The best games with evolutionary development

The modern video game industry is increasingly touching on pressing social themes of great importance in everyday life. Now games, along with books, carry an emotional and social load. They bring to readers and users of games themes that make us think and rethink a lot of things in our lives. Whether many people read now, I do not know, but the majority of young and middle-aged people have become gamers. In the gameplay process, problems are brought to the player's mind easily and live, the gamer is involved in solving them and takes active action in the process of the game. The most interesting topic, in our opinion, was the topic of human evolution. The games below reveal a great mystery of development and can tell us a lot about evolution.


The game, which saw the light of day in 2008 thanks to Maxis Studio, is a classic game about evolution, in general. After many years, the game has not lost its relevance. And still the hearts of gamers belong to this original gameplay. It has something to please seasoned players and surprise newcomers. It is a strategic game, where you have to think several steps ahead, not acting at random. The gameplay includes elements of role-playing, the goal is to create and grow a new species. The creation must begin at the cellular level, folding the tiniest cells into a kind of life-filled creature. We get points, with which, we strengthen its DNA. We give the created organism new properties and qualities that will improve it, make it strong. Then it will be able to resist or defeat stronger, aggressive neighbors. We develop the creature, endowing it with a brain, get out on land. The goal is to send the created species into space, as a warrior, to conduct interplanetary wars. The creature evolves from a single-celled creature, to a full-fledged life form that takes over planets, fights, and uses sophisticated weapons.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

The game was introduced into our lives by Panache Digital Games in 2019. A game with elements of strategy, you have to analyze the situation all the time. Asking ourselves the questions. Why are we doing this now? How will it end? What lies ahead of us? All actions are interconnected. The goal of the game, the evolution of man from monkey to man endowed with reason and survival. At the beginning, the player assumes the role of an ancient ape-like human, who tries to survive by getting food, guarding himself and his kind from wild animals. Points count if the hominid eats well, is fed, healthy, and rests long enough.

His intelligence develops through daily simple activities, meeting new tribes, searching for materials to make tools, continuing his lineage and reproduction, and learning the properties of trees and plants. By actively engaging in daily activities, he will bring the evolution of the ape into a human being closer. He will be able to create tools to defend himself against hostile tribes and begin to move on two legs. The game is addictive and satisfying, with the player experiencing joy and interest throughout the gameplay. The game lasts about fifty hours, the gameplay is realistic, and the graphics are enjoyable, conveying the beauty of nature at a high level.

Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends

Computer Lunch, released in 2018 with fairly simple gameplay and a huge amount of deployed action. At the beginning of the game, it is necessary to warm up the Sun, which has cooled down a bit. This action must be performed to create a special atmosphere on Earth, the "primary broth". In it, as in the game Spore, we combine DNA and RNA of the very first single-celled organisms. And as a result we get more complex, multicellular creatures. We create cytoplasm and a variety of systems, add reproduction, develop the creature to its full potential. All actions should be well thought out and tried to look ahead, calculating how this action will turn out in the future.

The highest goal - to develop the creature to a level that could throw him into space, to capture the new stars and planets of the solar system and beyond. Pass the game is insanely interesting, the stages of development are mesmerizing and enjoyable. The graphics are pleasing to the eye, the music is pleasant.

Rlague inc

The game was released by developers Ndemic Creations in 2012. The focus of the game is not human evolution or even the development of an alien creature. Players have to master and take under their indefatigable control an outbreak of a virus that has occurred in the world. Next, the virus must be activated and directed against humans. But the Plague Inc race is not slumbering and is actively resisting the virus. So, the player's goal is to constantly develop the virus and infect as many people as possible.


The game came out a long time ago in 1990, under the banner of the developers of Maxis. The evolutionary simulator is quite complex and all made up of scientific theories. The instructions for the game are developed by James LaVrock, and all the processes originate from his "Gen Hypothesis", there are elements of science fiction. The player controls the planet, develops it, saves it from disease and epidemics, helps avoid and cope with the elements that bring destruction. Develops intelligence in primitive creatures. All this helps his planet to develop quickly and fruitfully. There is no definite goal. Everything is aimed at the evolution of the planet. At the end of the game, ideally, there should be a huge cosmic universe filled with life. The game is difficult enough, makes you think and reflect. There is no reason to randomly take actions. You have to think carefully about each decision so as not to harm the planet you are developing.

Dawn of Man

The game saw the light of day in 2019, Madruga Works team worked on the creation of a unique project. Several genre lines are mixed up here, it's a city building simulator and a survival game. The result is an interesting, unlike anything else gameplay. The player has a task to overcome the space of 10 thousand years. And to hold the evolution of man from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. At the beginning of the game, you will face a settlement consisting of several inhabitants of the Stone Age. They are dressed in skins and live together in a small colony.

Each person is equipped with indicators that show the player state of health, full or hungry, awake or tired, at what level of moral and human qualities. These indicators have to be watched all the time, if a person gets sick, you can't treat him, because at that time there was no medicine. If he feels chills, you have to take him to the fire and warm him up. Separately need to devote time to the morale indicator, it just falls in the course of the game. And it can be replenished by praying and performing sacred rituals. But you can not just pray, only on certain sacred buildings, which you must build yourself. In the game all the time you have to learn new features, develop the tree of technology, acquiring skills to use tools, devices for catching animals, weapons for personal protection.

Playing these games, the player is immersed in a new experience of tactical decision-making. He is acquiring the ability to take on the decision of painful, demanding rapid response issues. Learning to take responsibility for the fate of others. Spending a few evenings at a pleasant activity, immersed in your favorite game and simultaneously gaining useful skills, no one will refuse it.

27 December 2021