An open game world that will make you forget about reality

Modern open-world games contain a fascinating story, quests and puzzles, an immense digital reality filled with adventures and stories. Once you start playing them, immersed in the reality of the game, it is difficult to go back and do everyday things. The game is addictive, you want to know what's around the corner of this digital space. It's impossible to stop, and gamers spend a ton of real time to get through these games. The best gameplay is divided into linear and open-ended. If the locations are well worked out by the developers, revealing all the vividness of the virtual world, the open games draw us in its variety. Due to the fact that the game with an open world as close to reality, want to learn it, do not stop and learn more. Before the players open up uncharted worlds, universes and civilizations. Exploring them, you can learn a lot of interesting and new, to get acquainted with the mysteries of the underwater world, deserted oases, uncharted planets. We have selected several games that in our opinion characterize the open game world well. They show you from all sides and invite you to immerse yourself in it.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

This game is considered a masterpiece of open space games. The developers did their best, put a lot of time and effort into this project. And we see the result of their efforts, deeply, to the smallest detail worked out the world, incredibly close to the real one. The storyline touches the heart, has new twists and turns and chips. At the core is the war unfolding in this country, which is rapidly devastating the villages. The government and its environment, leaves much to be desired. Ordinary people are raided by alien bloodthirsty monsters. The protagonist in this installment must defeat these creatures, and will also come face to face with aliens from other worlds. In addition to the original story, as an add-on, players are offered to solve exciting quests, with a variety and colorful tasks, representing small plots with a separate line and heroes. The game's optimization and graphics are at the highest level, and no other game can compare with them at the moment.

Grand Theft Auto V

There is unlimited freedom of action in this line of games, which is why it is a favorite of many fans of open space gaming. We may be familiar with this game since ancient times, but how valuable are the moments when a lover of experimentation awakens in the player. And the player begins to think, what if we do this, or do it in a different way. Each chosen decision is especially valuable, because it changes the plot and the final game. You can make a lot of attempts, testing several options in the game space. The virtual world will tell you the right thing to do, if you will listen to him. The game has gained popularity due to the beautiful atmosphere created by the developers, just a huge open world, amazing with its variety of characters. And it also has a line of parody of modern society, which is quite fun to look at and permeated with sparkling humor.

Red Dead Redemption

The game immediately captures the soul, thanks to its meaningfulness and adulthood. The beautiful story that is told in the game immediately wins the hearts of fans. In the storyline, satire, drama, and romance are cleverly woven together. And to the credit of the creators of the game, a cocktail of these ingredients is very successful. The game's plot involves a cowboy, John Marston, who is blackmailed into helping the authorities and catching his former gangster buddies from his past. The cowboy had a bright, cheerful youth in which he did a lot of bad things. Now it was time to pay the price, the big men were seriously threatening his family. The man, who had tried to forget about the criminal past and lead a normal life, is forced to go against himself and start turning in former comrades. Civilization is coming and the protagonist realizes that he most likely has no place in this car-equipped world. The game's dramatic line is diluted with hilarious satirical characters and funny incidents and situations. The game involves a large area to explore, finding many activities. For example, there are scattered little stories with a separate storyline in which the player can actively participate. The Wild West is worth exploring and participating in these adventures before it is overrun by civilization.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

This legendary game has excellent graphics and storyline. The game has a large crowd of fans. Throughout the game, there is a struggle for rule, power and the throne. Endless intrigue weaves around the main characters, persecutors and enemies create plots against the power of the king. This all happens during the life of the ruler, well, when he is killed, it all happens openly. The plot is stuffed to the brim with conflicts and struggles with opponents. Alliances are created around, secret and legal, with the help of which people fight for power. Players are not limited in their actions, they are offered several options to choose from, this choice will depend on the outcome of the game. The game is addictive and immersing in a dark world of intrigue and intricacies. We can't wait to see how the game ends...

Far Cry

In the example of this game, you can see that you do not have to give up. The first part of the game, was just great, it won worldwide recognition and gained a huge number of fans. The second part was weaker, and disappointed fans. Everyone thought that the series won't develop anymore, but we were surprised. The next installment of the game line, number three, appeared. And then came the next, stunning takeoff. In the plot of part three, as the open world, a tropical island, of unparalleled beauty. And against this backdrop, new characters are drawn, the villain Vaas, the leader of the Citra tribe, with an excellent and interesting line of characters and actions. The game systematically unfolds fast-paced, dynamic missions where the player is given a choice. New ideas are offered, such as with hunting animals. Far Cry 4 game's fans welcomed too, the developers learned how to fill the open world with interesting stories and events. In Far Cry 5 players will take part in "Project Gates of Eden" and take part in the doomsday cult, which is headed by Joseph Seed. The game features a region unlocking feature, after completing a training mission, which was not available in previously published games.

05 November 2021