magical forces of the local lands. The soulless and faceless power of the dead rose up against the inhabitants of the city, tears, pain and nightmare replaced the era of prosperity.
The main characters mage, knight and thief, join forces and go to the aid of the city to rid it of evil, war and save the surviving inhabitants. Each of the characters, has unique abilities, which helps in solving puzzles of varying difficulty that are encountered along the way. The gameplay is beautiful, thanks to the authentic physics. The game can be played alone, but in company is more interesting and fun.

16 August 2021