Games everyone needs to play

Today the world of virtual reality offers us games for all tastes and genres. But there is a special category, where you can find projects of various directions, and they have one thing in common - they are all worthy to be recognized by millions. And in general, we all have a list of favorite video games that we are happy to recommend to each other. If we discard all the subjectivity, our list of the top games that every gamer just have to pass. So, let's begin.

The last of us

It is worth noting that this project is not much, not little, but a few years, but there is no analogues in the industry of computer games. The project very quickly after its premiere has received the status of a classic game, despite the large number of comments and criticism. It is admirable that the creators have managed to establish a connection between the main characters, and after a fairy tale to destroy it, and it evokes a sense of controversy and admiration at the same time.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

This game is from the category of those that have divided the user's view of the game industry into the familiar "before" and "after". The game is the embodiment of an incredible audio-visual experience, gameplay tricks that the developers applied in order to convey their idea. The latter consists in the illusion of eternal death up to the last battle, which reveals all the cards and ends with a grand revelation scene. The plot of this game is recommended to be experienced by every user.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This project can really be considered the best in its genre. Masterpiece is considered a role-playing game in an open big world, where you just can't find significant flaws. The gameplay here is not less than 15 hours, and the open world is represented by two hypostases of the huge Dracula's lair. This is the secret of "metroidvania", where the player has to explore both castles of Dracula, communicate with its inhabitants, other characters, discover new abilities to gain access to new locations. Backtracking is quite successful, and even very, it evokes a special desire to explore further and more, to visit every corner of the strange place. It is worth paying tribute to the designer who worked on the game, worked on the glory. The characters by Ayami Kojima are quite elegant, recognizable, exactly as they should be in the "bisen" style. The multi-genre soundtrack blends perfectly with the dark plot. Overall, everything in the game is so concise and "to the point" that it is definitely worth playing it.

Stanley Parable

At first glance, the game seems a bit trifling, but once you start playing it, your opinion immediately changes: it's a rather deep, and succinct to the extreme, message of will and interactivity when it comes to computer games as such. A genius game without exaggeration, and not to drag out the description, it is worth experiencing its essence in person as soon as possible. Good luck!

Contra: Hard Corps

A game that can rightfully be recognized as a masterpiece of gamer design. You can't say that anyone likes action games if they haven't played this game. The level design here is on par, if not excellent. Game mechanics are in constant dynamics, musical accompaniment, lack of linearity, unique bosses, the approach to which you have to pick up individually. Hardcore, where without it, here it is also present. To try yourself in this masterpiece is definitely worth it!

Silent Hill 2

An ingenious work in the genre of psychological thriller and horror. If someone claims to know a lot about horror games, you should immediately ask a question about this game. If the interlocutor has not heard anything about Silent Hill, and much scarier has not even played, he has no right to say that he understands computer games. Therefore, by all means - mandatory to pass to the final!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

At first it may seem that everything in this game is represented by nothing more than an unusual style, a rather simple plot and non-standard gameplay. It may seem that the game is overly praised by users, but why? And here is the passage of a couple of story quests, familiarity with the setting and you can not tear your eyes away from the monitor. The user is sure to be seized by a strong thirst to explore the open world - each sortie involves a separate story of adventure. And no side quests - this is the main difference from similar games, where each field offers a million activities. Gameplay design here is also outstanding. "Zelda" will force the player to go beyond his usual thinking, for which he will be rewarded with the skills to choose the most unconventional approach to any task, even if it is a battle with monsters or climb to heights. And then it becomes clear - the user is unlikely to want to see the final credits of the game. Gripping excitement and thirst to continue, and in anticipation of other parts of the game the feeling of fairy tale and freedom does not leave the user.


A world leader where the possibilities are endless. The combination of the option and exciting gameplay draws the user headlong into the world of virtual reality. And the time spent at the monitor is counted not in hours, but in years. The plot is not too complicated, but everything is ingeniously crafted, and one wants to get into it. The stylistics have made the game unique, because any gamer can tell just by the image of one block what kind of game in front of him. And the music? The first notes of the sunset alone immediately remind us of the famous game. There is no doubt that even in 10 years the game will be forgotten and no one is interested in it, it is unique, and interest in it is growing to this day.


Speaking of new products in the world of video games, we can't leave aside the long-publicized GTA. But today the 15th game of the series was released, and it is worth to mention that it is a masterpiece. You bet, the developers have invested about 265 million dollars in the game. The three main characters are elaborated down to the character, the stories of their lives are closely intertwined. The aim of the game is as follows - it is necessary to commit a robbery of the Federal Warehouse of America, and take out in the bags of more than 200 million dollars. Here the user is allowed to do everything: you can switch to any of the characters, and after that there are as much as three ends of the main plot. Well, of course, the usual things: carjacking, women, yoga, games, TV, gym and other privileges are also present. Multiplayer - this part finally has it, which allows the whole gang of real players to create mayhem and follow the main goal in the network. Death here can come quite suddenly, and it is impossible to prepare for it, but in general - the game is amazing!
Speaking of the list of games that everyone should pass, it is not necessary to follow the exact list. There can be many options today, and our selection is not exhaustive either.

05 July 2021