The computer games industry for the development of intelligence

Computer games have taken over all our free time and our children's time. We spend half of our lives at the computer. Here we rest and relax, have fun and learn new things. The bright picture has replaced many things in our daily lives. We can hardly imagine our existence without computer games and changing experiences.
It has long been known that virtual games are not only peerless and promising entertainment, but also primarily the development of attention, memory, logical thinking, learning new skills in management and regulation, working in a team and team, developing reaction speed, abstract thinking, intelligence. Without training and exertion our intellect declines, and the brain becomes lazy and clumsy, losing the ability to react quickly and think in extreme situations. Games for the development of various abilities of a man a lot, most often they are called learning and aimed at solving developmental puzzles and problems for logical thinking. Using these games, spending their free time for recreation, we quickly and productively make a better memory, train logic, develop intelligence

We collected for an overview of some types of games that we think are great to help achieve certain skills, develop spatial thinking, listening to music, strategy skills, tactics and creativity. These games are designed for those who want to gain knowledge, new skills, develop thinking apparatus and have fun. All of this can be combined, based on these games.

Games that study physics, develop logic and thinking outside the box

Contraption Maker

The game was released by Game Dev Castle in 2014. It's a beautiful puzzle game, simulation game, and casual game all in one. With the game you can quickly and effortlessly add to your knowledge of physics by learning it without real experiments, which are not always safe. Optics, electrical engineering and mechanics, all problems can be solved in virtual reality. And help in this cartoon, funny cats and hamsters, which is decorated game. Unusual and amusing puzzles will entertain and bring knowledge and help you learn more about the world of physics.

Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets

The game was released quite a long time ago, in 1993, but we recommend it as an excellent intelligence building game. Once you enter the gameplay and dive headfirst into the world of physics and logic, you will forget about the old graphics forever. With the help of unusual puzzles, you will be offered to solve a variety of tasks on the topics of physics. Electrical engineering, optics, magnetism, you will need a variety of knowledge in these areas. This will help you win the race, a variety of directions. Each subsequent race is more and more difficult, so the tasks and puzzles become more difficult. You will have to apply all your knowledge and acquire new ones to win in this game.


This fascinating puzzle game released in 2008, actively develops spatial thinking and logic. The game differs from many similar games, more intellectual overtones. If in similar spatial games you collect blocks of various shapes, in our game you have to collect a protein structure, while observing a list of rules. FoldIt, is not just a learning puzzle game. Based on this game, having learned all the game tasks, you can successfully cope in reality in the study and search for hitherto unknown structures of proteins. People at the moment cope with such tasks faster and better than computer special programs, and the game helps to understand and learn how proteins are organized and what they are made of. The game stands among the first, to develop intelligence and enrich knowledge.


Another puzzle collection for those who love spatial games. The first and second parts of the game released in 2007 and 2010, respectively, best develop thinking in space and logical thinking. The storyline of both game parts takes place in the fictional universe called Half-Life. Tasks and puzzles are solved with the help of some portals, through which the kinetic energy is gained and saved. Well, the sparkling humor and unforgettable funny jokes make the game more fun, quality and interesting.

Monument Valley. Monument Valley 2

These games are dedicated to all lovers of geometry and Escher. Released, respectively, in 2014 and 2017, the games are good for the development of skills in making unconventional decisions, the development of spatial thinking and logic. At the center of the game is a certain civilization, which considers geometry to be a sacred and most important science. Creative civilization creates extraordinary shapes, strange, sophisticated form, of these figures, the player must find the best way out. How you can use all the knowledge of geometry! That's where you will fully apply all the skills acquired in the passage of such spatial games.

Games that develop musical hearing


Similar gameplay in the quest genre, released in 1990, but such a period of release, does not affect the popularity and adequate learning, develop a musical ear, well restores attention and logic, replenishes knowledge of the English language. The player is presented with game tasks and puzzles, in which you have to play or repeat a musical melody. The player, who acts for the character, must actively interact with the application of music. The game's difficulty is divided into several sublevels, and it can be adjusted to suit your skills in the musical craft. For example, the easiest tasks, are accompanied on the screen by color cues and musical names. The most difficult level requires the player to memorize the tune simply by ear, without any cues of various kinds. Replays, given by the character and his short dialogues, will increase your vocabulary of English. Will help you learn and remember new foreign words, and the musical accompaniment as beautiful music by Tchaikovsky, unforgettable graphics, color scheme of the game, will make it memorable and necessary for both children and adults.

Games that develop strategy and management skills

Crusader Kings III

The game came out in 2020, well develops strategic skills, teaches planning and management. In ancient times, people knew only one game that develops strategic thinking, and that was chess. With the development of computer technology, learning strategy games got a boost and a huge breakthrough in development. In this game and all its predecessors, the character learns to manage the state, build it, to fight enemies, representing internal and external threats. As the state grows, the task becomes more difficult, problems simply pile up on the player, and they must all be solved, or the country will fall into decay. The need to make decisions, calculating moves for months or even years in advance, will make you a first-rate strategist. The player will learn to give up the benefits that are literally in the palm of his hand, relying on the prospect of getting rich in the global sense of the word, in the future.

Civilization VI

The game is a turn-based strategy game, slightly lighter than the previous game, released in 2016, and develops strategic thinking, planning, and management skills. The player creates and develops one of several suggested civilizations. The better a country develops and thrives, the more points the player gets and the closer he gets to winning the gameplay.

02 November 2021