Games with extraordinary gameplay and their impact on the world

In today's world, computer games occupy a huge niche. Year by year, the gaming industry increases its pace and produces the latest, high level and quality products. Developed and implemented in the gameplay quality, very expensive special effects. Therefore, the games can compete with the popular blockbusters, which produces Hollywood, in terms of effectiveness and price. In the new gameplay are introduced techniques and developments that turn the game world, forcing a new look at it. We've picked up a few games with unique gameplay that we think have had a huge impact on the world around them and on the development of the gaming industry as a whole. With the help of these legendary offspring, a huge step forward has been made. Many will find in this list their favorite games, the ones to which one wants to return from time to time. They do not get bored, and vice versa cause a heightened interest among gamers.

Resident Evil

This more than successful project came out in 1996. It turned the gaming industry and gave it a huge boost forward, became the founder of the Survival Horror genre. At the moment it is one of the most famous and popular genre. In Resident Evil, introduced new rules and features of the game, so the interest to it jumped up to the sky. From the combat arsenal, was drastically reduced stock of ammunition and useful items. As a consequence of this innovation, the player is forced to think carefully about every step and every bullet fired. Random shooting is no longer possible, the developers forced the player to think and make alternative decisions. If you have to save your ammo, you can use another weapon, such as a stick. The player is limited in the use of first aid kit, you have to treat it with care. Because of these innovations, a meeting with the enemy is a great shake-up, causes a rush of adrenaline in the blood. The game design and atmosphere are sustained in dusky, gloomy and dark tones. The music puts pressure on the psyche, makes you think and be on your guard. The sound effects are of the highest level, they do not allow the player to relax, frighten and pressurize, causing all-consuming fear.

Metal Gear Solid

This is the story of a game whose creators found an interesting and creative approach to gameplay, making it out of the box. Metal Gear Solid appeared in 1998. The developers, conducting the storyline, made every effort to make the gameplay more meaningful. It's not stupid endless killing, and meaningful planning your steps and actions. You have to be careful here, bypass the patrol and security checkpoints. After all, they can react to you, not only in time to see you, but also by the noise produced, the sound of footsteps. There is also such a function of the hero, it is an inspection of the territory, looking out from behind the coal. You can assess the situation, while remaining unnoticed. Adding a variety of chips in the gameplay, the developers have made the project more interesting and exciting. It became simply impossible to tear yourself away from it. Many successful details, passed for eternity, in other gameplay, decorating them.

Magicka / Magicka 2

"Magicka" has long gained its fame, thanks to its unique gameplay. Yes, yes playing it is insanely interesting. The player takes on the ability to control magic and become one of the magicians. Wizards organize a variety of occult rituals, achieving a particular goal. Depending on the situation. But the developers have treated the mental abilities of the player with respect, and forced to think. There are no ready-made spells, they must be created with your own hands, combining the gifts of nature and effects. The selection of components must be carefully thought out when selecting, so that they interact with each other normally. Otherwise, the magician himself can cause great harm to himself and be rewarded with a virtual death. If the wizard mixes water and lightning, he can be struck to death by his own spells.

L.A. Noire

This excellent and interesting game is known to almost everyone who at least a few times played games. The detective project has raised this genre to a new, high level. The player here takes part in a car race, actively chases criminals on foot and on the run, participates in terrific fights and terrible, tough shootouts. Bored player will not have, the dynamics of events occurs lightning fast. But the most interesting thing in the project is a thorough search for clues, exposure of criminals, interviewing witnesses and suspects in the crime. When searching for evidence, you can see the smallest details, everything is drawn very carefully. And when you find even the smallest clue that can help solve the crime, you feel like Sherlock Holmes. Leading an interrogation line, you can choose three levels of questioning. Truth, lie, doubt - you need to make the right choice between them. Choosing the wrong direction to talk will count as a small defeat for you, but if the mistakes pile up, the interrogation will simply fail. You'll have to start all over again, and for this, we advise you to build up your interrogation tactics. The game has interesting graphics and facial animations. When interviewing witnesses or suspects, you can use the facial expressions of the interviewee to see if he is telling the truth or lying.

Her story

The game is another detective story, it surprises with its unusual gameplay. The storyline is based on the story of a girl whose husband was murdered. The game consists of sequentially watching videos of witness interviews. The player acts for the guardian of the law, who needs to find and catch the culprit. Do it from the police station, time after time looking through the records and finding inconsistencies that arouse suspicion. In the search engine the player enters the "key words" and conducts a search activity. The game is very interesting, you just can not get away from it. The player plunges completely into the investigation of a crime and tries to find inconsistencies. Hints and help in the game no, have to sort it out yourself. But it is necessary to be more attentive and careful, because the wrong entry or witness testimony can send the police on a false trail. The player should rely on his intuition and by trial and error to assemble the puzzle into a beautiful and accurate picture of the crime.

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason

This game is simply impossible not to mention, thanks to the very interesting gameplay chips. The storyline takes place aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker called "North Wind". The icebreaker was lost in the ice many years ago and stands completely frozen among the white blocks of ice. The source of heat, this is the most important and important thing in the game. The very essence and mechanics of the gameplay is the desire for warmth. The player, quite literally, is simply fighting for a piece of heat. To do this, the gameplay provides the player with weapons, go ahead and fight. The protagonist is endowed with extraordinary abilities and can penetrate the memories of long dead people who have traveled on this icebreaker. As a result, a whole drama unfolds. The hero fights with his own thoughts, penetrating the burdensome memories of dead people.

Experienced players and fans of video games, every year it is more and more difficult to surprise. But any project will refresh and add novelty fascinating and dynamic gameplay. Great storyline and extraordinary atmosphere in the game, make it more attractive. But without exciting gaming action, the project won't gain popularity, and the developers are constantly working on it.

27 December 2021