The most interesting characters of the cult game Resident Evil

One of the most popular and well-known franchises, about which we know a lot, pleases the players not only with its plot and gameplay component. In the Resident Evil series of games there are a lot of different and memorable characters. With their unique character traits and their role in the plot of the video game series. Many people have come to love certain characters, with a unique and fascinating story, memorable character and visual plan. A game project from Capcom studio will make you not only sincerely empathize with their characters, but also become a step closer to them, thanks to the interesting gameplay and unexpected and tense game situations. After all, these games boast a huge number of protagonists that will not allow you to remain indifferent to them. Some of them are loved by the gaming audience more, and others less. But all of them are wonderful and fascinating. Because thanks to them, we can really feel and immerse ourselves in the storyline of this great game. Each protagonist shows us the events of the game from different sides, allowing us to get to know some interesting features of the story and uncover most of the mysteries and puzzles.

Chris Redfield

One of the most memorable characters in the franchise. He comes across quite often in the games of the series. Allowing you to fully experience his individual personality with its secrets and implicit, at first glance, problems. Chris Redfield is a serious, executive fighter with a stern look. With a reputation as a straightforward and ruthless soldier, he will not stop at any threat, his mission above all else. With his vast military experience behind him in his fight against bioterrorism, he will pursue a multitude of villains. The monsters that are the result of a virus outbreak will not be able to stop this indestructible fighter in every sense
Watching Redfield's character, you'll wonder more than once what lurks behind his gruff exterior. Definitely something more, something so deep and personal, bordering on obsession. After all, even a capable, trained soldier who fearlessly walks with an open face toward mortal danger has secrets of his own deep down. This is what makes this character so compelling. It is always interesting to watch him work, not knowing what he will do next. Fortunately in Resident Evil Village we are finally allowed to get to the bottom of it. And getting the opportunity to fully understand what this character cares about. As a result, we fully understand the character of Chris Redfield, which pleased many interested players in the Resident Evil series of games.

Leon Kennedy

One of the first protagonists of Resident Evil game series can rightfully be considered as Leon Kennedy. This character is a rather responsible person with a keen sense of justice. Leon will never abandon an unfortunate person who is asking for help. Being at the beginning of his thorny path faced with many difficult and tough challenges. While assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department, he found himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Finding crowds of carnivorous creatures and ruined buildings and roads instead of a peaceful town, Leon didn't go into hiding. Instead, he decided that those who could still be saved and protected needed him. It is impossible not to say that Leon is a rather colorful and memorable character. The ability of this man is also evidenced by his rather rapid career growth. After all, not long ago he was still a rookie. Only by dealing with the situation in Raccoon City and overcoming one difficulty after another on his way, he is gaining the necessary experience to further confront the threat of bioterrorism. As he later enlists as an employee for the U.S. government, dealing with a variety of different and unsafe problems in the country. His abilities and stamina are impressive. After all, even in the second part of the game he is trying to survive and barely cope with the difficulties in his way, as in the fourth part he is already personally scattering groups of enemies. Having become a skilled fighter, he easily copes with his tasks of saving people and eliminating the threat to humanity. His mannered wit and character, not devoid of equanimity, have made him one of the most popular and beloved protagonists in the entire Resident Evil series.

Jill Valentine

Another favorite of the many characters in the Resident Evil series. Few protagonists have had as much trouble and danger as Jill Valentine. One of the franchise's most popular characters began by simply trying to survive in the city after an outbreak of a virus that makes bloodthirsty and stubborn zombies out of the city's population. Few of the game's main characters have had as many nightmares and hardships as Valentine. Not only did she have to survive in a town filled with bloodthirsty monsters, finding survivors along the way and stubbornly seeking escape from this nightmare. So also for her began to hunt completely unfriendly and mysterious creature - Nemesis. With whom Jill will confront throughout the third part of the franchise. And after she got rid of this monster, enduring in reality all the difficulties of the zombie apocalypse nearly dying. She finally decided to join those who have already begun to fight the global bioterrorist threats. Which she will do until the very end of her thorny journey
Unlike Chris Redfield, Jill Valettein is a protagonist with a more open personality, making her a more player-friendly character. But she is not inferior to Chris either in her abilities or in her desire to eradicate the threat hanging over hapless humanity. True, the horrors she's lived through won't let her go. The third installment and re-release of the game show in some detail how much this girl has been affected by the hardships and events she has endured. Jill Valentine has no choice but to move on and not look back.

Ethan Winters

Unlike the previous protagonists of the game, Ethan Winters has had no combat training, and certainly no experience in similar incidents before. He's just an ordinary guy who was unlucky enough to find himself in a terrible predicament. Even though he is one of the new characters that appeared in Resident Evil VII, interest has not bypassed players in relation to this character. This protagonist was supposed to bring the game series back to its roots: horror. After all, you can hardly believe that the characters of the franchise, which has saved the world more than once, can still be intimidated by something else. His character personality is simpler and more straightforward, but not without its own special traits. His stubbornness and faith in himself will help him more than once in the various situations that test his body and spirit. Ethan Winters will survive his own mosquito and learn how to overcome in order to survive the madness. For after surviving two chilling events, he will never be the same again. Though he has suffered many psychological and physical traumas, he is still able to fight back and protect his loved ones, no matter the cost.

11 April 2022