Games in which you will be punished for your research and curiosity

A large number of game projects these days can be seen with elements of game world exploration. Open world in video games is now quite popular and in demand. After all, it allows the player to the game is not just plunge into the atmosphere of the fascinating history and visual design of the worlds invented by the developers. It also allows us to try on the role of a tireless explorer, whom the game is sure to reward valuable rewards or interesting game situations for showing curiosity. But there is also a category of game projects with the open world genre, which not only allows the player to go where he wants, do not limit the freedom of the character in the game world. The exploration of worlds in such games often carry unforeseen dangers, often equal to the reward for curiosity found in that place. After all, what can go wrong when you are in pursuit of treasure, getting into an unexplored place, teeming with deadly traps or ambushed by cunning and bloodthirsty monsters?

Metro Exodus

This game project is primarily attended by a survival element in a post-apocalyptic world. Not only do you need to monitor your character's health and not die from a lack of oxygen in the gas mask cylinders, but the game also complicates the gameplay by setting various bloodthirsty monsters against the player. A game where you'll want to explore every unexplored corner of the game world. After all, not everywhere has such a colorful and detailed world in an era of ruined human civilization and conveniences that we are all so accustomed to. It's not uncommon to find out and see what lurks in yet another alleyway of a once vibrant and crowded city. Learn the history of the fall of the place and find something useful for your survival. But don't think that exploring the world is quite easy. It's not enough that danger awaits you at every turn, and it's not always possible to find ammo for your weapons. Forcing the player to explore the world more carefully, because if you remain defenseless, you will not live long. Any mistake can cost you disastrous consequences. The locations in Metro Exodus are very detailed and beautifully made, but don't be fooled by attractive views and landscapes in vain, no one can tell you for sure what danger is waiting for you there.

Dark Souls game series

Quite a popular and interesting game by the Japanese developers, which will not only fascinate you with its atmosphere and find interesting game situations, but also make you explore the once thriving medieval fantasy world during its fall. The character we will play as is not that strong, not even having a weapon in hand to protect his own skin he is forced to explore the dark almost impassable territories. But it's not all that easy. You never know in advance when you will get into the next ambush of your enemies, chasing a valuable and simply necessary for you treasure.
Tricky traps will force you to check your every move, and dangerous and ruthless opponents will trap you more than once. To get through all these difficulties, you will have to get used to, and rely only on yourself. Becoming stronger and finding the right weapons, you will be able to fight back any enemy. The world of the game is interesting and mysterious. It bribes the player to explore each location in detail. Some locations will be dark and confusing, it will be quite hard to find something in them. But if you don't take the risk, how do you defeat the mighty bosses waiting for you at the end of the locations. Our character's path will be full of danger and pain. In any case, these difficulties will not prevent you from enjoying this beautiful game world, exploring the dangerous dark labyrinths of dungeons or the huge majestic castle of the fallen king of the forgotten kingdom.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Quite a curious game in the genre of the Middle Ages in the open world. Many players are attracted to this game project by its history of the game world. The video game has a pretty realistic gameplay with its interesting features. In it you will have to explore a huge game world in the era of the Middle Ages. The protagonist at the beginning of the game will not be an outstanding fighter, and to somehow survive in this harsh world. You will have to gain experience by running errands for familiar and new characters. Each of them has its own interesting storyline. Taking their jobs you will not once have to wander through a beautiful and interesting game world. But where without difficulties and troubles on the way. After all, every robber can cherry on your already empty wallet. Even walking on a perfectly safe at first glance path you can find a fallen tree on the way and hear the rustle of leaves nearby.
And here you have to decide for yourself what to do. The game has quite an interesting combat system based on swordsmanship. Do you have enough experience in combat against several thugs at once? Or is it better to just run away, leaving your horse and valuables to the cheeky bandits? But the main character on his journey can meet not only the goons, but also wandering knights. Who pose a really serious threat. You'll have to prepare well for the meeting with them. Learn to sword and be able to correctly assess the situation during combat. No one can be sure who we will meet on the road in this huge and fascinating game world. Sometimes you can find a precious treasure, and sometimes you can run into a bandit camp hidden in the dense trees.
Many dangers can be encountered along the way. But doesn't it fuel curiosity, forcing you to explore every corner of the forest, hoping to find something interesting. Not only do you have to get stronger in order to adapt as quickly as possible. So you'll also need to make sure that your main character doesn't starve to death or pass out from fatigue. In combat, neglecting this will be your fatal mistake. After all, going deep into the woods without taking provisions with you, you may not come out of it at all.
Also do not forget about the attitude of those around you. If you neglect their kindness, it will be much more difficult to move around the world. They will refuse to trade with you or refuse to talk to you at all. During your travels, you will meet many interesting events and people. Your interest will be fueled by the fact that your curiosity will always be rewarded with interesting game events or no less valuable finds on the way. Thinking that the more you walk around the game world, the stronger you will become and the easier it will become to pass the different corners of the map, then it is better not to relax. Enemies can fight back by surrounding you and not giving you a chance to escape if you don't have time to react. No one is going to make life easy for you in this game. Any mistake you make will immediately cost you and you'll be punished. Only the most careful and tenacious will be able to withstand such dangers and challenges. And this is definitely one of the greatest strengths of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

13 April 2022