Quest. A game that will make you think

Quest, which translates from English as "the object sought", the game in which the main line is the movement to a certain goal. On the way to the desired, a huge number of obstacles and problems of logic, which must be solved to achieve the goal. Quests are also called "computer scavenger", this genre has found millions of fans around the world. We want to present several puzzle games with solutions to logical problems, where you can develop thinking, learn a lot and live a life full of adventures.

The Witness

The game begins on a desert island, where the protagonist wakes up. He remembers absolutely nothing and does not understand how he ended up on the island. While carefully examining this island and nearby, the hero finds tablets laced with puzzles. With the help of his discoveries, he makes step by step sense of the situation and the mystery of his appearance on the island. Seven small islands, located in close proximity to each other and contain a series of original mysteries that relate to the past, the future and the present. In order to understand what happened and how to get out of the trap, it is necessary to solve about seven hundred tasks of different complexity.

Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse

The quest is based on an interesting detective story with a mystical twist, investigated by random witnesses to a murder by insurance expert George Stobbart and his reporter acquaintance Nicole Collard. The tragedy takes place at the exhibition of famous gallery owner Andre Dubois. A criminal attacks one of the visitors to the exhibition and commits the theft, quite ordinary, of a painting of no value. Throughout the quest, the detectives are gradually determining the new circumstances of the murder and solving intractable problems, moving toward solving the crime. New evidence and facts lead to the fact that the stolen picture encrypted a message that informs about the location of an ancient artifact that can revive Lucifer and destroy the whole world.

Kathy Rain

In this detective quest, players will learn the story of a student Kathy Rain, which took place in the distant nineties. The girl learns about the unusual death of her grandfather, it does not give her peace, the circumstances of death seem suspicious, so Kathy comes to her hometown, where she begins her detective investigation, clarifying all the facts. The set of puzzles in the course of the game is not bad, the atmosphere of the time and the tense, anxious mood are well conveyed.

Thimbleweed Park

Another detective game. The game is set in the eighties, in the small town of Thimbleweed Park. One of the town's residents has died, and the game's main characters, Agents Ray and Reyes, take on the task of investigating the circumstances of his death. There is an original sense of style in the game, the player gets positive emotions and enjoys the investigation process. The creators and developers of the game are Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

Detective Gallo

In 2018, this good game was released, whose creators were inspired by the cartoons of Walt Disney. But to the developers' credit, we can say that apart from the similarity of the characters, the game has nothing in common with the cartoons. This is a classic quest, with intellectual overtones, cool logic tasks and investigations. The main character is a rooster named Gallo, he and solves the inexplicable circumstances of the mass death of plants. The game can be completed in less than six hours.

Randal's Monday

Randal's Monday, a sample of peculiar black humor, but that doesn't stop this game from finding a fan and a lover of that style. Many players consider this game one of the best and coolest that came out in 2014. The protagonist of the game, Randal, commits disreputable actions, behaves disgustingly, as a result of such behavior his friend dies. After that, the whole life of the protagonist changes abruptly, bringing him back to the past day by day. Giving him a chance to change it and restore balance and justice, to resurrect his friend. Understanding comes to Randal, he wants to change, but it is not so easy to do so... It is necessary to solve many problems of logic, to make the right choice, by small steps moving on the chosen path.

Darkestville Castle

Darkestville Castle, a very beautifully designed game that is a pleasure to watch and play. But the black humor here also keeps the developers and players on their toes. The protagonist of this quest, a demon named Sid, really wants to hurt the citizens of Darkestville, and does not miss even the smallest opportunity to cause trouble to people. But the demon loser, either poorly educated or so the stars aligned, but many of his antics bring joy and benefit to the people of the town. However, one of the inhabitants of the town could not stand the impudence of the demon and called for help, for the complete destruction of his demon hunters. Now Sid will have to solve a lot of logical tasks to avoid unpleasant encounters with the hunters. And the trickster will get out of it fast, trust me.

The Talos Principle

The protagonist of this quest, with an obvious philosophical bent, is a cyborg who automatically turned on and came to life on the outskirts of planet Earth. Now he will have to solve about 120 interesting puzzles, in which you have to learn how to control lasers, distract flying drones and perform certain manipulations with time. Each puzzle can be solved in several ways. Throughout the game, the cyborg actively communicates with his developer and other robots.

Black Mirror

Most likely, the developers were inspired by the mystical works of Edgar Allan Lovecraft. An atmosphere of gloom, horror and panic is created, which is actively traced throughout the game. The storyline is 1926, David Gordon returns to Scotland, to his parents' home after his father committed suicide. Throughout his life, he has avoided the ancestral nest, where he has always been haunted by ghosts, vetting and nightmares. It is up to the protagonist, through a variety of puzzles and hints, to make sense of what is going on in the house and the reasons that contributed to the madness.

16 August 2021