The detective stories that filled the game space

The detective suspense storyline, is a very popular format in the making of movies, in literature, and in the industry of creating computer games. It should come as no surprise that such titles are in demand. Many people like to puzzle over intractable mysteries, so detective games are in high demand. From the intricate plot, just can not get away, somewhere is hiding a wily criminal, which we are about to find. In front of the player a mysterious case with murders and thefts, the investigation of which will lead into an uncharted world of adventure. Finding the criminal and the evidence, interviewing witnesses, will captivate, time will fly by, the player will experience the satisfaction of the completed task, learn to think logically, thinking through the actions a few steps ahead.

Detective games are designed for those who are used to winning through their care, original thinking, intelligence and ingenuity, but not crushing the enemy to dust with weapons of mass destruction. It's for fans of secrets, mystery and riddles, we've put together the best, in our opinion, a selection of detective games. Go with us to this exciting adventure, where you can quickly crack the criminal and solve intricate mysteries and cases. And don't forget to take your revolver, hat, pipe and magnifying glass on the road, you'll definitely need them.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

The game will immerse you in the mysterious, fog-filled atmosphere of 19th century London. The protagonist, of course, is Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective of England at that time. Bloody crimes, grim atmosphere of the city, chilling details, nothing can take Holmes out of the equilibrium. He does not lose his cool, and continues to investigate. Together with the legendary detective, you will feel like a real detective. Committed crimes in different areas of the city, you can put together a big picture in Sherlock's head. But there is no guarantee that the version is correct, there may be several options, try to find the right solution. There are no hints in the game, so it is easy to make a mistake, showing absent-mindedness or inattention. All incidents are connected by a single storyline, which makes the game even more interesting and addictive. Some of the cases are taken from the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, some are invented by the developers and screenwriters. All the incidents are skillfully, skillfully blended into the atmosphere of the game and its overall plot. The atmosphere of a classic detective accompanies us throughout the game, and this is its highlight.

Her Story

In this game, the main character will try on the role of a detective who investigates crimes, analyzing records of interrogations, video files. Comparing these materials with the answers of witnesses to the investigator, on this basis drawing conclusions and developing his own version of the crime. Each new video makes the case even more confusing and complicated, it is necessary to grasp the thread of truth and pull it unwinding the tangle. Looking for contradictions between the testimony of witnesses, analyzing them and catching the accused in a lie, the detective takes shortcuts, slowly moving toward the truth. The game is unusual for its interactivity, most of the time, you will just watch and compare one video with another, draw conclusions, make a mosaic of little scraps of information, looking for evidence and facts. And you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

L.A. Noire

The game offers to investigate crimes in a real open world. The player is not limited in actions and movements, of course, he can not go into every house and store in the city, but the process of investigation will fascinate and give pleasure. The main character is a policeman who went through the entire Second World War. In the post-war time, lawlessness rules the streets of America, the mafia structures are trying to take power into their own hands. The protagonist gets a job in the department, where the detectives work, to fight in it with the mafia gangs that have occupied the city. The gameplay is unhurried, sedate, the protagonist carefully examines the evidence and investigates against the backdrop of America in the forties. The cases the detective investigates are very interesting, the whole gameplay is accompanied by light jazz music. If the player gets bored with the main mission, you can switch to side missions, start catching maniacs, petty thieves, swindlers. The game has shootouts, chases, and murders. All the makings of a good detective quest. The atmosphere of the game is saturated with the bleakness of the city, but it captures and draws you in, leading to a logical ending.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

This is an unusual detective game with mystical overtones. Courageous and clever detective Ronan O'Connor leads an investigation to find a serial killer maniac. The protagonist, in the course of the game faces the criminal face to face, there will be a deadly battle, in which the killer wins. Ronan dies at the vicious hand of the maniac, and that is where the narrative begins. So, the main character, dead... Already unusual, isn't it? The player will play as a ghost that craves revenge, justice and fairness. The ghost will not rest until justice is served. You will wander together through the dark, sleeping city, thinking and dreaming of justice and vengeance, of how to catch the murderer and bring him to justice. But that's not enough, the detective's soul is haunted by ghost demons who keep trying to catch Ronan, and drag him into the underworld. He must escape from them all the time. Avoiding meetings with demons and hunting the killer, the detective is helped by acquired features. For example, he can easily pass through walls or doors. This game is worth your attention, take part in it, become for a short time detective and ghost in one person.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

A small group of students are invited to study at an elite boarding school called "Hope Peak". And then the students begin to realize that they are just used in a black and dirty game. The heroes find themselves locked in the school along with a notorious villain, a small and vicious bear named Monokuma. Here they learn from the villain that their only option to escape or graduate is to kill their fellow student. Manokuma begins pitting students against each other. After this begins to kill people around them, the students become unbearably scared. They do not know who is hunting them, and it is up to them to investigate and find out. The heroes investigate, get the facts and press charges. But the player should be careful, because if he makes a mistake in the investigation and chooses the wrong accuser, absolutely everyone will die. From the game you will learn that the only thing scarier than the truth is the pure truth.


This third-person game is a beautiful action-adventure game. At the center of the plot is Detective Takayuki Yagami, who leads various investigations, he is currently busy with a serial murder case in one of Tokyo's neighborhoods. Players need to scour the area, looking for clues and facts, looking for witnesses and interviewing them. This should help investigate the case and find the serial killer. Looking for clues, players can take advantage of a variety of advantages, picking locks, using disguises, getting into areas and houses that are difficult, almost impossible, to get into. Chases of suspects are forthcoming. Follow them, in the process of which you must not expose yourself in any way, remaining unnoticed.

02 November 2021