Our children's favorite games

Just a few years ago elementary and middle school age children were discussing school problems and street games among themselves. Now more and more often we can observe how their communication is changing. In particular, computer games are the main topic of conversation among kids. And this is understandable, since almost all the free time, which is very little in modern children, they spend playing flesh games. This allows them to relax and take a break from exhausting, in their opinion, study.

Undoubtedly, there are deeply loved games and not so much. We propose to consider the best, according to the children. Divide games into three main categories: for boys, for girls and universal, which are equally suitable and enjoy both.

To begin with a detailed consideration of flash games for girls. When we talk about these games, we immediately think of something colorful, trendy and fun. Most often girls choose a storyline game, where you need to dress up the heroine in different fancy clothes. Also enjoy great popularity virtual fun remodeling room or whole house. Playing in a game like this you can build a house or apartment of your dreams. Also very popular cooking games, here the girls can feel like cooking queens.

So we propose the top 3 most favorite games, according to the girls:

1. Playing "Vintage vs Swag Fashion Battle"

Extremely interesting and from the first minutes will be a very favorite game for most girls. It has two characters and they need to be dressed up in completely opposite styles.

On the one hand vintage, which was at the peak of popularity in the last century. A very elegant style, it will introduce a young girl to the era of the last century. And on the other hand, a modern style that includes elements of sports and streetwear and is diluted with bright and colorful accessories. Any girl will be very interesting to try herself as a designer. Also this game will teach a young girl to correctly choose outfits for themselves, and perhaps help develop a sense of taste and style in dressing. Thus, this game will not only become a favorite and interesting, but also useful.

2. Design My Dream House Game

A favorite game of many girls, because it is very interesting and exciting to design inside an apartment or house. Here you can discover the talent of an interior designer. The choice is given a huge number of different furniture, even have the opportunity to transform the walls with a variety of wallpaper and plaster. The girl is fully immersed in the world of design. Perhaps in the future, a passion for such a game will put the beginning of a career as an interior designer. In any case, it is worth trying to play it.

3. Game "Cooking competition for fashionistas"

Undoubtedly, an interesting game for absolutely all girls. After all, almost all girls are future hostesses. And from a small age they all, without exception, tend to help their mothers with cooking. This game has a very interesting storyline, in addition to the fact that you need to show imagination to cook delicious food, you also need to demonstrate resourcefulness to win the competition. We are sure that not a single girl will not remain indifferent to this game.

And now we propose to consider in detail games for boys. Many people think that flesh games - entertainment only for girls and young girls, and the boys are only interested in serious and large-scale games, but it is not so. Statistics tell us that the boys are very much prefer games such as walkers, in search of objects, sports and many others.

Here are the top 3 favorite flesh games for boys:

1. Game "Fire and Water: Island Survival"

The main characters of the game is fire and water, which is clear from the name. The player will have to control two characters at the same time. They, traveling around the world, get on an unknown island, which, eagerly want to explore. In the process of research will come across various obstacles. The boy gamer need to overcome these obstacles. They must try to make sure that the mythical creatures, fire and water, do not die.

2. The Abandoned Forest House Game

This wonderful game, in addition to fun, develops attention, diligence and logic. Once in the woods, the character discovers an abandoned house. Of course, he can't resist the temptation to see the house from the inside. As soon as the hero of the game gets inside, the doors are immediately closed, and there is no way to get out of it. And then begins the main goal of the game. Need to collect coins, walking around the house. For this, just, and helpful logical thinking. This game is very exciting and entertaining. Undoubtedly, it will be a favorite game for boys of all ages.

3. Fifa 10 game

Among sports flesh games, the first place, of course, is soccer. Few boys are not interested in this game. Of course, almost every guy plays it very often. Soccer field and the environment inside the game looks realistic, which is even more attractive. And, thanks to the fact that the developers have added a feature such as mouse control, the game has become even more convenient. And of course, a huge variety of soccer teams will not leave indifferent any boy.

And, finally, I want to say about the game, which are suitable and become a favorite for both boys and girls, in other words - for everyone. Every day there are more and more of these games. As a rule, these are card games, to test the erudition and "three in a row". Let's also take a closer look at the most favorite, according to gamers, from each category:

1. Playing Uno Online

Huge popularity gained such a game as uno. As soon as it appeared, it immediately became the most favorite among boys and girls. In order to win the game need skills such as logical thinking and attention. It would seem that the rules of the game are very simple: you need the first to throw down all the cards, which are distributed in equal numbers to everyone, and the rest remain in the deck and put in the middle. The first player puts a card of a certain color and number, the next player must put a card or the same color, but with a different number, or with the same number, but a different color. If the player does not have a suitable card, then he goes to the deck and takes cards until he finds the right one. Interestingly, there are no losers in this game. The winner is the one who is the first to discard all his cards.

2. The game "Words from the Word"

Such a puzzle game will not go unnoticed by our children. It helps enrich the vocabulary and trains memory. Playing this game kids show high results in school. The game is very simple: from the proposed word to make as many words as possible. The vast majority of children who want to succeed in school, this is the most favorite game.

3. Playing "Balls - Bubble Shooter"

In addition to the development of anything, our children want to relax. Very successfully with this they help such an easy game. The principle is extremely simple. It is necessary for one ball, which each turn changes its color, to shoot balls of the same color at the top, so that they disappear.

06 May 2021