Exquisite projects of Chinese MMORPGs, which are catching in the beauty of the characters and the story

Magical Oriental fairy tale give us the creators of Chinese video games. Developers in China present us the highest quality projects, unique, exciting, unique in its oriental charm. Each of these games, which simply permeated the Asian culture, shows the mysterious world, so distant and unattainable. But with each gaming hour, this world is getting closer. We will be able to feel the direct participants, who take part in historical dramas or fantastic action Chinese masters. We are allowed to go deeper and try to understand the customs, traditions and manners, which are simply saturated Chinese projects. Feel like a real hero, a participant in historical, modern events, imbued with the wisdom of the East, harsh and complex. You will be difficult, but difficulties only harden your spirit. After all, there are a great number of projects, on which the Chinese developers are working.

Eternal Magic

In this striking fantasy, which is woven of battles and battles, where events develop with frantic dynamics and speed. At the beginning of the gameplay six representatives are placed in front of the player, they are the knight, archer, priest, mage, swordsman, and assassin. Each of these representatives has an individual, personal set of features and skills, thanks to which they can deal with the enemy and be successful in the art of combat. There are only five skills - specialization, base, passive skill and rune, and a trump card up your sleeve. They help pass the three levels of difficulty that await the player on the way to the finale. And it's all mixed in with side, extra tasks and challenges. The player will participate in duels and battles, large-scale battles. All tasks, from capturing the enemy's banner, to the maximum number of killed opponents, are extremely interesting and exciting completely.

Blood & Soul

The MMORPG genre rules! This game is just crawling with all sorts of evil things. Hell couldn't take all the demons in it, even it couldn't handle that kind of blackness. A portal was formed in it, through which ghosts, demons, evil souls went to heaven with great haste and speed. Why? What did they want to find there? Was it to appease their black souls? No, they were trying to escape the punishment that hell had prepared for them. To escape the eternal fire that day after day burned their bodies and souls. Heaven refused to accept these fallen creatures, so they went straight to earth. That's where the fun would be!

The lost dark souls began to destroy all life on earth. Players will have to take up weapons to expel these evil beings back to hell. The idea of the game is rather brutal, but still there are a lot of good and sincere motives. Characters fall in love and find life partners, get engaged and for this they are rewarded with different skills, that are necessary for the game and for fighting demons. Choosing a character you will play, it is necessary to take a good look at his skills and merits. For example, the warrior is simply obsessed with the idea of fighting, he has the ability to be in the hottest spots of the game. The warrior has a steel armor, and it can save him from imminent death hundreds, maybe thousands of times. A gunner under the cover of huntress Divona, she saves and protects him in battles and battles, develops his ability to shoot accurately and saves him from the blows of enemies. Magi is guarded by Agenon, and it is he to whom they turn for help to develop their proclivities. The ability to control, direct and command the natural elements and hidden energy. Arisphea organizes the protection of the bards. This lord of notes helps bards create melodies that help incapacitate enemies, inflicting irreparable damage and great losses. Well, as a bonus, the hero, as a reward for achievements, is given a mage elf, who follows his master everywhere and actively helps him. The path will be difficult, first prolonged pumping, then a long road filled with difficulties and search for his guild. But having found the guild, the player will find love and friends and loyal assistants. With this game you will spend your free time pleasantly, relax, gain confidence and courage.

Forsaken World

Beijing Perfect World has created a heartfelt project that has become world-famous. From the first minutes of the game in front of us unfolds, shimmering with all the colors of the fantasy world of Eyre. Those who created it, left this world forever, the player's task is to resist and save him. The player is given a choice of classes, there are ten of them. These are archers, and warriors, bards and defenders. As well as a variety of fantastic races that have their own history and fulfill their individual role in the game. There are dungeons in the game's storyline, each one differing from the previous one by increasing the difficulty. The player's goal is to lead a guild. Achieving success in this case, the player gets to receive a variety of special missions, interact with characters and items that were previously inaccessible. The game has war zones and peace zones, where you can not kill or shoot. Unfortunately, the project is only available in Russian on European servers. But what can stop an advanced gamer who decided to master this project.


MMORPG, fantasy game saw the light in 2016 thanks to the efforts of Chinese developers NetEase. The creators and Chinese writer Yang Ji have been working in tandem for ten years, and their efforts have not been wasted. The game has won fans and fans all over the world. The game world is divided into several areas where the story progresses. This land, underwater and aerial worlds. The player has to choose a race and class for himself. Each race or class has its own individual characteristics and abilities. Each race has its own destiny and its own path, which must be completed. The game reflects the non-target combat system, the game is varied thanks to a huge number of dungeons. Grand battles between clans are waiting for the player, he will take part in long sieges of fortresses, where enemies are hiding. It is also possible to take part in battles between servers.


We can't ignore this game, which has gained just knocking down popularity and celebrity. And all this thanks to the built-in blockchain technology, gamers are happy to receive cryptocurrency for achievements in the gameplay and they have the opportunity to withdraw it into their virtual wallets on the Internet. So this game in the MMORPG genre is not only fascinating, but also able to bring a tangible income to the player in the monetary equivalent. Storyline in the game in the spirit of other Chinese masterpieces dazzles clans, equipped with beautiful graphics, dynamic development of combats and events, all with a slight Asian accent. Also, the player is given the opportunity to show their activity from the usual fishing in the river or pond, to capturing enemies and siege of the fortresses.

24 July 2022