Absolute immersion in the atmosphere of antiquity and antiquity in projects about ancient Rome

Most projects focus their attention on historical themes that carry us on the wings to the distant, interesting times of the rulers of ancient Rome. A huge state, of ancient times, beguiles us with its beauty and mystery. How many secrets and mysteries of ancient Rome. How many interesting and fascinating battles underlie it. Many of the benefits of civilization came to us from ancient Rome, were conceived and embodied there. Baths, plumbing, roads paved with smooth stones, and this is only a small fraction of the greatest inventions of this ancient empire, which occupied at that time a good half of Eurasia. By the way the policy and gladiatorial fights, also originated in ancient Rome. The gamers, thanks to projects that tell about this era, there is a happy opportunity to go to these difficult times, to take part in gladiatorial battles, to become a great general, or even be an ordinary soldier of the Roman army. All this brings unforgettable adventures and is very interesting. Modern games can do a lot, so go ahead players, let's dive together into the world of emperors.


This is an online strategy game-RPG, which entered our lives quite a long time ago, in 2006. But to this day is in demand and popular. And the developers are actively and with passion, create for this project a variety of updates. The player from the very beginning of the game is on the streets of Rome, who are quite hostile. At the beginning of gameplay to determine the role that the player will perform throughout the game. You can take over the leadership of gladiators and begin to make feats in this field. And you can sign up for service in the legion, those who have chosen this path, will participate in a variety of different and interesting quests. As an option there is another direction, it is possible to become a trader, to conduct sales and make a profit, get rich. The game has quite captivating gameplay and nice graphics, a lot of activities that need to be given time, so you won't get bored.

Total War: Attila

This is one of the most iconic games where the main storyline is combat strategies in the time of ancient Rome. It was created and released by the developers of the Creative Assembly studio. The project is based on the times when the Roman Empire was split and divided into two parts, west and east. The tragic events of 395 are described. The head of the tribe of the Huns Atilla, this is the main character of the game, after which the project is named. We will get acquainted with his various adventures, participation in battles and battles. Throughout the project, the protagonist is fighting the Romans, as well as he has a great many enemies among the nomads. The gameplay is very interesting, and fundamentally different from the previous part. Added unique features such as a variety of diseases and epidemics that mow down the population. The player is simply forced to monitor the state of sanitary standards, throughout the gameplay in the territories that are in his power. Otherwise, the epidemic will cause great damage to the army of the Ullah. And then it will go walking through cities and villages, exterminating the civilian population. The game will be interesting to those players who do not appreciate the glossy side of life of the Romans of the hour, but prefer battles, battles and warfare. Atilla will bring order and destroy the hostile nomadic tribes who participate in looting and mayhem in Roman cities and settlements.

Travian and Travian Kingdoms

German developers Travian Games GmbH studio created the Travian and Travian Kingdoms series of strategy games. The games are delivered to fans in the style of a cartoon, so they are fun to play and fun to watch. At the beginning of the project, in front of the player four nations, they are Gauls, Germans, Nathars and Romans. It is necessary to choose one of the nations, get a donation of land and begin to develop the population, build, create infrastructure, raise your army and multiply it. All of these manipulations will lead to success in the playing field. The better you develop your nation, the larger the borders of your state will be, and you will therefore be more powerful and stronger. Now you can go to another, world level, make the borders immense, start trading with other countries and states. The gameplay is long enough, the online game can last several months, then the game ends, the score becomes zero. And you can start all over again.

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2

This project is entirely dedicated to the adventures of our favorites that we remember from our childhood, thanks to cartoons, movies and books. These are fellow Gauls Asterix and Obelix. We've seen a lot of stories that involve their hilarious adventures. And now at the center of the storyline is a village of Gaul heroes who have not given up and gone into the service of the tyrant ruler of Rome, Caesar. Asterix and Obelix's friend has been kidnapped. To find the druid Panoramix, it is simply a matter of honor, small and large gall. Further events develop in a grandiose park, the construction of which was supervised by the emperor himself, the park has the name, Las Vegum. Well, what will end an unforgettable adventure friends, whether they will save Panoramix, about this you learn from the game itself, which is just necessary to choose for a fun weekend. Sparkling humor, unforgettable jokes, all this decorates the game and makes it more attractive.

Imperium Romanum

This is the brainchild of Bulgarian developers Haemimont Games. The creators have come up with and brought to life a city-building simulator and economic strategy in one bottle. The player is invited to look at the situation in Ancient Rome, through the eyes of the mayor. Now the player, who has become the head of the city, it is necessary to develop it, to build up, to develop the economy. If he will do the right thing, and the development of the city will be effective, then before us there will be a beautiful ancient settlement. Which grows day by day, its economy gets better and better, people live and enjoy this life. But to do so is not easy, because at the beginning the player will have very few resources, money and weapons. It is necessary to use all their skills and individual characteristics, so that Rome became the threat and the attraction of the entire Roman Empire. But with masterful management of the city, the mayor will have in his hands all the threads of power, a huge amount of gold reserves, and countless troops.

13 June 2022