The serial killers and maniacs, the protagonists of the games

In modern computer games, psychologically sick characters, serial killers, maniacs, and man-haters often appear. How nice the world would be without these horrible creatures. But nature, by some incomprehensible rules, again and again creates such monsters. Our selection includes the worst killers and maniacs, who, as a result of the psychological trauma inflicted on them, have turned into pathological personalities. We observe them in the gameplay with a mixed feeling of horror, disgust and... curiosity.
We, ordinary people, are horrified and shuddered by the actions of psychopathic killers on the screen. Some games are created so that we do not just watch from the sidelines the actions of maniacs and try to prevent them, but directly participate in what is happening. For example, we play as a terrible, demonic killer or escape from him in the form of the victim. These horror games are insanely interesting and scary, causing a rush of adrenaline in the blood, that gives a person a certain pleasure. Thanks to these games, we are like psychoanalysts trying to look into the processes taking place in the brain of the killer. It is they that give us such a blood stirring opportunity. In order to participate in such games it is necessary to have a stable psyche. Children and people with a sensitive nature, such fun is contraindicated. They can have a negative impact on their mental organization.

Stories, all as selected, spiced with bloody details and can knock out and man with a fairly stable psyche. We have selected several games, where the main character or a secondary villain, a pathological maniac. But in any case, it is these demons that set the intimidating tone of the game and our article.

Party Hard

This computer game was created by developers in the genre of stealth action, tactical strategy in real time. The player is involved in the game, directing the actions of the main character. A man with an unstable psyche, who just hates holidays, parties and other crowds of people on holidays. He is particularly prejudiced against holidays and parties that take place nearby. The noisy society gathered at his neighbors annoys him, gives him a lot of inconvenience and puts pressure on his psyche. And the protagonist "goes crazy", he begins to smash the neighbor's guests with a frenzy, coming up with new, sophisticated ways to kill. A lover of radical methods, he does not even think of calling the police to restore order and calm the noisy crowd. He begins to take pleasure in killing the fun-loving people. The game presents ten levels, they begin with the fact that the player is at the entrance to the house where the celebration takes place, there are a large number of people from thirty to forty. The task is to destroy all of them. How is it, are you interested?

Black Oasis

The game "Black Oasis", can safely be called one of the best Russian projects with a twisted, crazy plot, which strongly affects the psyche and leaves behind a heavy, oppressive impression. This is a great, crushingly dark adventure quest. The game is set in 2019, in a small town in Russia - Chernozersk. This is where the maniac, who is called Chernozersk executioner, is active. Victims of the executioner, every day there are more and more. It's impossible to catch him, it's difficult to stop him, he's simply inadequate in his atrocities. The police threw all their forces into catching him, with the help of the military cordoned off the town, but the maniac remains elusive. The inhabitants of the town are seized by fear and terror, they begin to leave in a mass panic. Our protagonist, comes to himself in the city morgue. Covered by terror, he is trying to understand how he was in this terrible place, but can not remember anything. The player's task is to help the protagonist figure it out. The protagonist still has a lot of questions about his past life, we must make every effort and help him find out the truth. Let her be scary and brutal, but the truth is everything. Try to play this game, it's optimally captivating and enjoy the investigations. Finding out secrets, crazy interesting!

Postal Series

This is a series of isometric shooters developed by Running With Scissors. The plot of the game is as follows, a guy with no name, the protagonist with an inadequate, undermined psyche. He is plagued by a series of life mishaps, his mind cannot withstand the stress and the guy becomes a man-hater and a maniac. Waking up one fine (or not so fine) morning, the dude begins to suspect that all the people around him are infected with a dangerous disease. And in order to avoid getting infected, the inadequate man begins to kill everyone, indiscriminately. He easily goes to the most brutal murders, not really caring who stands in his way. Whether it's ordinary townspeople, children at school or people serving at a military airbase, he's ready to destroy everyone. This series, around the world, has a huge army of fans and admirers. All because of the fact that there are thousands of options for the destruction of the like. Yeah, who likes to blow off steam after a hard work week. Of course the game's plot, goes beyond the boundaries of the permitted. But this is what games are created for, in which you can go beyond or remove completely.

Dead by Daylight

This game, with its asymmetrical gameplay, is extremely popular. The player can choose from more than two dozen horrible maniacs, and try on the role for himself. Murderers and psychopaths, all unique, strikingly different from each other, have their own story and character. Here are a few of the characters in this game who, in my opinion, are the scariest and craziest. Hillbilly, this is one of the most powerful assassins. Playing as him is quite interesting. His main merits are moving with great speed, excellent command of a chainsaw. Pestilence is a snowball assassin, a strong assassin, but it takes skill to play cool for her. Huntress, has one of the highest game levels. Excellent at wielding an axe. Cannibal, this assassin can be bought for currency. He has a lot of necessary and useful skills, such as detect strangers for forty meters, wields a chainsaw, kills survivors with one shot. A spirit, an assassin whose actions are hard to predict. His power, is the Yamaoka Ghost, with which he catches survivors. Deathwatch, the best anti-cloaking assassin, optimal for melee combat. Nurse, a good and strong assassin if the player has a lot of experience.

The main advantage is teleportation, fast movement.
Clown, a strong maniac, slows down survivors to catch them quickly. Nightmare, the best killer of this game, many choose him. He is great at laying traps that slow down his victims. Able to teleport and move fast. Discover this game today. Choose one of the heroes and play for glory, kill as much as you want.

10 January 2022