Discover your culinary side through games with cooking elements

Modern video games have come to the point where they allow you to immerse yourself deeply in the action in front of your eyes, allowing you to take on the role of anyone, to do whatever you want. Including games give you the opportunity to be the world's most famous culinary chef or the owner of a luxurious establishment serving delicious and exotic dishes.

For those who enjoy spending time cooking various culinary dishes, please cook yourself and your loved ones, there are quite fascinating games in the genre of cooking. Present here and games, from dedicated cooking dishes with elements of puzzles process, and fairly realistic simulation management restaurant or cafe. It is not always for games in the cooking genre the user needs to have developed skills in cooking. In most cases, they are focused on the ability of the player for a given time the game to perform consistently certain actions or pressing the right keys on your keyboard. You can spend a lot of time in such exciting and addictive projects on the theme of cooking and restaurant management.

Cake Mania

An excellent chef for good cooking is not only required to prepare main or second courses. He must also have specific skills in pastry making. This video game allows you to test your own strengths and skills in making various dishes, delicacies and desserts.
You will take on the role of the main character of the game, which here is a girl named Jill, who has a pretty good bakery at her disposal.

Gameplay in all products of the game series is identical and simple. In the course of action in the game you need at certain times to take and take orders, for which you will pay in game currency customers who come to you delicious meal. Do not think that this game is quite simple, everything is much harder and more exciting than it seems at first glance. With this money you can buy a variety of improvements for the bakery or the main character, thereby simplify the gameplay and make your service guests even more efficient.
The main place of work for the main character, as well as for any other cook, will be the kitchen, where we will bake cakes. At the beginning of the game we will have only one small oven at our disposal, with which we will start this difficult journey. In addition, the choice of other equipment will be available to us not immediately, and the choice of ingredients for baking cakes will be quite limited.

As the gameplay of Cake Mania progresses, the heroine will perform various game tasks, thereby earning money that will be spent to pay for rent and improvements to the kitchen equipment. In this game it is necessary to become an excellent manager. After all, in order to gain the trust and love of customers will have to make a lot of effort and time. It is necessary to correctly receive and fulfill orders, as well as pay attention to the mood and character of the client. You will learn how to sell a variety of goodies at a high price, overcoming difficulties on your difficult path to perfection.
It is true that you cannot spend the currency gained from serving customers negligently. It should be distributed with great care, because the success of the development of your small store also depends on the successful choice of location of the new outlet in the city. Or how well-timed purchased modernization of the equipment available to you for cooking. After all, if you neglect these factors, you can fall behind and not withstand the competition.

And remember that the key to a successful game and a great income in the game are satisfied customers. Do not forget to take care of them, offer unforgettable original orders, offer them to watch TV for a more relaxing environment, and they will certainly appreciate your commitment to self-improvement in baking cakes. And be sure to return to your bakery again.

Cooking Simulator

Would you like to learn how to cook different dishes, but you do not know how to cook and have no time to learn? Then you can safely start playing the wonderful Cooking Simulattor video game. The game will allow you for a short time, spent in it, to master the use of kitchen utensils and a variety of other devices for cooking. Gradually learning all the new techniques of such a difficult case as cooking, you will gain experience, develop your own business, to attract a large number of customers. This is one of the most unique chef simulators that you should not bypass.

Gameplay video game instinctively clear and logical. We have at our disposal a large number of options and recipes for cooking, on the correctness, the use of which is your success in the game. You are able to do with their ingredients for cooking, what you want - can cut, crumble, fry, boil them. How to decorate your dish and the like, all this contributes to the fact that your original product does not leave indifferent your many customers. In order to successfully prepare your dishes it is necessary to approach the process creatively as the level of demand and popularity of your future perspective restaurant directly depends on the successful preparation of your dishes. In fact, for the orders we will receive much-needed game currency.
Money in this video game can not be treated as the main goal of the gameplay. After all, virtual dollars are needed to purchase devices and tools, as well as ingredients for cooking exotic food, but no more than that. In video projects of the genre does not unimportant role also plays as the gameplay, as well as the visual picture before our eyes. The graphical part of the game is not without its charm and looks pretty acceptable, and its main feature is that everything is as close to reality.

The game can pleasantly surprise you with a lot of elaborated features and nuances. After a while you will quickly start to get used to a pretty good variety of graphics. But the most important thing in the game, is the process of cooking and coming up with a variety of recipes and dishes. A large number of details and gameplay features add up to more than a dozen hours.

28 February 2022