The most interesting and original weapons of the game space

There are a great many weapons in the game space. Developers day and night bring into the plot of games already we know weapons that exist in the real world. But also fictional, fantastic weapons. The main characters have a blaster, plasmagunnom equipped with a high-power emitter of electromagnetic waves. Today's players are spoiled and such simple gadgets do not surprise them. They want the most powerful, advanced weapons that can demolish cities and destroy armies of enemies at a great distance, to be indispensable in any situation and have great potential and strength. We have tried to pick up a list of weapons from video games, which filled us with their uniqueness. These amazing specimens stir the imagination of even advanced gamers and cause well-deserved, enthusiastic admiration. Even if these weapons are only in our imagination, that doesn't mean they won't be in reality. Maybe we just peeked behind the veil of the future and saw what lies ahead.

Handheld minigun

Machine gun with multiple barrels, rotating found in a number of games Fallout, Team Fortress, Metro: Last Light, Quake, Serious Sam and many other projects. Such weapons can be called the pinnacle of the art of combat weaponry. The advantages and features of weapons include its mobility and ease of use. The protagonist moves quickly through the game's virtual space, mobility change dislocation. He has a powerful weapon in his hands, a multi-barreled rotating machine gun, with which he quickly and clearly eliminates a crowd of enemies. The hero has only one concern, it is necessary to make sure that you do not run out of ammunition for the machine gun. By the way, we can note that this fantastic idea has already come true. In reality, there are similar military weapons with a set of barrels that rotate. Except that it is not possible to carry such a weapon in your hands. The batteries of the machine gun weigh about a hundred kilograms, and the recoil when firing is such that it will knock you off your feet. So it's possible to take it in hands and hold it for a while, but it's not possible to use it directly in hands. We can see and use a handheld minigun only thanks to virtual games. And that won't embarrass us, that's where we'll learn how to use it. Fear rivals and enemies!

Painkiller from Painkiller

Painkiller has a huge number of weapons, and any of them can be taken and included in this list. Almost all of the weapons feature unique abilities and unprecedented power. For example, the shotgun not only has an alternative level of shooting, but also has the ability to freeze your opponent. The Colomet, simply nails weak demons to the walls and ceiling. But in my opinion, the most interesting weapon is the Painkiller. It's equipped with intimidating, spinning blades, spinning at high speed around its axis. In close combat, these blades are terrifying weapons, twisting stray demons and other enemies into a horrible mess. It's a terrifying sight, for players with strong nerves and a moderately impressionable mind. The weapon is equipped with a button, by pressing which the hero sends the blades far forward, exterminating the enemy even at a great distance.
What is not the best weapon of the game? Only with it you can defeat all the enemies in this project.


Lasergun, implies a laser gun, a weapon that can be carried in the hands, to hit the enemy, both at long and short distances. Such a laser gun or machine gun, just an indispensable weapon in games. It can be used not only to deal with the enemy, destroying him, but also to eliminate the location and defensive structures of the enemy. Such a weapon has proved itself perfectly in projects such as Fallout, Warhammer, they were armed warriors units of the Imperial Guard. In reality, Laser Weapon System is already in service with the U.S. Army and its Navy, it perfectly destroys enemy drones. Some American-made laser weapons are not lethal. For example, the PHASR rifle is designed to disorient the enemy. The laser beams temporarily blind the enemy, and the military has time to change positions or destroy the opponent. Well, and the use of lethal laser weapons, remains only on the monitor screen, in video games. In order to make such gadgets a reality, you need a powerful energy source, which will be large and heavy, and it will have to be around all the time. Therefore, so far, the use of such a laser weapon from the realm of fantasy. But we won't be so easily confused, we'll try our hand at using a laser gun in the most interesting virtual taytles.

Interesting weapons from the Red Faction: Armageddon project

Players will never forget the general fun in the game projects of this series. How much fun we had breaking through walls, roofs, large objects, and destroying towers. Destructive ability just blew players' minds, we haven't seen anything like this at the time. In Red Faction, players could not only demolish buildings, leaving no stone unturned, but to rebuild them, for this he was given a nano-vault. The game also found a place for some unique weapons, such as a rifle, which fired black holes of very small diameter, as well as a gun that fired magnets. A magnetic cannon would fire a shot at a target, a powerful magnet attached firmly. Then the gun fired at a second target, where a magnet was also attached. After that the magnets joined together with incredible speed, demolishing all living things on their way and pulling the two affected targets to each other. Well, is it interesting to try such an interesting weapon? Then go for it! Gameplay will be happy to cover you and swallow you up in its virtual abyss.


In the sci-fi game Shattered Horizon, in the shooter Red Faction, gamers can enjoy trying out the Railgun. It is a kind of gas pedal. Two electrically conductive tires are connected to each other, and something electrically conductive, plasma, projectile, etc., is carried between them at tremendous speed. Its job is to convert the electrical energy of the projectile, into kinetic energy. In the fantasy universe of Warhammer 40,000, these are all destructive weapons used by warriors of the Tau Empire. They mount equipment on flying machines, with such a weapon the empire will be at its best, not every opponent will be able to argue with it. In reality, such a weapon does not yet exist, but to call it completely made up would be wrong. America has already invented a weapon which can send a heavy projectile at a distance of up to 200 kilometers. The same gun can also fire small projectiles, accelerating their speed to enormous proportions. Handheld railguns, as presented in the games, are most likely from the realm of science fiction. They require enormous energy inputs to operate. Therefore, we will only be able to use them in the game space, which is no less interesting and curious.

13 April 2022