"Chicken Invaders" Game

Original title: Chicken Invaders


Chicken Invaders is a game about adventures in space. The galaxy in which the protagonist lives is in danger. Out of nowhere appeared aliens, very similar to the usual chickens. Help the protagonist, he has a spaceship, so together you can take away the threat. All birds are dressed in spacesuits, and they hover in outer space. That means they are very maneuverable and can fire at the ship from different angles. You will also have to maneuver as hard as you can to dodge shots and not let them damage the hull. But you have to try to use different guns - there are several of them on the ship, so you can shoot the dangerous hens from different angles too. For each destroyed enemy you will get points. By the way, the aliens can give you some surprises, that are falling out of them. Pick them up right away, they will prove useful.