Games that will turn your mind upside down

Genre deconstruction is a rare phenomenon in the gaming industry, and not many games can be counted on this list. We offer a list of the five most worthy, in our opinion, games that cannot be called simple entertainment, they are often able to turn the mind, surprise and help to look at the real world with completely different eyes.

Planescape: Torment

This game is called strange by many, because it does not fit into any list of stereotypical fantasy. Here you will not find any glowing swords with superpowers, magical potions and mages, the heroes do not wear armor, the stereotypical paladins, no dwarves and elves among them, no confrontation between Darkness and Light. The main character is a dusky hero whose body and face are covered with scars. Death will not come to him, it will not overtake him. The unusual charisma and philosophy of the partners in the dialogues is something that pleases the user. The game suggests engaging in battle for the Nameless One by using a severed limb, taking an eye out of his eye socket for experience, battling superhumanity and pulling mad encounters with forks out of the dining room. Parallel to all this it is necessary to solve the riddle of the whole game - why the main character does not die, how to cancel his immortality. Will the user manage to find the answer to the question about the essence of suffering, and what the endless reincarnations and rebirths promise, whether the main character is waiting for that very nirvana?


An interactive novel is what you can say about the genre of this game. The amount of dialogue is equal to War and Peace, as the developers of the product themselves point out. The city was struck by the plague, and the user has to live there for 12 days for each of the three characters. Each of them is different, unique and unrepeatable, he has his own allies and enemies, a personal story and a plan to save the utopian city. The user will be able to visit the tower of mirrors, which is created from sheets of paper painted with ink, to learn about the mystery of a man with immortality, go to the steppe altar and visit the terrible and famous Rat Prophet. Only he knows what goes on in the secret stone tunnels of the underworld. The game is particularly interesting when time is limited: not completing the task of the day promises a contagion that strikes all those who have managed to trust you. The player, who communicates with all the characters he meets, will understand why the plague has settled in the city and make the final decision to act for the good of the inhabitants.

The Void

A kind of arthouse from the world of gaming and virtual reality, where a lost soul travels through the halls of the local Limbo, whose middle name is Spacing. The developers of "Pathologic" have launched a much less strange product, and yet, not as simple as it seems at first glance. All around is grayness and cold, and the main source of warmth and light is Color, which allows you to breathe life into anything, fight and create. The main task of the character is to keep the color of his body, not to let himself die, to give this Color to the Sisters, who in return will present love, will provide support. The battle with the Bloodthirsty Brothers, who have established their own order in Limbo, and have imprisoned the Sisters. The protagonist must explore this cruel and unfriendly world, which is populated by unfriendly inhabitants. By all means possible, it is necessary to collect the Color or grow it. It is the Color that will allow you to escape from the captivity of Limbo, and, by sacrificing yourself, to raise one of the captive Sisters to the Upper World. Otherwise one must become one of the Brothers, and seal the Color within oneself. Every decision is based on its own philosophy, which considers the motivation of each of the opposing sides.

Zeno Clash

The leader of the local tribe is the hermaphrodite Mama-Papa. The events unfold in a strange yet fascinating world, where the primitive inhabitants cannot understand who their chief is and where he came from. Intriguing plot leads the protagonists to the ancient mysterious world of Zenzoic, where they will have to fight with the children of Mama Daddy, to find the Golem, which has a lot of riddles and mysteries. Strange setting, which is not found in games of a similar genre - that is what distinguishes the philosophical thriller from the analogues of its line. In the primitive strange world, the player can throw skull bombs, shoot grenade launchers, fire muskets and beat your enemy with a bone club. Visually the game looks quite strange, but the huge philosophical sense put in the plot attracts users to walk through the surreal landscapes of Zenzoic.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice

Insanity - there is no other way to describe what awaits the user in the game. If we talk about the hero, he will have to face personally what is called insanity. Talking in his head, not stopping for a second, commenting on everything around him, talking about everything the hero sees, taunts and temptations to succumb to fate - it simply drives you crazy. During the fight, they don't back down and offer to surrender or abruptly change their minds and push them into battle, warning of impending danger and keeping the hero safe. The effect is truly frightening, because the plot is full of heavy and natural psychology. Not everyone can calmly watch the mental anguish and suffering, the torment of Senua, who does not want to come to terms with the news of the death of the person dearest to her heart. The excellently chosen network is a great opportunity to illuminate how the ancient people lived, despite the description of all the danger and severity of those times.

Silent Hill 2

Donald Sunderland, the hero of the second part, is completely separated from the real world amidst the progression of his beloved's illness, which has taken his beloved from him. Most of the time the user may think that the hero is suffering for his spouse, and is shocked when he receives an envelope with a letter "from beyond" sent by his late wife, calling him to SH. The plot twists even more when Donald meets an absolute copy of his wife, Maria. It is not until the final part of the script that it becomes clear that Donny took the life of his other half himself by smothering her with a pillow. He hated her as much as he was in love, for her helplessness and need for constant attention. Maria became the complete embodiment of the hero's secret desires, embodying the exact opposite of his sickly spouse. In the game, the developers managed to tactlessly reveal the essence of people's thoughts, which they are afraid to speak aloud. No one likes a bitter truth - and here it appears in the game in the most sincere way imaginable. These moral dilemmas are difficult to think about, but necessary.
Here is a selection of the most striking, in our opinion, games that are able to penetrate the very consciousness and touch to the core.

05 July 2021