The best action games, in which the main characters are children

It is very interesting and exciting to discover more and more new projects. Game creators work on glory, their imagination is inexhaustible, and that's why gamers can try for "taste" more and more new projects. Today we want to present, in our opinion, amazing projects, where the main character or the character that accompanies the protagonist is a child. There are no age restrictions in video games. The main character can be a toddler, a teenager or an elderly person. With an excellent storyline, any protagonist will be incredibly interesting. If the hero is a child, he may be endowed with unique abilities and capabilities that will add to the gameplay zest. Child protagonists may in the virtual world to take such actions and exploits that are not available in the real world. Even if the little protagonist is a huge number of zombies, monsters and monsters, he is not confused, and will fight them and, of course, win. He can furrow the endless seas or fly a starship from one star to another, exploring the galaxy. Busyness and the young heroes of a lot of cases, and to finish them all, should sit behind the monitor more than one day. Here are a few projects where interesting and extraordinary young characters shine as bright stars.

The Walking Dead by Telltale

Clementine, a girl, is a supporting character in The Walking Dead, created and developed by Telltale.The plot of the game is that the player should protect and guard Clementine from various dangers and troubles, which are waiting for her at every step in the virtual world. Throughout the games of this saga, Clementine goes her individual way from a small, confused girl to a confident full-fledged hero of the game. She is the best at fighting and hunting zombies and fighting them vigorously. And this despite the fact that the teenage girl is very young, compared to her partners, but not inferior to them. You can even say more, it is she in this group makes decisions that have a positive impact on the result of the operation to catch the monsters. Saves her team, finds a way out of difficult situations, saves the lives of her partners. The heroine of The Walking Dead lost her family, her father and mother, early when zombies attacked their town. And that's not all the suffering the girl endured, there was so much that a person old enough could break down. But the teenager endured, survived, the girl decided to devote her life to fighting zombies and other enemies quite alive. The trials throughout the seasons will be numerous. Up to the fact that the girl, clenching her teeth, will stitch up her own lacerations. Throughout the project, the eight-year-old will lose friends one by one, enduring the loss of loved ones. It is by playing this game as Clementine that you can understand what empathy and sympathy are. The player will fall in love with the heroine in the bright baseball cap, she will be the closest and dearest person to him throughout the game time. The surviving child, Clementine, is waiting for you and calls you to go through her life journey with her.

Fran Bow

In this psychological horror film, the protagonist is a girl who lost her family very early in life. This made a lasting impression on her, and the result of this incident led to the imprisonment of the girl in a psychiatric clinic. At the hospital she was prescribed a huge amount of psychotropic drugs, which had a negative effect on her body. As a result of the treatment, the child began to see a completely different world, filled with fears, dark thoughts, and a horrific environment of murder and bloody crimes. The little girl tries to detach herself from the creepiness, get a grip and organize a more or less peaceful life. In order to find her beloved cat and the aunt the girl wants to live with, she arranges her escape from the clinic. In front of her is a long road that leads to happiness. Along the way on this road, the girl will pass many tests, gather the courage to overcome fear and darkness, and all this in the proud solitude, which is incredibly difficult and dangerous. Along the way, the child will solve puzzles and participate in a variety of quests. Player, do not spare your time and get acquainted with this project, it will give you great pleasure with its intense, unlike anything else plot.


Project Bully is created by the developers of Rockstar, it will tell us an interesting story of a boy, whose name, Jimmy Hopkins. The game begins with a rather unpleasant event, the boy not by choice is sent to study at a private school. Upon arrival, the boy found that this school is not as smooth as he was told. The school is just teeming with hooligans, who set there their own rules and laws by which they force everyone else to live. Jimmy, of course, is not a good boy either. He in his own way begins to fight injustice, mostly in fights and with the use of force, fortunately he has plenty of this force. But still the main character has a big heart, honor and conscience. He is always standing up for the offended and humiliated and unhappy people. But in principle, the protagonist's behavior is completely dependent on the player's imagination and desire, by and large, it is the player who directs the process.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

The game was released by developers Starbreeze Studios in 2013, changing their style just fundamentally. The project turned out just luxurious, amazing and extraordinary. We are pleased to be able to participate in all the adventures of two brothers, the main characters of the project. Brothers go on a dangerous and unpredictable journey. The goal of their journey is to find and obtain a cure for their father, who is dying. Illuminated by this noble idea, the brothers embark on a journey full of danger, murder and bloody showdown. Whoever they encounter, there are horrible monsters devouring travelers and enemies who pursue them. But the brothers, as in an old tale, stand for each other. It is impossible to break their spirits, for they help each other with gusto and come to the rescue. This is just a handbook for those siblings who are always in conflict in real life. Here is an example and role model. Behave like that, and you will overcome all difficulties and troubles.

The Last of Us: Left Behind

The main character of the project is Ellie, who has become a famous and beloved character of many players, thanks to the original game. Therefore, the developers, decided to make an individual mini-project for the popular character. In the plot of the game there are only two days of the girl's life, the first one she is spending in search of medicine, food and water for her friend Joel, and the second one she is spending in the society of her friend Riley. The character is incredibly interesting, funny, sly and brave. Ellie can always find a way out of a difficult situation. If you fell in love with this character in the full game, you will be happy to take part in her fate and in the mini game project.

07 September 2022