Games in which the gamer participates in space strategies and controls spacecraft

Created quite a few interesting games in which the player can present themselves in the place of the famous travelers to plow the open spaces of the seas, to engage in battles with notorious bandits, fighting on the battlefield, going back in time to the most famous and extensive wars. Want to feel like a superhero and save the world? You are welcome! This will help modern video games. Great popularity is currently gaining games where the player can travel to outer space, admiring the vast interstellar space, to open up new stars and even galaxies, to manage a huge spaceship, to develop and improve their technology. Quite difficult to imagine a game about travel and adventure in space, not having a spaceship, and not driving it. This unit in these games is not only a means of movement and the maximum destruction of the enemy, but also equipment that can be improved and upgraded, developing its capabilities in the course of the game. The more the player improves his vehicle, the more successful and faster he will get to the successful finale of the game. So, through thorns to the stars! We have selected some of the most successful projects, in which the player does not just travel and fight between the stars, but also has to apply all his natural engineering abilities to develop and improve your unit at the highest level.

Star Conflict

The game was released by the developers of the company Gaijin Entertainment and has earned a reputation as a truly strong project. The creators offer the gamer to take part in intergalactic battles, sitting at the controls of a spaceship. You will be plunged into the battles that amaze with the dynamism of the storyline. Events unfold with great speed, and the player will have to make every effort to adequately respond to the changing battles against robots and living opponents. This game takes place online and in session format, the player will be able to travel without restriction in a completely open world. The game graphics will amaze you with the beauty, brightness and richness of the picture. Management will not be a big difficulty, although the session online game is presented in 3D. The player has access to a large selection of aircraft that can be optimally improved. You can see and download the online project on the website Gaijin. The game is fully immersed in a storyline, offering the player to take part in new and interesting adventures and travels. Will not be bored, because there is a need for constant improvement of his unit.

No Man's Sky

In the game No Man's Sky we are invited to take part in a real sci-fi project about survival in outer space. The open world of the universe, the player needs to thoroughly explore. But it should be remembered that each new planet and terrain that you will discover with your spaceship, carries a hidden threat, as well as everything unexplored. The nature of alien, unfamiliar planets can harbor dangers. Players will travel in their units, making huge jumps in space, at supersonic speeds, skillfully upgrading their equipment, bringing the spaceship to a modern, perfect state. All aircraft of the game are divided into several divisions, according to their features and abilities. There will be combat vehicles (fighters), work vehicles (tractors, shuttles) and unique alien units. The game is dedicated to all fans of space fiction. You will need to put a lot of effort and adequately apply your own abilities and skills to successfully pass this game to the final, and win an undeniable victory.

Entropia Universe

In this sandbox game, you will be able to use all the entertainment offered. You will have to fight monster-like monsters and other enemies, where you have to use cunning and martial arts tactics. But battles are not the main thing in this sandbox game. It is also necessary to skillfully and cleverly navigate spaceships between planets, carry cargo, weapons and food. Piracy is fully encouraged in the game, the player can capture and loot alien ships. But the main feature of the game, is the development of a real tough economy. The currency, which goes and is used by players within the game, is firmly tied to the U.S. dollar. In this game there is an opportunity to earn, because the exchange is carried out in both directions. Players who have success in game strategy, can make a decent profit.

Star Ghosts

Star Ghosts, is a project in which developers from Russia have made every effort to create a game on the theme of Space Rangers. The game's interface, the design of the ships, is very reminiscent of the work of Elemental Games. Players will be able to move through a vast universe on their spaceships, engage in battles with other players or inanimate opponents, robots. The gamer will have to improve his spaceship all the time, perform various tasks, take part in quests, get resources and arrange trade with other players. Graphics of the game is simply beautiful, it accurately conveys the beauty of Space, unfamiliar planets and alien, unfamiliar nature.

Evochron Mercenary

The game is about adventures on other planets and in outer space. The player finds himself in a space world with free movement and decision-making mode. The gamer begins to play as the main character, it is he who has to make the decisions on which directly depends on the outcome of the game. The main character is free to do anything, travel from planet to planet, trade, win honorary positions and awards, while conducting successful military operations. The whole world in front of the players, the game gives us the opportunity to feel his master. We only need to apply all their abilities and skills. At the beginning of the gameplay, we are introduced to the rules of the game and issue a starship, which we must all the time to improve and promote. To the aircraft, you can attach different parts and modules, which will have a positive impact on its characteristics as a whole. The equipment is upgraded and begins to perform additional functions. The spaceship will be able to gain additional abilities, to perform the steepest turns, to fly farther distances. The player, advancing through the game more and more, can explore more distant spaces, build huge and small space stations.

13 June 2022