Great games of different genres for relaxation and recreation

We experience stress every day. Trouble at work, tension on the way home in transportation or in the store. Family issues, financial difficulties, teenage children, all these things do not add to our peace of mind and health. Life shows us that we need to learn to relax and calm down. Stop thinking about troubles and tense situations, the outcome of which you personally, with the help of any actions, cannot influence. One of the adequate solutions to get out of stress, it is possible to undergo a relaxing evening spent playing games. Exploring new, exciting worlds, fighting an invincible rival, exploring uncharted lands full of treasures, diving into a beautiful and mysterious underwater world, you, at least for a while, will forget about your own problems.

Feel relief, and the burden of problems will melt like smoke. We have selected several interesting games that can help you escape from reality and get a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Take part in these games, you will not regret the time and effort spent on them wasted in front of the computer screen.


The game is based on the development of evolution and finding the meaning of life. A silent game, with no words at all, only mesmerizing music as the background. Visual images all around, beautiful nature, scenery and musical accompaniment. The main character, a mysterious person, his goal is vague, on the way to achieve his goal he meets people like himself, but he cannot communicate with them, in a way we understand. It is impossible to maintain a dialogue, but the heroes of the game, by some miraculous way understand each other at a distance, communicating telepathically. There are no tooltips in the game, and not even a map of the area. Thanks to the beautiful music by composer Austin Wintory, wonderful graphics and meaning, the game has won many awards and awards, in various directions and areas. The gameplay is unexpectedly beautiful and incredibly touching and tender. Play Journey, the game will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt

The third part of this game has already been released. Each part is better than the previous one, the developers and screenwriters were able to find the strings that affect the players, deprive them of sleep and peace. Here is a true delight, to play The Witcher! The protagonist, superman and destroyer of monsters and monsters, seeks out a woman named Ciri in an invented, fictional world. This girl can affect the outcome of the Wild Hunt, so she must be found. The protagonist runs through the woods and fields, kills monsters, makes love to girls, jokes and pranks. In essence, having as much fun as he can. The game comes with a variety of interesting quests that will all have an effect on the game's ending. In the game, the world is open, the main character is not constrained in his actions and movements, he can do whatever he wants.

Deponia The Complete Journey

Quest game with adventure and science fiction elements, with sparkling humor, develops erudition and logical thinking of the player. The game is created for gamers who like to think unhurriedly and learn to make decisions, considering shooting games primitive. The storyline centers on the life of the main character Rufus. He is tormented by life on the small, garbage-filled planet he inhabits. Rufus is anxious to find a way to escape from this planet he hates. And comes up with one plan after another filled with absurdity to escape. The game is filled with extraordinary adventures that the protagonist must go through. Beautiful music and graphics as a nice addition to the extravagant plot. The story is intertwined with excellent, any level of difficulty puzzles, the atmosphere of the game is extraordinary and it is impossible to tear yourself away from it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game has an unusually positive mood, brings peace of mind and relieves stress. It has no competitive moments, you just live an ordinary life of an islander, cultivate the land, build a house and equip it. There are locals around, with whom you can communicate and have fun in your free time. Every new day there are different meetings, pleasant events, the morning brings joy, measured and calm. The storyline is very simple, you need to actively develop your island, catch fish, collect fruit and vegetables, sell the products you have grown yourself. The developers have made a cocktail of survival games and the extraordinary charm of a variety of characters. Anthropomorphic animals are original and have charm, under the action of which the player will fall instantly, from the first minutes of the game.

Life is Strange

Translated into Russian, the game is called "Life is a Strange Thing," consists of five parts, is an adventure in the genre of interactive daily life. The player will live life day by day with a girl student named Max. The girl has a unique ability, she is able to rewind time, and uses this to correct mistakes that were made in the past. At first, Max, uses this gift, only as a joke, for personal or student trivia, but as a result, it turns out that the metropolis is threatened by the apocalypse. Max tries to prevent the collapse of the city and its destruction by using his extraordinary powers. The disappearance of a girl slips into the game, which is akin to the style of the Twin Peaks series. Any decision or choice made by the main character has a great effect on the story, and can sooner or later leave its own mark on it. As a result of the efforts of the screenwriters and creators, we got an excellent detective story, quite realistic and with mystical elements.

Far Cry 3

The game, in three words, can be described as - it is an unimaginable CHAOS. A cocktail of action, shooter, RPG, all perfectly intertwined with each other and interacting. At the center of the game is the protagonist, Jason Brody, who we play as in first person. Jason has come to an exotic island of extraordinary beauty in the company of his friends, hoping to relax, have a good time and have fun. This is what they do during the first minutes of the game, then trouble strikes them and they are captured by pirates with sadistic tendencies. Jason, with the help of wit and cunning, arranges his escape, which was successful. Once free, the guy decides to devote his life to revenge against the pirates. From this moment the player has an open world, which thanks to the beautiful graphics and realism, it is impossible to look away. The protagonist will storm the area where the pirates are hiding, save his friends, turned from an ordinary man to a superhero by the end of the game.

02 November 2021