Images of pirates, gentlemen of fortune and their faithful companions in the gaming virtual space

The spirit of pirate romance has not left indifferent and game developers. Let the good projects are few, but those that we have chosen in a favorable light represent the genre. Fans of maritime romance, watching the next masterpiece with adventures at sea, fights and battles on the water, sea creatures, good guys and bad guys, do not want to give up the all-consuming attraction of freedom of action at sea. So they begin their journey through the virtual oceans and seas in the game space. Here it is real freedom, the sea wind blows in your face and flutters your hair, a beautiful girlfriend, and the main character in a never-ending search for adventure. Here is an unfamiliar ship, but take it on board! Maybe there is something to eat. Games on a sea theme and pirate sequels, differentiate themselves from other amazing combat game mechanics and mechanics of controlling the ship. The better the mechanics, the more chances and games to win worldwide popularity and a lot of fans. From history, we know that those who engaged in piracy, ended badly. More often than not, the gallows was waiting for them. The game is safer and more fun. The more the player pirates sink unruly ships, destroy enemies and get looted treasures, the more experience he will gain. The higher will be the rating of the hero, the more rewards and incentives await him.
So, go ahead on all sails! Wander the virtual expanses in search of great projects that have gained their popularity through excellent graphics, mechanics and a unique storyline. Unforgettable stories and adventures are waiting for you.

Playing Risen 2: Dark Waters

Created in the RPG genre by developers Piranha Bytes. It was released in 2012. It turned out, in fact, quite an epic creation. The main character goes in search of a missing legendary pirate captain robber named Greg Steelbeard. According to legend, this pirate possesses a one-of-a-kind weapon that smites to death sea monsters and other monsters. Without this weapon with monsters can not cope, and they have recently flooded the virtual space game. Well, having received the cherished gun, the hero in the final will fight for the peace of the world, destroying monsters one by one.
The game attracts its realism, an atmosphere of pirate times created with great accuracy. There is also incessant drunkenness, recklessness, robbery and awareness of his own hopelessness before life and justice. One of the interesting chips of the plot, is that the main character will always be faced with an ambiguous choice. After all, all the people, enemies and friends that he will meet on the way, have their attractive and not so attractive sides of personality. So he will be always hesitating to make moral and ethical choices. Throughout the game the hero will be maneuvering between islands, of which there are a lot. Each island has its own history, natural features, animal world. The development of the game follows strictly according to a plan drawn up by the developers, in which there is simply no right to choose. The nameless protagonist goes to his goal, and every antihero will be punished, and the good will win on a global scale.

Playing Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

Created in the genre of urban simulation, economic strategy, it saw the light of day in 2003. The game makes you feel like the owner of an island in the Caribbean Sea, this paradisiacal place must be put in order according to the economic and social conditions of life on it. Also of great importance in the development of the island are the natural data and the animal world. The player enters the game with a small capital, thanks to which he can start a little development of his island. It is also in his right to use a small number of workers and building materials. And then the game tactics hero chooses for himself, he can become a wise ruler, and may become a tyrant with unlimited power over people, ordering them around and filling his purse with money.

The game is divided into missions to be performed. And here you have volunteer helpers and almost friendly companions, the local pirates. It is on them that you can drop the passage of some missions. The pirates will attack neighboring islands and lost ships, rob them, and bring the loot to the island's budget. But this is only at sea, and on land they are of little use. Coming from a sea campaign, they drink and have fun in the local bars, and do nothing else. For successfully completed missions the player receives rewards, points and medals. The island's owner relies on the peaceful natives, who are truly hard workers.
They rebuild the island, fill it with buildings and communications, and do the most menial work. They can also work as servants, salesmen, managers, there is no one to do more skilled work and there is no use of local manpower. There is a way out - pirates can steal a specialist from the neighboring island. The island is replenished with new inhabitants if there is a shipwreck nearby or prisoners brought by the pirates. The prisoners, if they are wealthy, will not help to build the island infrastructure, but you can get a good ransom for them. Neighbors will occasionally staging attacks, but you'll be able to build defences and defences here. If you are a talented tactician and strategist, if you know how to conduct correct policy and interact with all segments of the population, you will have unprecedented success in managing the island. Lots of rewards and rewards. The atmosphere of the game is simply charming, with all the action taking place against a backdrop of light, unobtrusive music.

Sea of Thieves action game

Released in 2018, it has everything and beautiful, unforgettable sea adventures and romance of the sea, and the wind of freedom, which blows from every crevice. The game is based on the ability to work in a team, it is simply impossible to manage the ship alone. So the better the team works and understands each other, the better. If the ship gets in trouble, the team must promptly repair the holes and equipment of the ship. Playing space is generously equipped with a variety of dangers and difficulties. For example, the player meets a huge number of skeletons who are trying to kill you. Or Kraken, a huge monster that resurfaces from the depths of the sea, whenever he wants. The beauty of the game's graphics, is amazing. It's either a smooth, sparkling plain, or a noisy, raging abyss that tries to swallow anyone who hesitates. All these beauties are very close to reality, and you want to stop, freeze and admire for a long, long time. Very interesting policy of relationships and interaction between the participants in the game. Everyone is free to decide whether they will engage in combat or aim for a peaceful outcome of the game.

The Pirate: Plague of the Dead action game

It deserves a separate discussion and kind words. It saw the light of day in 2017, and gives the player the opportunity to become a real pirate for a while, in all its manifestations. Here is where all the hardships of an ordinary pirate's life are sung, from the game we learn how hard their life is. Pirate Jack Rackham is trying to resurrect his former comrades, who have been tyrannizing the Caribbean Sea, with the help of magic. And he succeeds. Each pirate who has been brought back to life has his own unique, individual characteristics that help him in battle and in civilian life. Uniting resurrected in one team, Jack and K sail the seas and oceans, boarding ships, arrange chases under full sail and engage in robbery. The plot of the game is truly fascinating, each player can not come away from it until the end. The game is simple and does not require much stress, so it has a large audience. Playing it you can relax and forget about problems. The only disappointment will be that the game is over.

13 June 2022