A set of cheat codes for games that are popular

One of the most famous programmers and game designers is Kazuhisa Hashimoto. It was this game genius who invented and implemented many of the most popular cheat codes in the gaming space.
At this stage, cheat codes are used to maximize the involvement of gamers of various professional levels, from beginners to seasoned players, in games. Cheat codes are created to make the game as easy as possible, maybe even make it funnier and crazier.
Originally cheat codes had a special purpose, and it was to quickly and expertly test the game. They were great working tools in the hands of the developers, with their help conducted adjustment game functions, checking errors and a variety of misses. Without this necessary operation for everyone, testing complex games is just a pointless task.
The most popular and world-known cheat code first appeared in the game Manic Miner, which was released in 1983. The code gave an advantage to the player in the form of activating the god function, the game was complex and therefore many gamers simply learned the cheat code by heart. Even with the creation of the first, most simple codes, some publications have begun publication lists of cheats and their main values and functions. After such publications, the number of cheat guides began to grow at a catastrophic rate. Commands that give extra life or just immortality, weapons with ammunition that does not expire, began to enjoy increased popularity, they have fans and admirers. The fact that some publications have begun to shame cheaters, calling for fair play. This has had no effect
People have gone headlong into a study of the most optimal and usable codes to diversify the gameplay, to make it a little recklessness and fun. Initially began to publish magazines and books with tips on the use of codes, and ended up with a large number of different disks of cheats, combined into one program. Some games, just bet on the use of these assistants. And specifically for his game created a whole collection of cheats driving mad, forcing cars to fly, and the main characters to transform, changing their appearance and dress in unthinkable outfit.
The Konami code, created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto in 1986, consists of certain actions linked together in a certain order (movements down, up, left, right and a set of letters). It was repeated with enviable consistency in almost all Konami games. The cheat gave players lives, bonuses, and immortality. It is quite actively used in their gameplays and other companies. The code invented by a brilliant Japanese programmer, has become a true legend and part of the culture of the gameplay. For real, such things are remembered for decades.
Today we will remind you some attractive and tricky combinations that will help you to diversify the game, to find a victory over an elusive opponent, or to be nostalgic for the past times when you could have a great and fun time.

Doom. (IDDQD)

In the game Doom, which represents one of the major milestones in the history of video games, there is a cheat worthy of our memory, IDDQD. Thanks to this code, the protagonists became invulnerable to the actions of their opponents. Since then, almost twenty years have passed, but cheat code has not lost its popularity, it is actively used in video games and online battles, he has his fans and many know this action by heart. The fame of the code has reached such heights that a sports team and a music album have been named after it.

Konami (↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A)

In the Konami games discussed above, there is a legendary code that consists of successive keystrokes, in a specific order. The code facilitates the gameplay, making the game easy and enjoyable. With his help, the heroes of the game get weapons and equipment, they are added the number of lives, given immortality, gives the opportunity to choose the level in which the gamer wants to play. The symbolic image of this code is firmly embedded into our existence, it just lives next to us, flashes in movies and programs, the voice assistant Alice, perfectly familiar with it and responds to it.

Age of Empires. (BIGDADDY)

Age of Empires, is a strategy game. The main characters of this project learn to interact with each other, to lead a civilization. Civilization of the game passes through several historical epochs, amazes with originality of the plot, variety of weapons and clothes. Battles in the game are grandiose and large-scale, several epochs and story lines can be intertwined, so archers fight with artillery, and mounted guards fight with trained elephants that are trained in combat. The BIGDADDY cheat, does not bring stability and order to the game, but adds even more insanity. For example, when a large black modern car flies into the battlefield, a rocket launcher is shown from it, and the chaos and light show begins! This is a very powerful help in the game, which gives us a cheat code, this "Sedan" equipped with a strong weapon can defeat the enemy alone, despite its number and dominance of forces. The name of the code, remembered the fans and pleasantly surprised them, so its image can be found on the t-shirts of fans of the games.


In The Sims is the management of the lives of virtual characters, you can choose one, and you can choose several. Throughout the game, the hero is solving social problems, looking for work, home, meet with women and men, converge, part ways, friendship and quarrelsome. The player must keep track of his character's mood, if he is faced with problems, must help solve them and improve the mood of the character. In this game may suddenly run out of money and they can be obtained by cheat MOTHERLODE. The cheat is quite famous and loved by players, it provides the characters with money and it can be applied more than once.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. (HESOYAM)

This creative action game features harsh satire, a ruthless and brutal open world. The missions are uncompromising. If the player dies during the mission, the next game starts from the beginning and the mission has to be completed all over again. The code HESOYAM, just a gift for players who browbeat their way through the wilds of this game. It adds the number of lives, increases the health and well-being of the hero, grants funds, fixes the transport on which the player rides.

Bethesda. (tgm)

The same cheat code, tgm, applies throughout the entire series of this game. This code gives the main character a priceless gift, it is invulnerability, inaccessibility to the actions of the enemy. This action can perfectly help if the main character is in a desperate situation. And it's also fun, because you can do anything, die and come back to life again, as if nothing had happened.

03 October 2021