Beautiful, gentle and strong... Women's images in games

Female characters in games have deservedly occupied their own individual niche. They have undergone a long transformation from the very first heroines, such as Lara Croft and Princess Pinch. At that hour, they were the only representatives of female characters in games. Today, girls in games amaze us with their naturalness, the combination of beauty and strength, resembling a real, real woman. Times when the main character was looking down from the screen with blank doll eyes, gone forever. It became common to play games where the girl is not an extra line or appendage of the male protagonist, but an equal and only protagonist of the game. Developers add to the female characters additional qualities, character and personality. That's why watching the main character is both interesting and enjoyable throughout the game. Female protagonists are gaining popularity and deserve respect, on a par with the male protagonists. They do not lag behind them, and in some cases, even deserve the palm. Playing for such beautiful heroines, we ourselves are trying to get closer to this ideal, to become better, gentler and more beautiful.
Set against the backdrop of ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War, the descendants of King Leonidas, mercenary sister and brother Cassandra and Alexios, save their people, fight and fight themselves. The main character participates in the battles with weapons that she inherited from her ancestors. With his help, the heroine gets a unique opportunity to fight her enemies. The plot of the game traces the conflict situation between the protagonist Cassandra and the secretive organization Cult of Space. This organization wants sole control of power throughout Greece. Before this conflict, Cassandra was organizing against the Order of the Ancients, on this basis she became famous as an early precursor to the Brotherhood of Assassins. Raised in Sparta, the protagonist was skilled in the use and handling of weapons from infancy. Her father helped her in this, while her mother was in charge of her education. Cassandra's childhood and adolescence were relatively peaceful. Her misfortune came in the form of the death of a priest whose death was blamed on her. After this, her father, according to the laws of Sparta, threw her off the Taighet cliff into the sea.

Cassandra was long considered dead. But the girl survived and left her hometown and forgot her family, becoming a mercenary and traveling the world. The protagonist has a reliable friend, this is Icarus the eagle. The eagle has been by the girl's side since early childhood and helps her in everything. This beautiful gentle female image will give unforgettable impressions to the player, will please the straight line of unyielding character and strength of spirit.

Isabelle (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Isabelle breathed new life into this game with her appearance. Although the previous version was very popular among players, but with the introduction of a new heroine has become a cult hit in recent years. Active, cheerful and helpful in everything Isabelle is involved in the game as a guide, she is necessary for all participants and residents of the settlement. This easy-going girl is never bored. Animal Crossing has been at the peak of popularity for many years, which can also be attributed to the great merit of Isabelle. Starting the game, you may think that the storyline is simply absent, but the gameplay is simply addictive. And here you are already a part of Animal Crossing reality and it is simply impossible to stop or tear yourself away. Isabelle left a bright mark in the souls of fans, with her compliant, malleable character, softness, giggling. Her pretty face, often glimpsed in the monitor, decorates and illuminates the game.

Yuna (Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X2)

Yuna, is a beautiful and quiet character who supports and encourages the team in everything. In the game Final Fantasy X, Yuna participates as one of the playable characters. According to the story line, she goes on a quest to defeat the monster Sina. In character, she is a kind and sincere girl, a true altruist. Yuna sees only the good in people, she is naive and trusting, putting the interests of those around her above her own. The girl brings all cases to the end, if she feels that it is her duty. In the hunt for Sina's monster, she is capable of sacrificing absolutely everything, ready to bear other people's problems and solve them.

In the game Final Fantasy X2, she already becomes the main character and hunts spheres, trying to solve their mysteries. In the second part, her character has changed slightly, although the essence of it remains the same. The basic traits, politeness and benevolence remain the same, but she shows more activity, healthy curiosity and playfulness. Yuna thinks for herself and can do something for herself personally, there is a pivot in her character. In solving problems the girl began to use cunning and imagination, does not welcome violence and resorts to it only in the last case. Has begun to resist and prevent people from using her, which positively affects the storyline of the game. There is a strong will and determination in Yuna. This is a very attractive female character. And her development during the games is interesting to watch.

The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3)

Boss is, simply without exaggeration, one of the best heroines in video game history. She is an incredibly beautiful and powerful character, convincing and intriguing at the same time. Thanks to this character, several storylines and twists are unfolded in the game. Boss, throughout the game keeps us in suspense, we don't know what to expect from her in the next moment. The rugged, cold beauty, the body covered in scars, it all looks attractive and draws extra attention to the character. The heroine is capable of ambiguous actions, and this intrigues us with renewed vigor. For example, she teaches her apprentice Snake how to defeat herself. This is such an ambiguous and interesting, multifaceted character. With her beauty, courage and risk-taking ability, Boss makes us forget about everything in the world except the plot of the video game.

Chloe Price (Life Is Strange)

Chloe Price, presents the image of young people in the modern world assembled from many facets. This is an ambiguous character with her own complicated, heart-wrenching story. It is this line that went to the hearts of the fans of the game and liked them. The creators of the game with the character of Chloe tried to touch upon current and pressing social issues. Considering and understanding the image of Chloe, we push many social boundaries and accept them. The player, acting in the game for the heroine, is free to make decisions, he always has a choice in front of him. And it is the choice of the style of play that determines the fate of many characters and the final game. In the image of Chloe, every young man will find a piece of himself, all her actions and deeds, the youth will take on hurrah. The beautiful image of a young pretty girl will entertain us, with it we will forget about everyday worries and plunge into Chloe's problems.

Ellie (The Last Of Us)

The main character of the game, Ellie, is the most ambiguous character, thanks to the fact that the creators of the game decided to make her non-traditional orientation. Ellie loves girls and demonstrates to players, scandalous same-sex kisses. If you ignore that and turn off the disturbing line for a bit, The Last Of Us, is a very touching game. It awakens feelings like compassion and love for one's fellow man. We sympathize with the main character Joel, who lost his daughter and still can't recover from such a blow of fate. The two main characters Ellie and Joel will come together in tandem. Will be able to reconcile with each other, understand and love. Their connection is striking in its depth of feeling. Ellie throughout the action of the game, will still remain a child, a little naive and trusting. Joel is capable of much to protect her from the harsh reality of the world around her.

02 November 2021