The most powerful and evil wizards from the games

Characters from video games, capable of doing really fascinating things with magic, have become an integral main component of most emerging fantasy games. After all, the fact of occurring in front of our eyes witchcraft casts us fabulous atmosphere of the unknown and immense. What is very tempting for fans of video games of this genre. But it is not enough for us just to watch this magical moment, it becomes very interesting to guess which of the wizards who possess magical power is entitled to wear the title of the Mighty and Great. It is very difficult to compare characters who exist in radically different worlds and universes. But nevertheless, we will try to know and choose for ourselves the wizard who has the most powerful wicked power and will be remembered for a long time.

Archimonde the desecrator from the World of Warcraft project

Many video game enthusiasts know about this really awesome World of Warcraft game series. In it, the human race and magical creatures coexist together. The game has an interesting setting of the game world, but most importantly - memorable and really interesting characters. Each of them has their own motives and goals in the endless struggle of warring factions. One such character, who also has incredibly powerful powers of witchcraft, is Archimonde the Defiler. This character is one of the greatest and most terrifying members of the Airedale race. Having gained unimaginable power, authority, and positive favor with the other members of the Eredar race in a short period of his life, thanks to his infinitely inventive and pity-less nature. He soon became one of the first and most powerful. He was an individual forever chasing after power over others. His main goal was to invade foreign worlds, which also led to the rampages of the demonic race, barbarism, and cruelty. Archimonde wielded a powerful dark magic that terrified his enemies. The teachings of dark sorcery, which he taught the most worthy and deserving of such power to his disciples.

Sandro the Great from Heroes of might and magic III

In the game world of magical heroes - Enroth, its niche was occupied by the most striking memorable hero, who fit perfectly into all the series of video games.
This character is Sandro the Great, in fact, he tops the list of the greatest and most powerful sorcerers. In the beginning, Sandro is not easy to spot, always being, in the course of the story, in the background, mentions of him could only be found in the diaries of the game characters. This and many other things gave this character a rather interesting and mysterious role in the game, awakening genuine interest to his personality. At the very beginning Sandro, not lacking in power and ambition, was trained in the art of black magic by the witch doctors in his youth. For a long time, after betraying his teachers, he chose his own path - necromancy. The antagonist of the game series is also quite a calculated, educated and sinister character. The protagonist did not want to stop at something small and insignificant, he was interested in the possibility of owning the whole world. In which he almost succeeded. Sandro has great power and knowledge in necromancy, and knows a large number of different destructive spells from the book. The character of Sandro the Great, is truly the most powerful and recognizable in this game. And is sure to spark a positive interest in the player.

Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda Series

One of the cult series of the game industry, The Legend of Zelda also gave us one of the most memorable, successful villains in games. The name of this antagonist is Ganon or Ganondorf. Having conquered Hyrule more than once in a row, he is a particularly dangerous and insidious opponent. To defeat Ganondorf, it is necessary to overcome a lot of dangers main character Link on his way.

It is almost impossible to predict his actions and evil intentions, you have to perform difficult feats just to get to him and fight him face to face. The villain is not squeamish about manipulating people, at his personal command of a large horde of deadly monsters and various monsters. Ganondorf swiftly achieves his unkind goals by sneakily pitting would-be heroes against each other with their closest friends. Not that it's vital for him to have a huge legion of monsters with him. It's not that he needs it, for he himself would not yield to it personally in a deadly threat to the heroes, instilling awe and fear of his own person. Having also at his disposal a varying amount of dangerous magic, namely the elements, no-nonsense murderous and threatening alternate forms, and forces from his past life.
Defeating him is as difficult as getting close to him. It's not susceptible to damage from any ordinary weapon, which gives us confidence in its absolute invulnerability no matter what you do. Only the Sword of the Master can hurt him, which is hard enough to get, even for an experienced warrior. No one can be sure that Hyrule will be safe until the threat of Ganondorf is defeated by the game's brave hero.

Emperor Mateus - Final Fantasy 2

The next negative character comes to us from another cult and not unknown video game Final Fantasy 2. His name is Emperor Mateus, and he is the antagonist of the second part of the game, as well as the final boss, that we have to cope with at the end of the game. Is Mateus the emperor of the Palamecian Empire. He relentlessly tries to take over the whole world with demonic powers and sorcery.

As the ruler of Palamecia, Emperor has a rather arrogant character, not devoid of an intelligent mind. Quite strong in his ability to manipulate people, playing with them and subduing their will to fight. Although sometimes he speaks politely to his opponents. It is not uncommon to hear disparaging words towards them, because, in his opinion, no one can stand above him. His arrogant streak of character is clearly expressed to us by the fact that he does not want to fight the heroes of the game himself, sending his demonic servants into battle instead. Declaring to everyone that humans are always full of flaws and shortcomings, such as love and a sense of justice. Emperor Matheus behaves as if he is the judge of humanity. He considers himself superior to humans and therefore only he has the right to dominate this world. For only an emperor can be worthy to rule. His immense magical power makes his enemies flee without a second thought. After all, not everyone is able to send his enemies such devastating cyclones, destroying entire settlements and cities of people from their path.

13 April 2022