Games to help you learn to drive

In the world of computer technology there is a great opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to do it with benefit - to sharpen the skills of driving a car, before going to pass the control exam at the traffic police. Toys help not only to develop skills, but also to learn the rules, learn how to park properly, to feel what it is like to drive a car along with other passing vehicles. Moreover, the cars can be completely different categories, which makes the games more interesting.
Initially, instructors of driving schools often used to automate the skills of driving a car program of computer games, and recommended them to their students as a workout. Some time ago such lessons were even paid, but today everything is not so: on your own PC without any time limit you can train your skill to drive a car, and do it absolutely for free. Auto-stimulators are convenient because the training - is completely safe, and in the case of even a minor error, the game can be restarted, and no one will suffer from this. In life you can not do so, so do not skimp on time, and spend it at your monitor with benefit. We have prepared a list of games-autotivators, which will give the future driver the opportunity to practice driving a car.

Race Room

A game with which you can begin to pass the simulation games. It is available for free on the download platform, and offers great tracks to pass on some of the cars that are available in the game. Later, of course, you can buy new cars and choose paid tracks. The game is focused on the official versions of the races. That is, in the game you can become a member of the famous DTM or world championship circuit racing. In both cases it will be interesting and exciting. It is noteworthy that in this game you can even choose cars of the domestic manufacturer Lada, which can be quite an acceptable experience for fans of the domestic automobile industry.

Grand Turismo

Released a long time ago, the game, or rather its first release, for many was a great opportunity to build a career in racing, even in virtual races. After the series eventually gained the status of a car simulator, and brought up a large number of fans of cars and motorsports. The fifth part of the series and even gives car enthusiasts the opportunity to service your car, make it change the oil and other components, and after - to admire his sports car, parking it under a blossoming sakura tree. The sixth part is a deeper dive into the world of cars than its predecessor. Here you can see specially created for the game prototypes of cars of the future. The steering wheel is certainly an indispensable part of this game.

Drive Club

A contemplative, modern simulation game where you can drive an expensive sports car and enjoy driving along an ornate serpentine route through the Canadian woods. The views are stunning, as well as the models presented for the game. It is not even appropriate to mention what the game was at the beginning after its release, the main thing is that today it has become really fascinating with its magnificent scenery, luxurious cars and extremely realistic physics, for which we want to say "bravo!" to the developers.

rFactor 2

A great modding platform that has everything you need to feel like a real racer. Fuji Speedway and Mid Ohio are what attracts users and keeps them engaged for at least the first few days. A huge range of cars to choose from: classic ice cream vans and premium cars. The behavior of the cars the developers managed to convey so vividly that the racer, who sat down behind the wheel in front of the screen of his monitor, nothing remains but to believe in the reality of the virtuality presented before him. By the way, this game is the first in its series, in which the thermal conductivity of tires was worked out. Overheating rubber while driving here can lead to the loss of traction of the tire with the surface of the track, which is very dangerous and difficult to pass on such slippery and slippery tracks. You can wait for the rain to wash traces of sticky rubber off the track, but it's not easy to drive on a wet track either - that's an opportunity to sharpen your skills.


You can't call it a hundred percent auto-stimulation game. It is more of a multiplayer service for competitions and championships for racing sports cars. It is not easy to gain access to competitions, and participants are subject to penalties and fines for violations, including collisions with other participants. It seems that for a computer game such rules are too strict, but no - it disciplines pilots, and on the track they do not allow themselves to make mayhem and break the rules. And instead users are honing their tactics and skills on the road. And in general the game offers a fairly interesting gameplay: a large number of cars that take part in the race, team competition, changing your partner on the move car, conducting a live broadcast during the race, holding world championships with cash prizes. All this can not fail to attract users, so, hurry for the installation!

Project Gotham Racing 4

"Driving in style" is exactly about this game. Beautiful cornering, fairy skidding, perfect trajectory and clean driving, and most importantly - no collisions! The player for this beauty gets prize points, and he does not need to rush to overtake everyone - just do it beautifully and expertly. The scenery is beautiful: the Michelin, the Nurburgring, Las Vegas, St. Petersburg and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Need for Speed

In some cases, having a camera in the cabin of the car is an advantageous option, which will allow you to see the realism of the race in the best way possible. In the game Need for Speed cars behave far from reality: they often get into skids. But even here you can "close your eyes" and estimate how difficult it is to be a pilot in the vehicle: it is a blurred image around at the crazy speed, collisions, abrupt braking and acceleration, and it all makes you hold your breath and try to pass at all costs. It becomes especially interesting with the use of virtual reality helmet, which can be set at home just for such options for pastime. But here there is also an incentive to rush in the race - higher levels always promise cash rewards, buying new parts and even cars.
That's such a collection of games that will help to train to drive a car safely and without leaving home. Dare!

05 July 2021