Wonderful, fabulous worlds in modern games

A good, high-quality game stands out from its peers not only by its well thought out, meaningful plot and great gameplay, but also by its elaborate, beautiful environment. The most important thing in a great game is the harmonious combination of all these components of the gameplay. It is worth one of them to become weaker and the whole game image collapses before your eyes. Extraordinary, fabulous, surprising us with the beauty, brightness and harmony of the game worlds. This is the main component of the success and popularity of the series of games. The world around the players, thought out to the finest detail, is important for open-world games and for linear battles between two combatants. In some games, the worlds are so beautiful that they distract from the story, and players start, enjoy the unforgettable beauty. There are quite a few such games, and big and small game gameplays can show wonderful, wonderful worlds. Here are some of them that no player will refuse to visit.

The Last of Us

The game is worked out to the smallest detail, so you can immerse yourself in it completely. Players are in the midst of the game, in full confidence that the game's story takes place in real time. This is all thanks to the beautiful, fantastical environment and story. The world around is represented by the near future, which has been taken captive and enslaved by the cordyceps mushroom. Under its influence people have become like horrible monsters, those people who survived have to fight for their existence every minute. The game presents us with the decay and the last days of a civilization in which people are slowly dying. Streets and houses are in deepest decay. The apartments and rooms are like a testament to the years lived in them. People seem to have just left them. The houses are gradually overgrown with plants, ivy and bushes, grass is breaking through the asphalt pavement, tree sprouts are sprouting, the streets and the roadway are flooded and puddles are standing. We can clearly see the signs of destruction and decay, and this atmosphere is both oppressive and fascinating in its unique beauty. The game vividly and colorfully conveys what the world will look like, devoid of humans. It's a little scary, but the world, drawn to the smallest detail, is simply mesmerizing.

Resident Evil 1, HD Remaster

The games are beautiful and interesting, players, fans of such gameplay, pass these countless times. The graphics and the beauty of the surrounding world is amazing. The depressing atmosphere is created to the glory, the doors of an ancient castle or mansion open before us. The walls of the house, its rooms, the courtyard adjacent to the mansion, everything permeates with eerie vibes, the expectation of fear or tragedy. There is a cabin in the woods, which also brings shivers of dread all over the body. My heart drops in my heels with dusky anticipation when we are in the laboratory. This is where all the tragedies began. The game's scenery harmonizes with the game's storyline, the rooms filled with darkness are unlike one another and are remembered for their entourage for years to come. The game has a map with which you can adequately assess your capabilities and the scale of the game space. This is very helpful in the game. The surrounding world of the game, I persist in calling beautiful, and even the gloomy scenery can not overshadow the deep impression that it leaves in our soul and heart. Such a game will interest fans of exploring a variety of mysterious and scary places in horror games.


The impression is that this magnificent game was created on pure enthusiasm. No huge staff of developers and a huge mega-budget were used to bring it to life. This is one of the most uncomplicated and beautiful games. The protagonist of the game is dressed in a scarf, which has magical powers, which gives the ability to float in the air. The scarf can't do any more magic, but even these modest features and simplified gameplay, will deliver unforgettable moments during the game. Unforgettable and dynamic adventures await you, the plots and scenery replace each other rather quickly. Around the travelers huge abandoned temples on the background of deserted dunes. Desert landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent, they fascinate the protagonist and encourage him to action, to go forward and forward to explore what the surprise lurks behind this sandy mountain. This is a fascinating and informative trip, it will appeal to both adults and children and will be remembered for a long time.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

This game combines cartoon gameplay and in-game realism in a very harmonious way. It is the most beautiful balance of these components. The game has a very beautiful world, which changes in a variety of ways. The change of seasons, weather conditions, day and night, buildings and textures of objects are successfully played. The created maps of the game make the world very diverse and interesting. There are hundreds and thousands of variations that can be diluted with mods. This is one of the games that can boast such diversity. Water in the game, deserves a separate conversation. It's incredible beauty and reality, it's not graphics, it's a masterpiece. With the beauty of water, the game becomes more interesting and beautiful a thousand times.

Quake IV

The game world, this masterpiece, can be compared to little else. Everything is changing here, with incredible speed. The perfect plot, story and great atmosphere, call for more and more fans of the game. Each new level, reveals more new facets of gameplay, which ceaselessly surprises and delights. Want to open and open levels, trying to find out what they have more to offer us talented developers. The storyline just captivates from the start, and also all this action is accompanied by wonderful music, against a background of beautiful scenery and the beautiful world around the clash between the guys with guns. The world is very large and can be explored and learned throughout the game.

Ghost of Tsushima

The game's environment is very beautiful, although the gameplay is quite simple, with a good story and interesting characters. The gameplay is incredibly visually pleasing. The gameplay involves the technique of uninterrupted motion in the frame. The dialogue between the interlocutors, and in the background are moving branches from the wind on the tree, leaves are falling, birds are flying. Watching these actions is very interesting, there seems to be a sideline in the gameplay going on. All around the world, smooth and flat pebbles lie everywhere, sitting down on one of them, you can admire the beautiful nature around you, meeting sunsets and sunrises. You can watch these beauties forever, they draw you in, they mesmerize you.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In our opinion, this is the most beautiful action in the game, which is filled with the most beautiful and original surrounding world. We are faced with the perfectly drawn and thought-out atmosphere of the Wild West. In front of the player appears picturesque places, cowboys on beautiful horses, incredible adventures and interesting relationships of the main characters. Heroes of the game, filled with courage and bravery, endowed with a variety of positive human qualities. Because of this, they become very close to us, almost native. We care for them, we worry, if they are haunted by failures. Well, with interest explore the world around us, it is beautiful and pleases us with mysteries and riddles. The game will attract everyone from small to large. The surrounding world will cause unforgettable emotions and make you love it.

10 January 2022