Games for creating virtual romantic relationships

The modern virtual world of games, many years ago, added another genre of specific content. These are dating simulators, dat-sims. The origins of the appearance of such games originated in Japan. Japanese game creators are seriously concerned that zapravskie gamers spend a lot of time on the computer and become asocial people. On the love affairs they have no time, and, frankly, the desire. They have problems in the realization of real communication. And so, for such gamers, the Japanese have come up with a wonderful alternative. On the screen is an attractive virtual girl with whom you can try to make a virtual love affair. Well, if it does not work, then there is no one to be ashamed of, try again! We have selected several dating simulators, in our opinion, quite interesting.
The creators of the game the company Elf released this project in 1992. Translated from English, the title sounds like "Classmates". The storyline has an atmosphere of school, against this backdrop of further events. A Japanese schoolboy experienced a personal tragedy, he and his parents were forced to move to another city and enroll in a new school. The boy does not seem interested in learning. But he is interested in trying to get to know and get to know his classmates, of which there are as many as fourteen. He takes turns trying to make relationships with the girls, events develop depending on the choice and actions of the player. This game is not the first discoverer of this direction, previously also came out and enjoyed the popularity of projects in which the main character met with all in a row and entered into an adult relationship.

The creators of "Classmates" have gone away from such a primitive line of relationship development. They have created for each of the fourteen girls, his own special story and storyline. The main character will be difficult to achieve the location of the girls. If one girl is suitable heroine invented phrases for dating and positive development of further events. Another girl would literally turn her back on these same phrases. Such interesting additions have had a positive impact on the popularity of the game among gamers. The hero is not restricted in movement, he can walk around the city freely, to visit various places, where from time to time will appear his girlfriend. Players, having chosen a certain girl, remembered the time and place where you can meet her. After that, regularly visited the place at the same hour, hoping to run into a lady of the heart, as if "by chance. The game became world famous and an interesting anime-style adaptation came out.

True Love

Another game of a similar genre came out in 1995, with the help of the developers of CD Brothers. In this dating simulator, the protagonist is a Japanese guy, he is a student of a famous and prestigious college and is already in his last year of studies. He, as well as the hero of the previous project, doesn't think about his studies, his future career and profession. But actively interested in pretty girls, because there are so many of them around. With them, you can actively communicate, flirt, flirt and try to build an adequate relationship. Your eyes are diverted, and your hands are itching to grab all together at once, but you have to choose the only one, unique, the best. The further storyline and the fate of the protagonist depends on the choice made by the protagonist. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, the ending depends directly on the choices made. Look carefully what she does, what she's into, and quickly pump these skills and data to him. This will help quickly achieve the goal of the game, and fall in love with her.

If My Heart Had Wings

Another Japanese virtual novel, released in 2013 with the help of Pulltop/MoeNovel developers. The protagonist of the game is an avid athlete and health enthusiast. He was seriously involved in cycling, but after getting into an unpleasant situation with an accident, he lost the ability to take part in cycling. His goal in life was to have a successful sports career. Having lost his chance to succeed in the sport, he lost interest in life and returned to his hometown. Hoping that with his help he will find new happiness and hope for the future. This is not the usual, monotonous game of seduction of girls. But a wonderful project, which raises interesting social problems. The hero is looking for the meaning of life, looking for a way out of difficult situations, solves the problems that society puts before him. The plot of the game assumes to find a girlfriend, build an adequate relationship with her, to fall in love with each other. The ending of the game one wants to see, not because of the visualization of adult relationships, but to find out how the story ends.

House Party

A fun, playful and spicy project, released in 2017. The creators and developers of Eek! Games, didn't get particularly difficult and come up with an original storyline, create interesting characters, with pressing problems and purpose in life. And they offered gamers to eat a storyline with naked bodies, intercourse, explicit profanity and unsightly, unadorned reality of these relationships.
The main character is at a party, the theme of which is different permissiveness. Girls are waiting for him there, who are not against the fast relationship and a lot of different alcohol. But still, the hero will have to, a little work and think how to win the next beautiful girl. Not everyone will want to be alone with him. Should find an approach to the girl, like her, otherwise win her not possible. The game is filled with a peculiar humor, but you should give credit to the creators, sometimes very funny and successful. The hero is also expected, appropriate to the plot adventures. Fights, binges, harassment of homosexuals, all at the service of the players. By the way, respond positively to the interest shown by the object of his own sex, too, can. There are no inhibitions in this game.

Table Manners

The game, a date simulator with a clumsy person, was released in 2020. The creator of Echo Chamber Games, wanted to solve the problem of shy and awkward people, so developed a similar project. The events presented in the gameplay take place on a date. It has already taken place, and how successful it will be, it depends on the player. The main character has invited the girl to the cafe, he tries to woo, but his actions all the time leave much to be desired. He is clumsy to the extreme, everything falls out of his hands, flies to the floor and even on the girl. Do you think she will be satisfied with such a date? The creators worked out the image of the characters with striking facial expressions. The girl's face, with each slip will change all the time. Emotions are different, surprise, dissatisfaction, horror, squeamishness, and even escape with a bang. The developers are just making fun of the protagonist, to win the girl, he will have to pull himself together and sweat a lot. There will be no indifferent players, the game will either be annoying or very enjoyable.

27 December 2021