Games that broaden the mind

Everyone, regardless of age and gender, profession and preferences, at least once tried to play computer games. And even among those who carefully plan their time and are not ready to spend it on "empty" toys at the monitor, asked themselves the question "And what is useful in a game, and is it at least a small benefit". The answer is simple - definitely, and if you choose the right game, it will not only be a hobby or entertainment, but also an excellent intellectual training for the brain and stimulate its development. And what games then choose to meet such requirements - in our article, where we collected a list of games that expand the mind.

Sid Meier's Civilization Series

A well-known game among gamers, which has become popular among similar strategy projects. It leads the user into the world of history, geography, and helps to learn the languages spoken by the characters in the pure language. Such a global strategy involves a step-by-step passage, where the main task will be to create their own empire, designed to become great and powerful. Not everything is easy: the player will have to withstand the most difficult battles, endure natural disasters and live like this for millennia. Development of the state will begin with the beginning of history - the user will meet the era of the Stone Age. Declaration of war to the most famous leaders of times and peoples, modernization of the economy up to the technocratic era, strengthening the military power to protect your own state - all this will be up to the player.
It's not easy, not at all easy to pass all the tests, because the political situation will be influenced by one ruler or another, his intentions and mood will depend on the fate of the people. Cities will grow, people will migrate, more and more places will need to be developed to develop the state, which means there will be battles and wars for land and dominance. Protecting borders is the most important job that awaits the creator. You can play both in single player mode and in network play, involving your friends and completing different scenarios with them. If you're a fan of strategy and want to expand your horizons in the field of geography and history - welcome to Civilization. Victory is sure to come if the empire is powerful and strong, and you have to build it from scratch and choose only the right, historically profitable path.

Europa Universalis II

The plot of the game unfolds in the present. There is no need to hurry, be nimble and fast, as the game can be paused at any time. Locations are represented by a schematically depicted world map, which is divided into more than 1500 units, representing maritime and land provinces. The action unfolds during the 15th-18th century, and the player can choose which country he will take from among those that existed in that time period. They were about two hundred at the time. The user will have to become the head of the chosen state, and be responsible for the formation of the army, its power, border protection, fleets, their management, economic development, diplomatic negotiations, innovations in the technological process, domestic politics, religion, colonization of new territories and so on.

Particular attention in the game is given to diplomatic negotiations and the development of foreign policy cooperation: are allowed to enter into treaties for joint cooperation with other states, enter into alliances, leave them, make international treaties, peace, arrange the succession to the throne and all that could be in the state of the time. The development of commerce and the guarantee of independence should not be overlooked by those who took it upon themselves to build their state. Well, who knows, maybe a user of such a game will cause a desire to become a diplomat or "escape" into the political realm?

Seterra Online

A game that will help improve your knowledge of geography by studying Russia and the whole world. The project is so fascinating and unusual that the user does not even notice how quickly and easily he learns new information, successfully expanding his horizons. The game is recognized as an educational geographic product for easy teaching the names of countries, capitals, the study of the oceans and rivers, seas and lakes, flags of states. All of this is made possible in one game through simple exercises and the use of outline computer maps. The game is designed and introduced in back in 1997, but remains popular and useful even today. It has been translated into 40 languages, its main army of fans is people of different ages, from children who play together with their parents to elderly users. Seterra Online makes it simple and easy to learn about our world.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

The grim and yet unique atmosphere that prevails in the game throughout the six crimes. The user will not only have to masterfully learn how to apply his logic, but also improve his English skills. In-game communication is the most important part of the gameplay, where the player is encouraged to use all 14 phenomenal skills of the world's most famous detective. Build a portrait of a person, interrogate witnesses, build a logical chain and there it is - the crime seems solved, but no: the whole theory crumbles in a moment, and you have to work all over again to get to the truth. This game is a great opportunity to train your attention, develop logic, learn to distinguish the truth from the lies and solve the most insidious crimes.

Art challenge

You do not need to be a big fan of world painting, but for general development and self-development the ability to distinguish Picasso's work from Aivazovsky's will always be a sign of high education and a broad outlook. You can't be born with this kind of knowledge, so you need to develop it, and you can do it without leaving your gadget. Installing Art challenge game on your smartphone, you can usefully spend your time in the subway or in traffic jams, studying the paintings of great artists known around the world. The game has a very nice design, user-friendly interface, 8 sections, which include the most famous artists of different genres, eras and countries. Test your knowledge and learn new things in an interesting and fascinating game, answering its questions, developing and improving!
Try to play the games we offer, spend your time with benefit, learn this world by playing!

05 July 2021