Object search games with a fascinating plot

Search for items - a favorite game of those who enjoy spending hours at the monitors, looking for a given thing. But low-quality graphics and a mediocre product can spoil your mood. To prevent this from happening and the game brings pleasure, we offer a selection of the most colorful, bright and entertaining puzzles for all tastes for adults and children.

Hidden Folks

The first game that opens the list of the most interesting games in search of objects is the fascinating indie game Hidden Folks. Stylish graphics, bright colors, it is impossible to take your eyes away from the hand-drawn design of the game. It literally draws in the user, and offers to find objects of different sizes: large, small, tiny, including reptiles, birds, insects.
Success awaits only the player who manages to adjust the sharpness of his eyesight and attentiveness to find the riddle. It is noteworthy that the user will be asked to interact with each of the found objects in the story.

The locations are varied, including the simplest interior views, jungles, factories, and factories, where there are countless objects that distract the player.

Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story

It is surprising for some, but among the fans of the horror genre, there are also those who do not mind entertaining themselves by searching for given objects in a huge pile of other objects. The average player will find Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story gloomy, but not those who adore twilight and darkness.
The grim clown around whom the game's plot is built bears some resemblance to Pennywise, the clown we met in King's not-so-famous novel It. Everything in this game is grim: the locations, the hero, the items to be found. The most "picturesque" places are cemeteries, abandoned factories, houses, broken amusement rides, and so on.

Horror lovers will have to solve the most difficult puzzles and find the most far hidden objects in the rays of darkness and cold.

Artiflex Mundi

Developer Artiflex Mundi offers another product already known to fans - Eventide: Slavic Fable. Good stories and interesting plot are the "end" of Polish game producers.

The most fantastic detectives may pale on the background of this company's products. This game unfolds around the fight against a dark demon, a sinister creature named Boruta, who has no place in the world of good and light, the goal is to send him back into darkness.
In parallel with the search for items, you should learn how to brew a potion of flowers, leaves, adding plants and herbs there. The game involves interesting techniques, fascinating gameplay mechanics and a terrific story that literally mesmerizes the user, who is unlikely to be distracted during the first hours of the game.

Under Leaves

Insanely colorful and bright graphics in another game, which undoubtedly falls into the list of the most interesting - Under Leaves. The entire story and everything the player can encounter in it is hand-drawn in watercolor paint.

Incredibly bright tones and rich colors of objects, beautifully filed forest-like locations that are overflowing with shades of green. Every detail, every blade of grass - everything is accurately outlined by the artist, which can not help but encourage you to consider all this beauty, and perform the simplest task - to find a carefully hidden object.
Tasks, by the way, the user will receive from the animals, which he will meet in this fabulously beautiful forest. The player is sure to appreciate the graphics of this game and will long be carried away by the interesting story, and the beautiful picture will involuntarily bring pleasure even to the most inactive user.

Space Legends: Atthe Edge of the Universe

The story of Elizabeth Campton, an explorer of the secret corners of the universe, is what lies at the heart of the plot. The user will be able to feel the heroine of SpaceLegends: Atthe Edge of the Universe, which surprises even the most experienced players with its graphics and fantastic space design.
You can see some steampunk notes in the design. You won't be bored - the game is built around the most interesting sci-fi covenants, and computer game lovers will have no choice but to plunge headfirst into the world of an interesting plot and breathtaking graphics.

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart is the dream of every boy, who as a child wanted to visit the ship of real pirates. And the ship of the dead? How do you like the plot?

This game is the embodiment of the most successful and unsurpassed ideas of the pirate world. Graphic design just draws the eye, every detail - sophisticated elaboration of artists and designers, where even the gloomy colors and creepy pirates do not scare away, but only call to join the exciting search for hidden treasure.
Built-in mahjong, which distracts and relaxes the gamer, is a feature of Nightmares from the Deep if he is tired of monotonously looking through tons of treasures in search of the right object.

The Enigmatis Collection: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, The Mists of Ravenwood, and The Shadow of Karkhala

Three versions of different games are included in one big compilation called The Enigmatis Collection: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, The Mists of Ravenwood, and The Shadow of Karkhala. Once the user sits down for the story, it is guaranteed that nothing can distract him until he has completed all the quests.

Throughout the game, you can not only train your attention and concentration, but also enjoy the successful work of the designers - the graphics are on par.
The plot is built on the search for clues to the mysteries of the three story campaigns, along with the need to find the most carefully hidden objects, to build the most complex puzzles. Tasks - a lot, and impressions - a lot!

New York Mysteries: High Voltage

New York Mysteries: High Voltage is an unsurpassed entourage that could be found in the 1950s America. A young female detective is the protagonist of the story, her main task is to solve mysteries.

Throughout the game she will try to get to the bottom of the old SingSing prison, where mass murders took place, the circumstances of which remain unclear. A huge number of puzzles, challenges and riddles that only the most attentive and intelligent can solve.
The story is presented in an interesting way, the plot captures its uniqueness. Old New York - nostalgia, which you want to plunge into, despite the rather complex puzzles of the game. The player is sure to linger here for a long time!

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

Two twin sisters and their unrequited love are the plot of Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, which takes the silver in our selection of the best object search games. The player won't be alone - he will be accompanied by the cutest kitty, who will act as a helper, he will advise how to pass the most difficult puzzles and solve the most difficult riddles.
Just a few hours will take the user to plunge into a fabulous world of amazing things, where he will meet the mysteries of the twin sisters, and uncover the main secret - who the stranger who visited the town of Ravenbrook.


The object search in Morphopolis is so unusual that it has raised it to the first line of the list of the most fascinating sites for fans of object search. The artwork in this game is memorable for its abstraction and bright colors.
The main difference is the difficulty, which is an order of magnitude higher than similar games of this genre. There are some moments that intertwine with the games already mentioned above, because here the plot unfolds also around the world of flora. The dynamic scenario along with the unhurried flow of the game is what will draw you to your computer monitor for a few hours.

31 March 2021