Legendary post-apocalyptic-themed projects like Metro 2033

Metro 2033 shooter has gained mad popularity, its release became a pleasant surprise for many gamers, fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. If you are one of them, you will like the unusually severe atmosphere, tearing gameplay and grim visual style of the projects that are very similar to the legendary Metro 2033. We have selected several games that will allow you to enjoy the storyline, opened in the novel Metro 2033 by the famous Russian science fiction writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, once again. The games presented below are vivid representatives of the amazing, terrifyingly dark genre. They clearly demonstrate that the Russian post-apocalypse is no worse, and maybe even better than the foreign ones. After all, our projects are simply impregnated with a native, painfully clear atmosphere to us, we are clear and familiar with the tragedies that may directly lead our world to the apocalypse. But to make a comparison, here are some foreign projects. It is even scary to think about it, but the imagination of the developers takes us to the vast deserted metropolises, subways, forests, where the monsters roam, which appeared in the period of tragedies. Consciousness of mutants and monsters is changed, they are scary and set to destroy all living things. But in every project there is a protagonist who will be able to fight back the evil, to outwit, to take strength and dexterity. So, reader, go ahead, into the gloomy dungeons of the subway, into the scary empty walls of houses, where just recently peaceful and happy life reigned..

35 MM

The project was created in the genre of survival horror, dedicated to active resource extraction and exploration of locations. The game focuses on the problems experienced by two wayfarers wandering through a post-apocalyptic world. People are extinct after encountering a monstrous epidemic that has engulfed the entire world. Survived only a few, and our wanderers including. Gameplay is based on active wandering, mastering the vast game locations affected by the tragedy. The more the players pass, the more they learn new abandoned places, capture on their cameras views of the darkest and scariest objects, the better for the entire gameplay. And the more successful the game's ending. Of course, the main characters will be attacked by enemies, beasts, and brigands, but that's not the main line. The main rule in this game is to wander, as much as possible and recognize the locations destroyed by disaster. The plot of the project is very reminiscent of Stalker and Metro 2033. Players who discover this game will have a lot of fun traveling around the deserted and scary places, abandoned because of the epidemic, which engulfed the city. You will photograph destroyed objects and bleak landscapes that have made a lasting impression on you.


At the center of the events of this game is a secret island called Katorga. All the plot movements take place on it. There used to be a number of secret research and experiments in a scientific format. Such experiments lead to a catastrophe. Therefore, the island has to be closed, experiments and research stops. The island is covered by a cloud of mystery and disaster, so to explore the situation, sent to him a detachment of Marines, led by Nathaniel Renko. The main character will actively take on the case and will learn, and investigate all the terrible secrets of the island. Unforgettable adventures, time travel, changing the future and the present, trying to prevent a catastrophe await him. Depending on the chosen actions and deeds, the player playing as the protagonist, waiting for three different versions of the game's ending.


The game presents us with another version of the events in the Chernobyl Zone, from the point of view of the Polish game creators. The protagonist, Igor Khiminyuk, worked as a physicist at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant before the accident. It has been a long time since the accident, about thirty years, but in his memory as yesterday, all the events of that terrible day. After all, it was at that time he lost his beloved girl. And now, after a great number of years, he is back to find his beloved or to understand what happened that day to her. The protagonist will actively take part in the exploration of the game locations, collect a variety of finds and collect them. The hero is waiting for interesting meetings with stalkers, as well as on his way to meet the military. The gameplay is very much reminiscent of the legendary projects Stalker and Metro. The atmosphere is imbued with a sense of wild horror. Therefore, no doubt will appeal to fans of the genre of consequences of disasters and accidents.

Metro 2033: Redux

The game was created in the action shooter genre by the developers of Deep Silver, and saw the light of day in 2014. The project Metro 2033: Redux is a tandem of two games that have been updated. Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel will open up to gamers from a new, unfamiliar side. All the best that can be imagined in a game of a similar genre awaits you here. Lighting is fantastic, weather conditions change with great rapidity, destruction and dying nature are maximally approximated to reality and provided with interesting effects. Flying in different directions particles of dust, dirt, ash and fire, the consequences of a global catastrophe. Characters, too, will change for the better, acquiring new features, carefully drawn animation. Fragments of the game, where the close combat of the heroes, melee, will impress with its plausibility, and the game will have new features that players will be able to enjoy. Check your backpack, look at your watch, these are some of the new game features. And the developers are also offering two newest game modes, which will allow us to play in a new style. Survival and Spartan, these new modes will make the hours spent playing just unforgettable.

The Swarm

The action of this glorious mix of action and slasher takes place in the post-apocalyptic world of Moscow. It is this similarity that brings the two projects Metro and Symbiote so close. Moscow and the surrounding area have been invaded by aliens, configured malicious and not friendly, to put it mildly. Cruel aliens have conquered a large amount of Earth, and the entire population on the selected territories turned into mutant monsters. The game begins in the grim ruins of a former city building, where the protagonist opens his eyes. He doesn't remember what happened to him, he has forgotten his past, but when he comes to his senses he realizes that he has a unique ability. The hero is able to extract alien genes and create new mutable, useful organisms. He also knows how to make weapons that are firmly attached to the body of the mutant he created. But this is not all the virtues of the protagonist, he uses with great success the modern weapons against the enemies. These are pistols, rifles and automatic weapons.

07 September 2022