Games in which the philosophy of the fictional world makes you think

Most modern video games are created with an emphasis on interesting gameplay and exploration of the game world. Arousing an interest in the game player to explore the world and his own development of his game character. Some games catch the plot and great visuals. But there are games, the original purpose of which is quite different. Namely - to make the player to think about this or that issue from a philosophical perspective, looking at this or that game. The in-game fictional world of such a video game encourages us to look for some kind of meaning or hidden significance in it. It can be a dark, ordeal-filled world, or it can be a visually vivid one with a hidden subtext. You'll never know what's going on in these interesting worlds without examining it to the holes. After all, a really strong interest in the fictional world will be observed when you get into its stunning places and begin to empathize with the characters of the game.

This war of mine

A rather grim and serious game whose main theme was the idea of human survival during an armed conflict in modern times. In this game, the fictional world is represented by parts of a small town, subject to constant shelling by soldiers. A lot of things in this game make you think about war and its consequences, unforgivable mistakes and hard fateful decisions. After all, the lives of the people around you, the same unfortunate inhabitants of this ruined city, just like you, depend on how you will behave in the game.
The main feature of this game is that you are not managing the single character, but a small group of people. And despite the fact that it is dangerous to trust others in such a time, they still found the understanding that it is harder to survive alone here. Taking care of each other in this unfriendly world is necessary. After all, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Every day becomes a challenge for you. You vitally need to send one of your men on risky sorties every night. Medication is needed if someone gets sick, food is forever needed. You can't leave your home unattended, either. It must be improved, looking for building materials in different parts of the city. Holes left unclosed in the house contribute to the fact that you can easily be visited by burglars or simply miss the cold in the shelter.
And that's where you're going to have a hard time. The characters may be able to repel a raid, but no one can say for sure that everyone will remain unharmed. And in the add-on that came out a little later, they added children, who also need to be taken care of. They can not go out, in a shelter they are of little use. But not to abandon them to their fate at such a difficult time?
The problems raised in this beautiful game of wartime horror are the survival of urban dwellers in a time of devastation and a crisis of food and medicine under the constant pressure of armed conflict.

Mass Effect series of games

One of the most famous and popular space action franchises. You are not a simple soldier, but the real captain of a spaceship. Your goal in the game is to eliminate the serious threat of extermination of most races. To destroy your enemies you will have to assemble your team, because it is impossible to cope with such a task alone.
The game world is not only our planet - Earth, where people live. In this game there are also other intergalactic races that come from other planets with their own peculiarities of life in it. Interacting with the characters and solving their problems, our decisions will depend on their future fate. But our main goal will be the dedication of all of himself to save the game world from the initially unknown universal evil that threatens to destroy all organic life in the galaxy.
In the fictional world of Mass Effect there is an organization that puts the interests of members of the human race too high, thus putting the whole galaxy at risk and neglecting its interests. The Council is a kind of organization that some races cannot enter. Some of the characters are negative about the decision of protagonist Shepard when he adds aliens to his crew for the ship. There is even some Turian alien nomadic people, who are not welcome and do not want to be accepted on the space stations, and the representatives of this race are avoided and treated very prejudicially. The theme of racism raised in the game gives us something to think about. A complete understanding of the game world forces us to look for the necessary answers to our questions. After all, to take down a powerful and dangerous enemy, even one race is not enough. Only by joining together will all races be able to confront a threat of universal proportions.

Spec Ops: The Line

Another video game about war and military conflicts. Although the game is a shooter, it also has an underlying meaning that embellishes the artificial game world. It will allow us to delve into the rightness of a fateful decision during a time of war. We take control of our own hands we are a soldier of the special unit "Delta". Which by sheer coincidence finds itself embroiled in a conflict. In which the rebel battalion of the United States Army takes part.
The action of the game world is the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This city has become a real disaster zone, resulting in a massive series of sandstorms that devastate it. The game touches upon such aspects as betrayal and of course uncertainty of what you have done right during your mission. In the course of the game you will take more than one decision, which will certainly remind you of itself one or the other consequences. After all, you will have to take orders from your superiors almost blindly, making the toughest moral decisions.
Eventually you will even start to fight against your own people, because not everything is as simple as it seemed at first glance. Later on, it turns out that your employers, whom you thought were your allies, are to blame. After all, the terrible things that happen throughout the game, it turns out to be the result of their efforts. And then the heroes of the squad wonder. Were their efforts worth it? Confidence in the correctness of the orders given to them begins to evaporate. And they will realize what they have done, but it is unlikely that anything can be undone
We will have to see the horrors of war with our own eyes, taking the members of the special unit through the sunlit sands. Find out their future fate after the treacherous betrayal and atrocities that took place before their eyes. Find the answer to the question who can be trusted and how valuable a human life is. Should we blame the main characters of the special unit "Delta"? After all, they were just pawns of those who stand above. Will they be able to survive in such a nightmare, without destroying their old ideals and confidence in their own rightness.

11 April 2022