Games that develop logic and thinking in young children

There is a misconception that logical thinking cannot be developed; it is either there or it is not. We would like to dispel this myth: our brain, like a muscle, lends itself to training and is ready to improve every day. To develop skills, you need to develop, and the same is true for thinking.
At a young age, thinking skills are just being established, and a child has a lifetime to improve them to the right level. Logical thinking is not an exception, and it too should be directed in the direction of development.
To make it fun and comfortable, without torturing the child with complicated mathematical algorithms, we suggest plunging into the world of fascinating logic games. Do not worry about the fact that the game will not bring any effect, if you compare it to learning and the exact sciences. It is much more important to awaken a child's desire to learn and develop, which is sure to happen - the baby will not refuse to play, which will cause him the most vivid and positive emotions.

We propose to read our selection of games for the development of logic and thinking. It should be noted that each group of games designed for a particular age of players, but this does not mean that your baby can not try the game for an older age. Who knows, maybe you have a young Einstein or Sherlock Holmes growing up and you didn't know it. Give it a try!


Katamino is an interesting logic puzzle for two players. It is a wooden board - a field on which there are special indentations, and inside - wooden figures of different colors.
In appearance, the board reminds volume tetris, and the rules of the game are similar: the figures must be put one to the other so as to fill the entire field. It is important that there are no gaps. And yes, the rows here, as in Tetris, do not disappear.


Little Mermaids - a game of logic for those who are attracted to the sea and the expanse of the sea. Designed for a maximum of 6 players. On the playing field you can see the cards, they are scattered in different order, they show the mermaids' friends - colored fish, and their enemies - gray sharks. You need to cover the field with plates with transparent bubbles, so that the sharks are hidden under the bubbles.
If it works - the fish will be saved, but to do it is not so easy. After all, the game is logical, which means you need to mobilize your wits to dock the plates and their location so as to save the little fish from the sharks.

Soft Sign

Soft Sign is a logical exercise for the little ones, which can be played by up to 6 users. Read the adjectives: salty, sharp, smelly, prickly, and then pull out a card.
The child should try to think of as many objects as possible to which the definitions fit. The cards may be read aloud. This trains not only logic, but also allows the child to learn to build an associative line. Play along with your child to see how versatile and trainable a child's thinking is!


Querkle is a game whose release dates back to 2011. The German developers have released an interesting logic puzzle game like Scrabble. It differs from Scrabble in the lack of letters - here you have to build rows of shapes, matching them by color. The longer the row, the better.
This way you can train your strategic thinking and learn to concentrate, as the interests of the players on the field overlap both figuratively and literally. Querkle allows four players to play simultaneously.

Cheese loopholes

Cheese Loopholes is a game for one user. The interface is a gift game in the form of a notepad with a magnet inside. On each of the pages of the notepad you can place mouse cards. Then on top of the cards is placed cheese in the hole, to do it so that the curious mice can look through the holes.
The game has four levels of difficulty, each with a different layout. It is worth saying that this is not the easiest game, sometimes adults have to sit and think about it.

The Kotosovs

Cattleya is for players who might be called Halloween fans. Everything here is reminiscent of the holiday of pumpkin and darkness: the plot unfolds at night, the moon shines, the trees stand "naked," and everything around is swarming with witches and their main companions - owls and cats.
Cats have a special feature in color and pattern, well, of course, they have signs of owliness and catty. A game for those who can count - here you need to remember what color and pattern on the cards, memorize their layout, and even compete in dexterity - you need to react very quickly to the same layout on the card and totem. In general, this game will not let anyone get bored. The graphics in this game are amazing.


For children over the age of 8 you can play Ubongo. The unusual name reveals the plot of the game - the player can feel like a real Indian, and they, as you know, always and everywhere "ubongo"!
In this game you have to fill irregularly shaped fields, you have to do it with colored shapes, in this game has some similarity with Tetris. It is impossible not to appreciate the interface - a beautiful black field, decorated with bright patterns in Indian style. Transparent colored pebbles are what you can pick up if the figure is stacked successfully.

IQ rings

For the real little Einsteins, you can check the IQ level in the game "IQ rings". Excellent training of logic and spatial thinking for children. The game invites you to collect different combinations of sticks and rings, which are shaped like a molecular scheme, and which look like a fruit lollypop.
The player is presented with a book of 120 problems that require the correct arrangement of "lollipops". Even the most inquisitive mind is in for a challenge. All the sticks and rings collected are summed up, which is then tallied to determine the total balance and IQ level. Both adults and children can test their logic and wits in the terrifyingly entertaining game of "IQ Rings.

Jackal Treasure Island

For older kids - from 8 years old, the game "Jackal Treasure Island" is offered. Fans of the pirate series will be able to really appreciate the scenario of an interesting game.
The player's task is to find the treasure, but to find it will be not only the strongest brave, but also the cleverest, who has developed strategic thinking. The child is waiting for an amazing adventure, the dangers that will be waiting at every step, and to cope with them, you need a really pumped logic.

Particular interest wakes up when the player realizes that the treasure hunted not only him, and you have to hurry to win the championship!

Carbon Hive

Carbon Hive, a black and white style toy, has two additions inside at once: enemy ants that come into contact with each other in a battle for the Queen of the Hive.
The player must win over his opponent by attaching a chip to his hive, thus building a secure encirclement around the Queen. This must be done "wisely" and strategically, so that the opponent cannot get to her. The game is a tactical game of logic and thinking that will surely captivate a child for a long time, and then the adults will join in the "easy" at first glance game.

Teaching your child to think logically - an important task that is relevant from the early years. Practice together, because it's so much fun and interesting!

01 April 2021