Filled with mystery, the underwater world in games

Underwater worlds, which offer us to dive into the creators of modern games, just shocking beauty, harmony and freedom. Efforts of developers and designers to create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere, able to calm and relax after a hard day's work. Modern graphics allows you to convey the beauty of underwater depths in all colors. Modern technology allows you to explore the underwater world without leaving home. No need to risk your life by diving into dark, unfamiliar waters. Explore unfamiliar seas, dive, meet amazing underwater animals, without a special suit for diving. But simply by pressing the start button of the game on your home computer. Here are some of the projects that have left a mark in the hearts of players with interesting, dynamic gameplay and underwater beauty.


A beautiful game, fully immersed in the wonderful world of diving. The player will have unforgettable adventures in the beautiful underwater world. You can admire the unusual, bright inhabitants of the depths. Climb into the darkest and most uncharted corners, which have a lot of mysteries and discoveries. The atmosphere of the game relaxes you completely and you want to dive deeper and deeper to see new wonders. But it is impossible to forget about the danger here. The gameplay keeps you in suspense all the time. At any second, a dangerous sea beast can appear, which is a threat. Other dangers are waiting for the player, which are hidden in the mysterious abyss.


The game is just for those who love thrills and want to let off steam, to relieve stress. The player plays the role of a shark who is obsessed with revenge for her mother. She was recently killed by humans. Now the shark wants revenge, it will keep the whole coast in fear. Terrorize people caught in the open sea. The ultimate goal of this action-adventure, is that the predatory fish will eat a lot, kill and take the place of the strongest inhabitant of the underwater world. In the power of the player is given a huge, unexplored world, which conceals many secrets and adventures. The shark needs to develop and improve his skills all the time. Killing scenes, very spectacular and make you inwardly shudder. Blood in the water, severed limbs and distorted faces in agony are quite realistic. The creators of the game tried to add realism, and all the cases of shark attacks were taken from real life. A game of this genre, like many, you can feel absolutely free and loosen up after a hard and stressful day.

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 is definitely an interesting and fascinating diving game. The developers have created a truly unique and large-scale underwater world. It is filled with reefs, a lot of exotic fish, stunning corals and mammals. After acquiring the necessary equipment, the player will begin to dive. And it will not only be insanely interesting, but with these actions, you can earn extra game money. Once at the bottom, the diver will see a lot of underwater attractions. This and the sunken ships, submarines, and even UFOs. Also at the bottom there are special packages, by picking them up you earn money. The player will be asked to perform tasks, mastering which the player gets an achievement or reward. The underwater world in GTA 5 is one of the most realistically created. The game will give you an unforgettable evening. You will enjoy the underwater beauty, visit interesting places, think about completing tasks. You will have no time to be bored.


The game is shown to the world in 2007, by all accounts, gamers, has received the title of an unforgettable "masterpiece". The game, in the shooter genre, collected all the advantages, and it will amuse the players and make you think. The game is based on a well thought out storyline with secrets and philosophical arguments. For those who like to think about the meaning of life. The action takes place in an underwater city called Delight, the atmosphere of its game levels will delight players. The city is located at great depths in the Atlantic Ocean. Wonderful and beautiful underwater world, the presence of weapons for fighting, mysterious stories that decorate the atmosphere of the game. All of this will deliver an unforgettable pleasure to the player. And the intrigue, the entourage, and the unusual setting, constantly keep you in suspense.


The game was released in 2007. It was created in the genre of a two-dimensional scroller. The player observes the action on the monitor using a virtual camera on the side. Even the 2D format has not prevented the game, to become the best of survival games and earn admired reviews from players and critics. The aim of the game is to explore the underwater world by an amphibian named Naya, overcoming the various obstacles that are encountered on her way. The amphibian has wonderful gifts, she can change her shape, moves objects by swimming and singing. Graphics of the game at the highest level, spectacular plot will not leave anyone indifferent. Pleasant to the ear, the music will help you relax and enjoy the game. The game has no bloody, stressful scenes. It's easy and relaxing to play.


This open-world game, released in 2014, introduces us to interesting adventures, both underwater and on land. You can explore the virtual world not only in width, but also in depth. The storyline of the game is built on the exploration and ability to survive in the unfamiliar and mysterious underwater world of the alien ocean. The game has excellent graphics and optimization, which pleases with quality execution. The design and graphics of the ocean, where the action takes place, is made one hundred percent. Excellent music, helps to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game. The player will hunt for underwater fish and monsters, try to learn the secrets, build your own base point and create a submarine. The gameplay is addictive, thanks to its variety. Therefore, you can play it from a few days, to several weeks or even months.


The game was created in the adventure genre, players all over the world got to know and love it in 2018. Three ordinary students were involved in its development and creation, but this did not prevent it from reaching the optimal heat of popularity and recognition.
The game's plot begins with the hero's attempts to survive on a raft on the high seas. You'll have to sweat to survive, make every effort. This will train your willpower and sangfroid. Players will not be bored, the game involves building a raft in the width and height, collecting a variety of objects that float by, getting food by hunting dangerous animals. And all of this must be accomplished without leaving the raft! That's the challenge and the fun of the game.

27 December 2021