Games of the Future: The Most Anticipated

The world of video industry is rapidly gaining momentum, and every year the number of fans of computer games tirelessly grows. The virtual world has so attracted millions of users that even after they have reached the final, the interest to get a new portion of adrenaline and emotions, but already in another project does not wane.

Grand Theft Auto 6

At the moment, there is still work on this project. It is expected to continue the cult action with the addition of elements of the shooter, racing, to take part in which will be in a huge open world. The game will retain virtual entertainment in the same amount, which in real life is sometimes so lacking. Certainly, the graphics engine in this version will be at the highest level, more effects will be added, graphics will be improved, which will bring it to the level of consoles of the highest generation.

Slave Fighter X

Adventure project, which the developers were inspired by the arcade movies with the addition of a line of "sexploitation". The plot of the game opens the user in a world perishing among magic, steel, where there is no place for men, and everything is built on the hatred of female nature to each other. In the scenario, the user is presented with a mysterious slave girl with unprecedented power, a possessed woman who can rule with an iron fist. In her hands is the power of deadly magic, and she uses it to hold power, threatening to incinerate her own kingdom to all and sundry. The game will show the girls, who are torn clothes, they will be in sexy outfits, will appear before the user unique bosses. The graphics in the game is amazing, the animation is created by the artists by hand, and wooh how many obscene clips in the game

Syberia: The World Before

Legendary Adventures is preparing to release a sequel to the adventures of the famous series featuring the main character in the person of Kate Walker. The main part involves events that unfolded in two parallel eras of time, and is narrated on behalf of two characters. The time of the plot is the eve of World War II, and the second era is the present day. The past offers the character of the future pianist Dana Rose. As a young girl living in a pre-war town, she will encounter a serious Nazi organization. Transported to modern times, Kate Walker finds herself in a salt mine, and can't make sense of what's going on: who she is, how she got here. The game is filled with many of the most mysterious challenges, the user will have to explore the secret world of the steampunk and solve the most difficult puzzles.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

A sequel to the famous, nationally beloved first-person narrative game. It is like a sandbox post-apocalyptic world, which highlights the painful theme of Chernobyl for humanity. The user will finally be free to roam the expanse of a seamless open world. The game has all the iconic elements of the famous Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the city of Pripyat, there is a village of newcomers, you can visit the secret sites, where the entrance is prohibited to absolutely everyone.

Corsairs: Black Spot

The legendary series of games about the open world is waiting for its rebirth in the form of a sequel with role-playing elements. The user will be able to dive into the life of pirates, and you can do it by choice: to become robbers or try on the role of a hunter of hooligans. Graphics here is presented at the best level, fully worked out the sound content and music, the gameplay has reached a new level, however, the game - single-player.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

A dynamic first-person shooter about a world of apocalypse and bloodthirsty zombies awaits its sequel. The plot unfolds in Willeador. Twenty years have passed since the last events of the scenario. The user will play the main character - the mysterious Aiden, who travels the world in search of the most important person in his life. There are no differences from the original - everywhere is an open world, a horde of blood-insatiable dead, and perfectly designed parkour system. The peculiarity of the game is in the dynamics of the game world and a large enough variability. Any decision made will have consequences in the form of shaping the world, and how the NPC will relate to the main character. Completing tasks for any of the factions entails an increase in power for the game world, which, as it were, will affect the expansion of your own zone of influence. And the consequences in either case can be very different: the emergence of different faction bases, meetings with its representatives, reprisals and the fight against dissenters. A complex and at the same time interesting plot awaits its fans.

God of War: Ragnarok

The Scandinavian adventures of Kartos are waiting for its sequel, which pleases fans of the slasher genre with third-person narration. The main theme of the sequel is Ragnarök and the end of the world for the Scandinavian mythology. The first part showed the events of the mountainous snow-covered area of the Scandinavian countries, where there is no place for outsiders. Kratos' son must not be just a boy, he is a warrior, and there is no room for pity or compassion, which is what his father teaches him to be. He and his son must get out of Scandinavia at all costs, leave it with a proud victory over the enemies they encounter.

Elden Ring

A role-playing action-adventure game that presents a third-person story, telling the story of a world teeming with dark forces. The fantasy game is a project from the developers of Dark Souls, which presents absolute control and management of your character, along with a huge choice of weapons, the use of magic, the choice of fighting style and a great "role-playing variety".

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Already next year will please its fans with the long-awaited sequel. The vampire role-playing game offers a fast-paced plot, in which the user will be able to enjoy dynamic melee matchmaking, mysterious characters who harbor a thirst for death on their own, hidden motive. The user will try on the role of a vampire character who has just recently been turned, and his goal is to find out why everything in his city is happening the way it shouldn't. There is confrontation and clan fighting, bloodshed and death everywhere. To do this, he will have to engage in political games and join various alliances in order to reach his goal and determine the cause of Seattle's bloodshed.
This is the list was compiled by us, based on the rating of the most anticipated games of the future according to the users. And they, as we know, certainly know a lot about quality video games.

05 July 2021