Unusual, fantasy game universes and worlds

Unprecedented sci-fi worlds have conquered the virtual space of games. Unseen universes and fantastic civilizations seem to us already so close and native, and from this more and more interesting for the players. For several decades, video games help us relax, and at least for a while, get out of reality, plunge headlong into the unprecedented and unexplored foreign countries, worlds and universes. What sci-fi worlds have struck us the most and won our consciousness and imagination. There is no answer to this difficult question. There are a huge number of games with an amazing, unique storyline, an unusual, unforgettable world based on reality. We have chosen a few favorite sci-fi setting games, in our opinion, worthy of attention.

Mega Man

The game's plot is based on an alternate model of 21st-century Earth, where humans use robots as a workable, free labor force. On Earth it is quite common, all the people use such a workforce. The robots are divided into groups, depending on the kind of work they do. Each group of robots is supervised by a robot brigadier. The robot brigadiers are gifted with the most advanced intelligence, they can help the ordinary robot workers. Everything runs its course, until a certain Dr. Whiteley comes up with a plan to take over the entire Earth, and use robot workers in this case. The gist of the game is that Dr. Whiteley, who in this game is evil personified, is opposed by another, good force. Both sides use robots, which are not spared in this struggle between evil and good, to achieve their goal of victory. By unleashing a grand war, humans have chosen the coolest way of figuring things out. But if this is the only way to stop evil, then ... go for it.


The game raises the idea that humanity was not created by the Almighty or a result of evolutionary development, but was shaped and founded by some other biological species, which the game calls the Forerunners. This new species created the phenomena that are listed in the titles to the sections of the game Halo, Flood, and Forerunner. As well as serving as fine, exclusive weapons. The game brings up the theme of one species being used by another, the Forerunners simply use the world around them for their own criminal purposes. They do as they please and have as much fun as they want. Creating better species and destroying them, without any hesitation, to please their desires, ambitions, and passions. But even such high and advanced intelligence could not keep them from making big mistakes. Thinking that the world was a game and belonged only to them, the Forerunners were greatly mistaken. The players look at the world of the game from the perspective of ordinary people who live on an Earth taken over by the Forerunners. Their concerns are not such global problems, but quite vital ones. People are concerned with how to survive in this vast world filled with hostile creatures, how to get a foothold in it and feel quite comfortable.

Mass Effect

The police, presented to our attention in this game, as if mirrors our everyday reality. All the vices that are present on earth are present here. There is racism, corruption in and out of politics, and fear of people. But in the game this is deployed on a huge scale, not as it is in reality. In the game, it is only ordinary people who suffer from these evil vices and the creatures who suffer from them. It is a new, young species of people who fight for equality in all walks of life, destroying vices and infected individuals. The game is shocking, its slightly exaggerated copy of the reality of our society. It encourages us to think about the reality that haunts us, to draw conclusions and start living right.

Half-Life and Portal

Games carry questions that humanity no longer has the answers to. After all, beyond the virtual game, life goes on. And we can only guess how much the moral decline of mankind, how corrupted they are and what they are capable of. Running away from reality and playing these games, we like to plunge into the fiction, and so love it every day more and more. In Half-Life the player sees the specially trained government services, the army and units, that fight back against the sudden invasion of the enemy. And this can happen in the real world, it's something to think about and reflect on. Such a world and the plot is horrifying with its reality approaching reality. In the game Portal, develops a fantastic story, where the company is in decline, but his internal intelligence, lives its life, growing and gaining strength. This fantastical chaos is incredibly close to reality, strikingly plausible and similar to our world. We all live in a similar reality.


The game tells the story of the existence in the world of XCOM organization, which monitors and ensures the safety of ordinary citizens when the threat of alien states. This organization began its existence quite a long time ago, more than sixty years ago. And its success in ensuring the protection of Earth, is simply evident. All states of the Earth have united in their forces and together created a special unit, which is necessary to protect the planet from alien aggression. Huge amounts of money have been thrown at funding this detachment, as well as reconnaissance activities. Alien beings have new and innovative technology, which is not averse to use the earthlings, because they can benefit from them. The organization is actively developing, researching sites, finding and processing alien technology. It may sound fantastic, but once you start the game, you will not stop until you know all the secrets of the corporation.


With this game, the developers and screenwriters offer players an insight into the world after the Apocalypse. The player is faced with a crazy life, where humanity is plunged into deep degradation, poor, impoverished, and destitute people. Living and enjoying life, only cruel and evil sadists, who know how to deftly manipulate people and take advantage of everything. Of course, this is an obvious downfall, but in the course of the game you start to get used to it, and everything seems more or less bearable. The epiphany comes with the realization that all the characters, and even the one you play as, are just insane. The creators are trying to give us something to think about, by creating a post-apocalyptic world. This is what humanity will look like hundreds of years after the collapse.

02 November 2021