Games based on the plot of the movie "Brother"

The film "Brother" has taken its definite niche in the development of the culture of the Russian people. But still, it is more than just an ordinary movie that tells what was going on in Russia in the nineties. Its grand appearance was like fireworks or fireworks. It drew everyone's attention to the problems of the time, showed the life of millions of Russians and the devastation and poverty that reigned around them. People poured into theaters, movie halls could not take so many people, the film distribution fully paid for itself. The developers have tried to fully try to benefit from such a popular and successful franchise Alexei Balabanov. Based on the successful experience of Western colleagues, who have created gaming sequels to successful projects such as "Die Hard", "Star Wars", it was decided to release the game "Brother-2. Return to America" and "Brother-2. Danila Returns." Fans appreciated the domestic gameplay of these landmark creations of the developers. Impressions and emotions simply had no limits. The game became the logical conclusion of the film "Brother-2", and the result is a high-quality stealth action game that will delight players for many years and will never go out of style.

Project - Brother 2. Back to America. Plot, mechanics, gameplay, game graphics

The game was released in 2000, which pleasantly surprised fans is the ability to follow the fate of the main character further, after the final film. The story of Danila Bagrov, found its continuation, we learn what he was doing and how Danila lived after the known events, which were told in the film. The storyline is as follows, Danila returns to America in search of his good-for-nothing brother Victor. He is missing again and the younger brother goes to find him and rescue him. The antagonist and main villain of the game is Richard Mannis, a character plucked from the second part of the movie. The main character, the legendary Danila, has had his appearance and character slightly altered. In the virtual world, he is already shooting indiscriminately in all directions. Unreasonable noise can attract the attention of enemies, and there is a lot of them in the game, so you need to be careful and act quietly.
The developers completely abandoned the bloody scenes. And it looks really unusual in some places. For example, Danila in one scene chops his enemies' heads with a weapon like a long curved knife. The heads fly in different directions, but not a drop of blood is spilled, as if he is wielding some fantastic weapon. The game starts off exactly where the second part of the sequel ended. Richard Mannis, after meeting Danila only once hunted even more, but he does not calm down. He is the one who kidnaps the main character's brother. That it would be more difficult to find him, he mixes up the traces and changes his last name. But Danila is not so easy to fool and fool around. He packs up his uncomplicated belongings and heads to America for a showdown. America, shiver!
Throughout the gameplay, the protagonist wanders through undiscovered warehouses, old mansions, American ghetto neighborhoods, clubs, and hotspots. In all these places he tries to locate his brother, but he finds him in Richard Mannis' office. The antagonist wasn't even hiding, but sitting quietly in his office. Danila walked around half of America, and the desired thing was right in front of him. At the very beginning of the game, for protection and reprisal against his enemies, the hero receives a saber. In the movie Danila coolly chopped heads off his shoulders, here he will do the same. There is no blood, and to reduce the heat of violence, the developers added some interesting mechanics, where the heads fly off even before the saber touches them. The enemies are falling down just in layers. Also the developers didn't provide the health control strip and medkits, that help to return to the life or get cured. So the gamer playing for Danilu needs to be on his guard. If the enemy comes from behind and shoots him in the unprotected back, he will be killed, and everything goes back to the beginning of the game.
The developers, creating the basic mechanics of the game, tried to teach us lesson after lesson. For example, complex locations, numerous enemies and difficult tasks they give us to understand that justice is not enough in this world. What a life experience! Get used to it slowly. Another feature of the game, is that the authors are trying to push the player to unusual choices and creative solutions. The antagonist is faced with a closed door, how to get behind it, make it open if there is no way around. The hero is asked to find an unusual solution. If he throws the phone on the floor near the door, it will ring after a while and the guard will open the door out of curiosity. After that, it's a matter of technique to break in. By the way, the authors, have not lost sight of Danila's love of music, he has a player in his arsenal, and the player at any time can enjoy his favorite songs of the protagonist. In terms of graphics, this is, in my opinion, the best game of the two thousandth year. Against the background of other projects, the game Brother 2 looks like a real masterpiece of technology.
The developers have paid great attention to the smallest details of the gameplay. Therefore, players can enjoy plunging into a reliable and realistic world of the turbulent nineties. In the West, the game has not found the same demand as we have in Russia. Whether this is just plain capitalist nastiness or a difference in mentality is up to us to decide. What we do know is that it is an ode, a hit of the nineties. Immersing ourselves in the game's gameplay, we experience one hundred percent pleasure and enjoyment.

Project - "Brother 2: Danila Returns"

The game is a two-dimensional platform-based action game, the hero must pass level after level, on the way defeating enemies and opponents. Unfortunately, the game was developed and released as an attribute of the button Java phones. At the beginning of two-thousandth years, personal computers had only a few, so the main emphasis was made on the project for phones. The lack of computer hardware and smart phones, of course, had a negative impact on the popularity of the game, but still it has some zest. The gameplay, graphics and storyline in the game "Brother 2: Danila Returns" is much cooler, more noticeable and memorable than in its predecessor.
The storyline is as close as possible to the story told in the cult film. Because of this, the story is informative and interesting, the graphics is full of juicy colors and colorful views, and the picture itself looks incredibly appealing. The gameplay does not let the player get bored, all the time, prompting him to make unusual, creative decisions, make choices and solve tactical problems. Enemies in the game are very insidious and unpredictable, they like attack tactics from behind, and when you start shooting at them, they are very clever and sly hiding behind various hideouts. But if the player shows wit and stamina, all the enemies will be defeated, and will be left lying on the ground, bleeding colorfully. Yeah, well, in those days playing Daniel's Return was very interesting, not to get bored, unfortunately, at this point the game is only a pleasant memory. Sadly, the only people who can play it are owners of old, ancient Java phones.

13 June 2022