What fascinates us about turn-based strategies. The best representatives of the genre

The turn-based strategy genre is one of the oldest and most popular, being one of the most interesting representatives of game projects. The emergence of video games of this genre originated because of the technical imperfection of old processors in the eighties. These computers just could not keep up with the dynamic games. Hence the birth of this interesting genre, in which the emphasis is not on the rapid firefights and battles, and tactics in turn-based mode.


Many players from all over the world have truly fallen in love with this video game series. Even though the entire franchise series is very good and interesting, it is Heroes of Maghreb of Magic that can truly be considered the benchmark. This is the game that people still look back on to this day and compare it to other newer game projects to evaluate the quality of the product. In the third part you will not only be able to show your gaming skills in front of your opponents, but also have a good time in an interesting and varied game. The battle system in this game is truly unique and versatile, allowing the losing side even in the most hopeless situation to turn the course of the battle in its favor. There is never a hopeless situation. All you have to do is find your enemy's weakness or pick the right moment to attack. Many interesting and memorable situations await you in this beautiful video game. Heroes of Magic 3 once set unbreakable standards in the genre of turn-based tactical strategies. There are still competitive tournaments in this game, so you can't call it forgotten. No matter who is trying to rethink the genre of tactical games, to break their established canonicality, but the essence of turn-based tactical video games will not change for a long time. Work your way to victory over your opponent by developing your heroes and strengthening your countless armies, which will bring you an unqualified victory in tactical battles in the third part of Heroes of Maght of Magic. The game will give you a lot of fun and enjoyment. Because only if you really understand its non-obvious, but interesting gameplay mechanics, you will have more fun playing it. And you'll be able to understand why it has received recognition from many players around the world and is still remembered as the benchmark for tactical turn-based games.


Another interesting video game in the genre of turn-based tactical strategy. But unlike Heroes of Magic 3 it was released only in 2012. Being one of the newer representatives of the genre, Xcom: Enemy Unkown has already become a definite role model for other turn-based strategy games of the future. The game is remarkable in many aspects. It has an attractive graphical execution that will please players who prefer beautiful visuals. It has many interesting game mechanics tied to tactical battles with your squad. The units you control can be upgraded and equipped with more powerful and deadly weapons. Develop the base, which will be our new home between operations, the game also allows. And of course the game has an interesting storyline, telling about the confrontation of humanity with an alien race. A large variety of alien species from the distant universe will get in your way. Dangerous and cunning creatures will not forgive you for inattention and will catch you at your mistakes. But what can stop the mission to save humanity and what will go wrong? Once your squad gains experience and gets better equipment you will truly be able to fight back the evil aliens and save your home planet from invasion.


An interesting game project in the genre of turn-based strategies, in which you have to think tactically. The video game Braveland is a turn-based game made in an attractive cartoon style. The player will be allowed to take control of the game's protagonist, who will have to restore his kingdom and strengthen it. Tactical battles will take place on a map divided into hexagons, on which your characters and enemies will move. During the course of the story campaign you will have to engage in more than one battle with diverse and interesting opponents. Assemble your countless armies that can crush any enemy of your kingdom, and save the world from almighty evil.

THE BANNER SAGA video game series

One of the most exciting and atmospheric turn-based tactical strategies. It will surprise players with its interesting and unexpected plot and complex tactical battles. The Banner Saga franchise video game boasts an interesting visual style that has been warmly received by the majority of gamers around the world. The developers of the game, not only made a great game, thanks to donations on the kickstarter, but by reaching its release - a cult one among fans of turn-based tactical strategies. The game's in-game universe is a world into which Ragnarok will inevitably come. Doom is coming to the world in the form of an unknown army of monsters made of iron, led by a powerful immortal commander. Humans and warlords will have to confront these mighty foes with their own forces. And most importantly, to preserve for themselves at least some place in this dying world full of danger and despair. Leading two caravans of travelers, stubbornly carrying their banner through different corners of the map and overcoming difficulties. They will meet more than once, but each of them has their own road and goals to which they are advancing. The game well creates an atmosphere of despair and hopelessness, the heroes of the game doubt whether they can live another day. On their journey, we will see quite a variety of places. Whether it is the ruined ruins of a city that once housed a large human settlement. Or you will see the mighty creatures that make you feel hopeless and powerless. The story in the game is very interesting and intriguing, almost at every stop of your caravan, or even during the movement you will face many difficulties. In some of them you will have to choose difficult and ambiguous moral choices, and the future fate of some characters will depend on them. There are several heroes in the game, and you will have to develop them in order to survive the next battle against the terrifying opponents. The gameplay itself is based on the battle in different locations. You will be given to dispose of their warriors, which have different skills and weapons. The territory in which the battle will take place is divided into fields on which the heroes will gradually move. And you can't do without tactics, because the opponents will be happy to take your life, if you let them surround you.

13 June 2022