Great zombie-setting game options for fun company

So popular is the zombie apocalypse genre found almost everywhere. Be it movies games or books. That shows quite a strong interest from a lot of people. And many watching enough films or TV series in the genre themselves will want to experience that atmosphere. Immerse themselves in a dying, dystopian world. In which humanity is in fear of bloodthirsty monsters prowling the once lively streets. See with your own eyes the destruction and decay of modern civilization. Video games can help you in this matter. Even if you want to play with your friends and have fun they have a lot to offer you.


One of the most interesting to the audience of zombie-setting fans, a game focused on co-op. Released by the notorious Valve company back in 2009. Left 4 Dead 2 is still very popular among players and has not faded popularity. It hasn't lost its charm and relevance of the genre even after many years. This game will give you a lot of interesting gaming experience. Being a cooperative shooter during the zombie apocalypse, the game allows you not only to defend yourself from bloodthirsty monsters alone. But also together with your friends, which is sure to interest the players. The game's plot is pretty simple and it's not the game's strong point. Four survivors in the midst of the epidemic do not have time to get to the evacuation point. Thus, in this situation, they will have to overcome the hordes of monsters, the number of which is only growing. Equipped with a variety of melee or ranged weapons you will be given the opportunity to challenge this cruel world. In which humanity is questioned. In Left 4 Dead 2 you will find a nice graphical component. The pictures look really good, even after the release date. Detailed drawing of the monsters that you will have to fight. As well as the surrounding world, talking about the destruction of entire settlements and disaster on a large scale. And in this interesting game world, the four survivors will have to rely on each other. After all, it is the only way they can overcome all the difficulties and escape from the dangerous place so and striving to kill them. The game has a lot of interesting story missions, that are even more interesting to pass together in funny campaign. Also the game will please you with its various modes, that will challenge your skills.
A lot of interesting weapons and different types of opponents will keep you from getting bored in Left 4 Dead 2.


Another interesting game project about zombie apocalypse. Released by the Polish studio Techland in 2015. The game has gained popularity due to its interesting gameplay, as well as beautiful visuals. The game is also designed for cooperative mode, so feel free to call your friends to keep you company. Dying Light is an action game in the world infected by unknown virus outbreak. As a result people may not only be killed by dangerous monsters, but also they may turn into them. We need to get to the city and understand how to save people in this situation. The gameplay is quite interesting and will give you a lot of pleasure. There's also a spectacular combat system, allowing you to fight the zombies by hitting them in different parts of the body. It's up to you to decide what to do, because staying in one place is dangerous. Depending on the situation, you can simply knock the monster down and run away. Or kill it completely. But there is no end to the number of enemies. Making too much noise can bring an entire horde of zombies on yourself. And here you will be helped by captivating and clever parkour system. After all, if your opponent exceeds you in number and strength, it's logical to run away. Deftly climbing on buildings, you will be able to escape from most zombies walking in search of food on the streets during the daytime. But be careful at night. The zombies are more dangerous than ever. Barely dragging their bodies during the day, snarling ominously, they're more agile at night. And after dusk, more dangerous monsters will come out. They will not let you relax for a minute. Together with your friend collect various makeshift weapons and explore the beautiful open world in search of secrets and valuables. And of course fight hordes of zombies as you please. The game encourages different gameplay approaches and experiments.


Having seen the light at the beginning of 2018, the game has really interested a lot of people around the world. After a good first part, but having its shortcomings, the developers listened to the players and made the game much better. Bringing a lot of interesting innovations and fixing problems of the previous game. The game boasts an interesting graphical design
Visually, the game looks colorful, conveying the beauty of the ruined, but still not deprived of its beauty world. At the beginning of the game you will be given a choice of two characters, the storyline, which is different and starts your story. Fleeing from the walking dead, you will come across a human settlement. And here you have to try to help them, helping your people to improve the shelter and fending off hordes of monsters. Going out on dangerous forays into the city you will have to take provisions and materials to your base, to further improve it. It will also be useful to find new allies. People who are in trouble or simply have nowhere to go and not enough food, will gladly agree to join your community. There are many ways to have fun in the game. And not just by yourself, but by inviting your friends you will be able to clean infested buildings from zombies together. Search for supplies and develop your base. A variety of weapons to help you in destroying the various monsters roaming the streets. You will also be able to solve the problems of your neighbors to provide yourself with new allies. After all, with them you can not only perform various tasks together, but also trade supplies. What you can't find yourself you can find from your neighbors.
The whole game is built on interaction with other survivors. You also need to keep an eye on your own people, because going on another sortie, he can get infected. This is where you'll have to find a way for him to get cured. By entering infected areas and clearing zombie nests, from them you will receive biological material. Needed for a vaccine. State of Decay 2 will give you a lot of interesting gaming situations that you will experience alone or with your friend, trying to survive in this brutal and dying world. Try to survive at all costs and find your safe corner despite all the difficulties and hardships. Develop the skills of your survivors to be more effective in destroying the monsters. Wander around the city. Or to develop your own safe haven. Play the game in different ways, no one will forbid you.

24 July 2022