Games with no end in sight

Did you know that the world of computer games is so diverse that you can find any game for any taste. And the most annoying thing is that as soon as you start to understand all the gameplay, figure out how you're going to finish the next stage, and then you see the final credits - the game is over, or as they say "game over". What could be more annoying if the last few weeks or months you literally lived in order to get comfortable in front of the monitor and immerse themselves in the virtual world. It is for those users who are ready to devote all their free time to only one game, and do not want to reach its conclusion - we offer a list of games that have no end.

Clash of Clans

In this project, the user will be engaged in the creation of a fantasy army. This is quite a popular strategy, where flying angels, whose mission allows them to heal and restore allies, sorcerers, who long to defeat the enemy horde, giants, trampling the highest buildings with their feet, fire-breathing dragons of different species, and other characters that are not found in real life, will offer their help.
Build a personal city - that's what many monopolists want, and in this game it becomes possible. Impregnable fortress holds vaults with jugs of gold, flasks with elixir, camps for training troops and other facilities for the extraction of important minerals. The game is multiplayer, which means that you can join forces with players from anywhere in the world and lead the game together. This will not only make the game itself more interesting, but also to find new friends, and even on another continent. You can help each other with troops, fight the enemies, destroy their enemy clans, and try to do everything to establish world domination and earn the respect of the suffering people. The game offers quite handy gameplay that the user will enjoy, because it is designed to last for years. You can continuously build your city, or you can come in at least once in a while to set your builders tasks and fight for glory, and maybe get resources, otherwise it's all in the player's hands.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This game will be interesting for those who have a lot of time to pass it. Her main task is to overcome the greatest distance. Along with this, the user is invited to perform small tasks, there will be changing locations and other interesting things. Recent updates suggest that the game becomes multiplayer, which means that races can now be performed with friends, no matter where they are in the world. The graphics in the game are extraordinary - three-dimensional image and positive soundscape, all this promises exceptionally good mood and enjoyable game play. By the way, the game also has a timeline, and the holidays come: Halloween, Christmas, and it can not help but attract return to the game again, and so from time to time.

Clash Royale

A project of a company that develops very popular time-management projects. This game is their new direction, in which they began to work after they came to the realization that the stuffed up genre is no longer particularly interesting to the user. The product became the epitome of combining card collecting and battles in squares. Clash Royale became popular thanks to this, and critics are sure that the project is so unique, that the number of its fans will not decrease for many years, and on the contrary, will only multiply.
Constantly updated content and previously unprecedented diversity on the background of the same type of games advantageously distinguish this game from other analogues. The user is invited to play as a laughing minion of yellow, which can change color with anger and you will see a purple creature. Anger not only changes his color, it gives him some new options that help him cope with the gameplay tasks. Which means you need to piss off the yellow beauty more often! The game challenges you to kill the enemy opposite. You can use troops, put them in the arena, using a deck of cards. The lion's share of the gameplay is in making up the winning game. Regular card updates, additions, new features and options - all this pleases the developers of the game fans so that they rushed to their monitors in order to get the winning cards hidden in the chests. The game does not require the user to regularly spend time in it - you can enter at will, the level of passage is maintained.

Craft The World - Pocket Edition

It is impossible not to mention the famous Warcraft, which came out on numerous requests of fans in the mobile version. But it also failed to live up to expectations - users did not appreciate the graphical setting, criticized the tons of options that are present in the gameplay. Therefore, to replace so strongly expected sandbox, came Craft The World - Pocket Edition. Here everything is just the opposite: a beautiful graphics, nice gnomes, a very interesting built the gameplay, which offers to mine resources, to develop, and so on. The storyline suggests that the end of the world for the planet inhabited by gnomes. From the global disaster you can escape - you need a portal that will help move through space and survive the cataclysm. So the lowly characters tried once, twice, three times, and began the development of the world. The user's task is to help the gnomes build shelters, build defenses and develop their own economy.

World of Tanks Blitz

This game was the first popular project, released on behalf of the company WarGaming on the mobile platform. Real reality tanks - in the game, where it is offered to participate in the most real confrontations, and the time and place can be chosen independently. Mentioning the game immediately evokes associations with steel armor, whistling bullets and dashing ricochets shells when the fighting goes on, rattling heavy weapons, mines explode, and inside the tank you can hear how bravely soldiers are fighting. Millions of users have fallen in love with World of Tanks Blitz, and we can confidently say that as many are ready to join their ranks today. Today the game offers 200 tanks, you can hide them in the garage and pump them up to your liking. Allowed to improve the characteristics of weapons, increase the strength of armor and other things that are necessary for serious combat. And then you can safely leave for one of the fields for a valiant battle, there are twenty to choose from. Choose how and when to play you can, some sit at their monitor screens for months, and many occasionally open the game to spend a few hours on virtual relaxation.
Here is such a selection of games of completely different genres are offered today for those who do not want to pass the stage brokers and shooters.

05 July 2021