The magic of linear shooters like the nationally beloved Doom

The Doom game collection is known and played by every self-respecting gamer. The series of multiplayer shooters has been dynamically developing for several years. And partly the projects became cult, gained immense popularity and fame. The developers have come up with an interesting move, combined a few players through a network that played on different computers. Therefore, the project was created multiplayer mode with deathmatch. The game is considered a recognized classic, it is demanded and interesting. The plot of the series of games with the same initial line, and then begins a variety of developments. The player in the initial series plays as a paratrooper who is in space, on Mars, and in this environment he finds himself in a difficult situation. He is attacked on all sides by enemies and foes, he is in the thick of it, trying to fend off the heated attacks of the monsters.

Space paratrooper has nothing else to do but become a hero and exterminate the creatures as much as possible. With the new series of games, you can see the adequate development, a lot of attention developers began to pay to technological features of the game. Projects began to be equipped with texture maps, unusual lighting and floors with multiple levels. One disadvantage of Doom games is that they quickly run out, and you want to play more and more of this game or a similar space epic. Doom has raised the bar very high for the games of this genre, so not every game can match and compete with it. That's why we have tried to choose several projects that are similar to the collection of the legendary Doom games.

Quake Champions

The project was developed by the famous and talented creators - id Software. Few players who have not played interesting, colorful shooters. The action of this game, quite devoid of a storyline, takes place in a variety of locations, stands out against the backdrop of similar projects, beautifully played battles. The lack of plot, compensated by the relentless struggle for his own life, so get bored player simply impossible. The game has five interesting modes, sixteen characters that the player chooses before starting the game. Each of the characters has two unique abilities that only he can use. One of the skills is passive and shows the character's character and his place in society, the team. The second skill is active, which helps to quickly and clearly deal with the enemy. This amazingly interesting project, will take more than one evening and can decorate any evening with friends. You will be interesting and fun.

Rage 2

The game presents a post-apocalyptic world and a happy opportunity given to the player, shoot everything that moves. The game's storyline tells of a terrible disaster, a meteorite fell on the planet and destroyed almost all life. Surviving people are forced to live in terrible conditions, to defend themselves from enemies, to get food, to find shelter. Therefore, people became embittered, united into gangs and became real killers. These gangs damage those around them, kill, and are not afraid to shed other people's blood. The authorities do not take adequate action to catch these gangs. The protagonist Walker is inspired by a dream, he wants to restore order, control the population and end the bloodthirsty bandits. During the war with the gangs, the protagonist loses his home. Now there is only one way out - all-consuming war with the enemy, ruthless and uncompromising. He simply must win this battle, because behind his shoulders stands Justice itself.

The project is very similar to Doom, both in gameplay and control, only in the legendary game instead of monsters from hell, and in the described game - bandits. The setting is slightly different, but the essence of the same, quickly and clearly put in order, to deal with enemies. Another thing that is new is that the main character has unusual skills that help him in the fight against enemies throughout the game. The project has large-scale locations, which are made in beautiful colors and high graphics, which gives the game a special atmosphere.


The plot of this game, similar to Doom, shows how much the world has changed after World War II, which was won by Germany. The developers decided to play with this version of the events of that time. We see a militarized world oppressed by a dictator and tyrant, populated by German soldiers and other enemies. The first projects paid more attention to the reality of historical events of World War II. Recent games are replete with fantasy elements, the occult and fantasy. It strongly changes our gameplay, but it doesn't make it worse, but even better. After all, for modern gamer to enter into battle with zombie monsters or robot man is much more interesting and exciting than the Nazi warrior. Recent games have their own protagonist, in the role of which we will see the spy from America, named William B.J. Blaskowitz. He conducts his dangerous activities in conditions as close to reality as possible.

On his way there are soldiers in armor that is difficult to defeat. The vehicles involved in the game are also made with the latest technology and have several levels of protection. This fantastic universe is more advanced than ours, because it is more technological. But this does not prevent the main character, he is equipped with the latest technology and also has the skills of magic.

Shadow Warrior 2

The second part of the first-person shooter game similar to Doom, released in 2016. The plot of the game is a direct continuation of the first game. Several years have passed since the events told in the first part. A relatively peaceful world is invaded from a parallel dimension by an army of demon monsters, led by Orochi Zill. The game has its own protagonist. He is ready to save the virtual world from destruction. Protagonist named Lo Wang, who will fight with his opponent with firearms and sword. Well, of course, the player, who plays for the main character, will be rewarded for each victory. He will get a variety of prizes, promotions, make the characteristics of weapons and equipment better. The gameplay can be overcome alone, and you can join your comrades of three. Gamers will be able to explore the huge size of the location, it is possible to re-run the same mission, honing their skills. In recent projects are excellent game physics, there is a change of weather conditions, the day replaces the night. This game is nice and long drags into its net. Hour flies by hour, but you want to sit a minute more, a little more..

Unreal Tournament 4

The last in our list first-person shooter is similar to Doom, it is a continuation of the previous parts of the project. It has four interesting modes for passing the game, in each of them the gamer can differently prove himself and his abilities. The first mode, it's fighting opponents, where everyone fights for himself. The second mode is a struggle of teams against each other. There is a mode where you need to seize the flag of the enemy, and the players have the opportunity to teleport to quickly steal the flag. In Showdown mode the game is three on three, in this mode there is an interesting nuance, the players will be able to revive after the physical destruction.

28 February 2022