Great games, time-tested and popular

There are some representatives of the gaming genre that are simply impossible to forget. Gamers, no, no, and will remember the games for which they spent the best hours of their lives. The competition in the world of games is stiff. With unprecedented speed, newer titles are coming out. It seems that to stay in the memory of the players is very difficult. But... some of the originals have managed to do so. They are remembered, they come back to them, they are played. Interest in them never wanes. What else could characterize the game better? We have chosen, in our opinion, the best games of the past and the present. Some of them were proven over time, and remained on the crest of glory to the present time. Here you will find and classics of the game industry and new, trendy masterpieces.

Heroes 3

The genre of the game, released in 1999, is based on turn-based strategy. Heroes 3 is a fantasy game that has not lost its popularity in modern times. During its release years, it was on a wave of popularity, every self-respecting gamer was playing it. Players gathered in companies and mastered the difficulties of passing the game scenario. Since then, new and interesting parts of the game came out. The gameplay, which is becoming better and better from year to year. The world of fantasy games have become more colorful, turn-based strategy game attract variety. The game is filled with mysterious castles, spells, an incredible number of factions with original units. Each part of this all-time masterpiece consists of several parts. This is a strategy, tactics and role-playing part. The player builds castles, develops their economy and life, carefully researches the game map. Distributes the forces to prepare for battle, determines the tactics of the battle, and at the end of the battle. Also in the gameplay throughout the game there is magic and the search for artifacts. All these advantages make the game very popular, despite the fact that it saw the light quite a long time ago.

Apex Legends

The game thrives in the royal combat genre. Even with the huge selection of games of this genre, in today's game industry market, Apex Legends remains one of the best games of this plan. A splendid shooter equipped with excellent multiplayer part, the storyline keeps the game in constant tension, the player feels genuine and deep interest all the time. Interesting royal battles take place in a fantasy universe filled with original and interesting characters. Dynamic plot, fast-paced and shifting events. Of the innovations, here introduced a special system by which partners communicate with each other at a distance. As well as the ability to resurrect a friend who has fallen on the battlefield. These unique features of the game were appreciated and moved to other gameplays. This first-person shooter, will appeal to anyone who likes a fast-paced experience.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The game is a western in the adventure genre, appeared in 2019. Rockstar developers worked hard, they put all their efforts, talents and will to win. Making the game a classic of the genre, right off the bat. Players face the amazing and colorful landscapes of the Wild West in all its glory. Which the developers have been able to convey with amazingly clear and beautiful graphics. Amazing open world, which is home to hundreds of exotic species of animals. A variety of places and landscapes that become infinitely dear and stick in your memory forever. An open world inhabited by animals and unusual plants lives its own life, separate from others. It creates many situations that can be talked about and discussed endlessly. The game is equipped with side quests, with interesting riddles and puzzles. They were created by hand, with great attention to detail and minutiae. The game is based on an epic story, which will definitely be interesting and educational for players. Don't let it scare you that this is a relatively new product. The game has already gained popularity, and the title of one of the best games of our time.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

This is a series of games with interactive quests. The direction of the game, consists of a separately created plot with a whole chain of interconnected actions and events. At the center of the game is a boy, Chris Eriksen, who feels like a superhero. So he struggles with his complexes, the loss of a loved one. The boy, a complex, intractable relationship with his father, which also affected his character. An incredible amount of adventures and unusual events await you. The game is filled with a certain drama, and is perceived on the level of intuition. The player will not be bored, there will be no time to relax. He will be constantly faced with choices. Using his decisions, the gamer will influence the development of the storyline and the final part of the game. The player is still waiting for an open ending, so that the story of this beautiful and interesting game will continue in the next episode. The game has won love thanks to the cozy and kind atmosphere it creates. Exciting and interesting episodic adventures await you.

Diablo 2

An action game, created in 2000, by developer Blizzard North. It has become an icon of style for followers in the style of role-playing games. The creators have tried to simplify it and make it suitable for a large number of players. Thanks to its accessibility, minimized textual content and maximized gory action, the game reached the peak of its popularity. And now it remains at the height of its fame, with players returning to its story with enviable consistency. The gameplay is decorated with unforgettable, competently and beautifully created graphics. Through it, we are introduced to the design of the delightful world. The music is great, helping to create an unforgettable atmosphere and tune in the right way. The game is based on a dark fantasy world populated by bloody and scary monsters. The player will not have time to get bored for a fraction of a second. He will be immediately overwhelmed by mountains of horrible monsters and pouring buckets of blood. The game has a large selection of characters to play as, which also had a positive impact on its popularity. This masterpiece action is dear to us at all times.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The game was successfully developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released by Bethesda in 2011. This game surged ahead and flew through time, leaving all its contemporaries behind. It reached the immense heights of popularity and became an all-time favorite. Gamers waiting for the open world, amazing its scale and graphics. The game is equipped with some features and strange characters. For example, the characters have the opportunity, from the baton to fly into open space. Get acquainted with the creatures endowed with dubious qualities. Epileptic spiders will blow you away. It's like nothing you've ever seen. Players can do whatever they want, there is no definite direction. You choose your own character and create his life path. You take the light or the dark side of life.

27 December 2021