Logical games for the little ones

Play is the key activity of a child under the age of 7. It is such a "child's way" to learning everything around and not only. Through this leading process at an early age, imagination, creativity, thinking, attention, memory, logic, speech development and behavior, as well as the child's very personality and imagination can be formed.

What does a logic game form at an early age?

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that at this preschool age, children's cognitive activity is formed through emotional goals and put forward through the activity of the little man. And it is in the game that this becomes possible.
In addition to all of this, children can be perfectly distracted by play, but it is better to do it with the benefit. The game can learn:

  • Compare different objects, pictures, situations
  • Analyze
  • Conduct search activities, identify patterns
  • Compare different facts, information, and situations
  • Develop strategic thinking
  • Concentration skills.

Distinctive features of such games:

Since, these games are designed for children from 2 years old, their plot is not loaded, it is simple, but has a very colorful design. Graphic content is as clear as possible, and the tasks are set clearly, without any tricks. But all this only strengthens the general interest in such games. They are able to challenge, make you turn on your wits, analytical skills, even an adult.

Therefore, we bring to your attention a selection of logical games for the smallest, which will develop them most harmoniously.

Favorite characters

All children have preferred characters and favorites from cartoons and fairy tales, so this is a great way to build a game. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Masha and the Bear, toddlers, teddy bears, minions and others. With their help, it becomes more interesting to play, the trust in the characters is already formed, it remains only fun to spend time learning. Also, it is possible that your baby, on the contrary, will be attracted to even unfamiliar main characters. And playing with the new one will be even more interesting, familiarity, habituation, play and development awaits you.

Playing Tom the Talking Cat - Five Differences

Known to many kids a character - a talking cat Tom, with which a lot of different games have already been released. So is this one, based on the search for differences. According to the plot, our cat was on vacation, diving with friends and applied himself to the role of Indiana Jones. Of course, from the exciting vacation Tom brought a lot of pictures, but his friends made a joke about him. On some pictures they added extra objects. Having still got the real pictures, the talking cat is now comparing them, looking for differences. And you can help him in this fun and find in each photo five differences that his friends added pranks.

Playing Assemble the Dinosaur

All boys and girls love the main character of this game - the dinosaur. In this logic game made up 10 levels to pass. To do this, you have to collect from the presented elements of our favorite dinosaur. For kids on the playing field you can see the silhouette of the future picture, and fall out the different elements-parts to form a complete image of the hero. Along the contours of the missing pieces and you end up with a bright beautiful picture, which is sure to like kids. With this kind of collecting puzzles perfectly develops children's thinking.

Playing Presents from Santa Claus

Well, who doesn't know and love the good Santa Claus? That's a silly question. Everyone knows how he prepares for the New Year and how much trouble he has. Read all the children's letters, prepare greetings and gifts for the kids. Special attention should be paid to the packaging of surprises - it is important to choose a box according to the size and shape of the gift, choose a bright and beautiful wrapping paper.

This time there are too many letters from the children and our Santa Claus has no time to pack the surprises for the upcoming holiday. But for this there are you, little helpers, who can easily cope with this task. Managing the computer mouse, gifts must be dragged to the appropriate boxes. Grandpa will be very grateful to such a help, and at the same time will have time to relax by his fireplace before the New Year, because he still has to deliver all these gifts.

Playing Russian dolls

Another favorite of many girls are Russian folk dolls - matryoshkas. Such beautiful, bright, painted outfits with a variety of patterns. The logical game with these dolls is based on their different size. The main feature of these dolls is that all of them can be put together into one. To do this, all but the smallest dolls are taken apart in half, and it is possible to hide a smaller doll in it. But in this game you don't have to do that. The main purpose of the game: to put a matryoshka doll in a row in the order as shown in the image on the bottom of the screen. To do this, you need to use the computer mouse to swap dolls until they take their correct positions.

Colorful dice game "Magic World"

Our kids are in for a very exciting adventure into a wonderful Fantasyland. In the game "Colorful Cubes" live a lot of unusual, but no less attractive creatures. You will have to get acquainted with flying pegasus horses, unicorns and different dragons. All of them are magical and have different magical abilities: controlling the weather, creating clouds, wind, sunlight and rainbows. And getting into this fantasy world it is important to help the heroes and collect their pictures from the cubes on the principle of puzzles. All the cubes need to put in the right order and also the right side. The game has four levels, which correspond to different amazing places of Fantasyland, which is inhabited by one of the four magical inhabitants.

The Game of Association

The logical task for children is to find a matching second pair for one picture. In front of you there is a playing field with 16 pictures, which show different objects. It would seem that there are no similar, but if you look and think, you can collect 8 pairs of subjects connected by a logical relationship. Using the computer mouse to select two items in turn, in the case of correct choice - they disappear, making room on the field. But if there was a wrong attempt to collect a pair, you have a chance. Try again and again and everything will work out!

Mosaic "Car"

A multicolored mosaic, and it makes such an interesting and unusual picture. Now there is a car in front of you, and your task is to make the same one. To do this, it is important to carefully select the color for the corresponding cells on the playing field. Follow the pattern and everything will turn out. In the case of improperly located color in the cell - you can repaint it in the desired one. At the end of collecting a picture of colored mosaic quickly press the "Check" button and find out the result.

In general, you can select a separate game - Mosaic. And in its various options developers have prepared for children a lot of pictures, which can be collected with colored parts: owl, parrot, butterfly, helicopter, tractor, Christmas tree, a bouquet for mom and many others.

06 May 2021