Adrenaline and the feeling of happiness from winning in sports simulation projects

How many different genres in video games that win the love of the audience, find their fans. These are shooters, mystical thrillers, detectives, hunting and fishing simulations, real life simulations, space epics. There are many genres, but there are among the gamers and fans of sports games. After all, so unusual and interesting to be in the form of a famous, professional athlete. Plunge into the love of sports spectators, to drive a sports car, or to participate in the ski race, swim and run faster than everyone else. But until the athlete reaches the desired finish line, how many emotions we will experience, from excitement to panic. It seems a little more and here, our hero will get the prize he deserves, but we will experience the whole range of feelings until it happens. As a result, a huge pleasure from the victory and the defeated opponents, because we all know how much work and physical cost requires sports. Many people do sports, run, go to the gym, swim in the pool, and experience amazing pleasure. But there are people who do not have access to such loads, but they love and respect sports and are active fans. It is for them and created sports simulators. We have selected several projects, which in our opinion, our virtual sports fans will enjoy.

FIFA Soccer Simulators

All soccer fans are fans of the very popular FIFA, which was developed and created by the studio Electronic Arts. A set of releases that began its release in 1993 and since then, the game has been constantly evolving and building experience, so it has gained well-deserved worldwide popularity. FIFA releases are distinguished by certain features and advantages. The games are well thought out to the last detail, micromanagement and macromanagement are at a high level, the trading operations of buying and selling athletes to other clubs is possible, making profitable deals, we make the rating of the heroes higher. Also interesting gaming benefits are the availability of sports representatives in various countries, a large variety of excellent athletes, leagues, arenas for sporting events. And as a bonus, excellent visual design of the games, which evolved from year to year, designers and artists have made heroes more realistic, similar to the athletes of our sporting life. The games have become more intelligent and incredibly beautiful, it has become an exquisite pleasure to watch and play them. So, for all soccer fans, for all fans and virtual athletes - just FIFA and nothing else.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

This is probably the most fun and fastest virtual table tennis. The gameplay is very addictive, taking the racket in your hands, it is almost impossible to tear yourself away. The concept of the game and the storyline is also fascinating, players will be invited to take part in a dynamic and interesting "Galactic Championship", which will be held among the robots. These are unusual robots, they just love to play table tennis. The player will have to meet with sixteen strong and athletic opponents. Game physics is unusual and as close to reality. Opponents in the game are worthy and strong, they will not allow you to relax for a minute. The game has several modes, there is the multiplayer mode, that has a lot of possibilities. And also it is possible to improve the hero you are playing for.

Tony Hawk`s Pro Skater series of games

The project presents exclusively extreme sports entertainment, which refers to urban skateboarding. Gamers in these games take part in roller skating, skiing and snowboarding, where it is necessary to perform steep stunts. The stunt ramps will shudder with masterful moves. The crowd of gawkers will freeze watching the deadly stunt and then exhale in relief when the stunt is performed. The developers have sorted the directions into individual releases. Fans of fast rides, will find yourself projects with sports bikes, on which you can make the trip, even on terrain with obstacles. So, if you are a fan of extreme sports, then this series of games simply created for you. For unusual stunts that the player will perform on skateboards, will be awarded additional prize points and other rewards.


Well, this game simulator, created only for fans of winter sports. In front of the player scattered endless trails of ice, difficult and dangerous. All tracks are not a figment of the developers' imagination, they exist in reality, and masterfully recreated through the efforts of game designers. Heroes of the project are not athletes, but adventurers, adventurers, thrill-seekers. These geeks can not imagine their life without the steep descents on snow-covered slopes, dangerous climbs and icy steep mountain turns. Their turns are breathtaking, adrenaline is just off the scale, when we watch their dizzying dynamic ride. The player will be able to master snowboarding, skiing and even jumping from a height with a parachute. At the beginning of the gameplay gamer chooses his peak, which he is ready to conquer. And now it's just up to you, pave your own personal path to victory. This victory will be not only over your opponents, but also over yourself as a person. Gamer will be able to overcome personal fears that he could not cope for a long time, learn to be collected, cool, find peace of mind and self-confidence. Descending on sports equipment from the steep mountain peaks, it is necessary to carefully monitor the road. On the way the main character, and then, will emerge unexpected obstacles and barriers. This can be anything, and bushes, and trees, and rocks, as well as houses, which are designed for overnight tourists. Choose this game for a full recreation, and you will understand the danger. Courage and focus, your loyal friends and companions. You can't go anywhere without them.

WWE simulation game series

In this game series you will find yourself a real lucky man, who got into the world of extreme, harsh, dangerous sports. You will be offered the game - wrestling, you understand that this is not an ordinary soccer and certainly not dancing on the ice. Here you are waiting for a real hell. Bones will fly, break, crack, and blood will flow in torrents. If you're a fan of this genre, then you're definitely here. You will be both scary and fun. In the ring for the competition will be a large number of participants, strong in spirit men, and even women. They will show their strength and agility, as well as the ability to defeat any, even very strong opponent. And this will be very difficult to prove, and in some cases simply impossible. Each participant has its own personal, unique kind of martial art. None of them will be repeated. Feature of the game, it is suddenness and unexpectedness, you can not predict its outcome. The battle can be interrupted suddenly, without warning. For example, if the course will be used forbidden techniques, and even the surrounding objects players. A fan may find himself on the battlefield, who has decided that the fight is not going the right way, and the rules are broken. Playing this game, you should expect any surprises and surprises, that is, be on guard.

07 September 2022